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Are you and Trent Reznor cool?

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Was there a "mob mentality" with the guards? Was it a situation where there were a few that were there to be altruistic, or more humane, that eventually evolved into a sadistic display?

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That is really quite amazing. It sounds as if there was a bias or almost a supportive nature to trest the "inmates" as cruelly as possible without physical intimidation/torture. Judging from your other responses, it seems clear to me, in your view at least, this experiment was not scientifically sound. there was a huge bias built into even the planning and execution of it?

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I see that. Makes sense. but the fact is that the "inmates" were essentially dehumanized. Was this more of 1 or 2 "starting the ball rolling" and the others joining in? Or were there legitimate differences in each individual guard? I think the media reports would lend to your misconception/mythos - but I'm curious if the more sinister parts of the expiriment were supported by the group - or more of "individual lone rangers" ?

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who is the stunningly hot blonde in your commercials? I'm assuming part of your family, but was always curious what she did there.