I go on Reddit all the time while at my office, I find the sense of humor unique and to my liking. I saw the AMA request and I thought this would be my opportunity to give back. I can provide whatever info the mods need from me to verify my information as long as it does not compromise any sensitive information. Please ask your questions and I will answer them while I am online, I should be here for another hour or so.

EDIT Thank you guy so much for all the wonderful questions, I was going to do this for 1 hour but I just realized it consumed over half of my day and I got absolutely nothing done today. A bunch of you kept asking where I went to school and what fraternity I was in. I was an SAE and UW and damn proud of it :) I got over 10k PMs, I wish I could respond to them but I simply don't have the time. This has been a wonderful experience and reddit is a wonderful community. I wish I could answer all your questions but they were coming in way too fast. There seems to be tons of individuals on here with high hopes for start ups and business ideas and I wish you all the best, it's a dog eat dog world out there, stick to your goals and be persistent. oh and my friend Brent is doing an AMA if anyone is interested :) good night everyone.

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rustyshoe2489 karma

would you rather fack a cack or cack a Fack?

milliondollarAMA2684 karma

god damn it who is this? Brent? only a few people i know would ask this.

sneakybreadsticks2137 karma

Do you ever ," make it rain"?

milliondollarAMA2792 karma

I have been known to make it rain in vegas once or twice.

SamanthaRobot1925 karma

I have always had this question. Why do the larger house have so many more bathrooms than there are bedrooms? This plagues me.

milliondollarAMA2962 karma

larger houses are meant for entertaining. guests tend to piss and shit more than they sleep at a party.

chelseyc1584 karma

This might sound like a strange question but, when you were younger, say in your teens, did you ever think you would be this successful??

milliondollarAMA1943 karma

not a chance.

LmfaoLover1489 karma

When you became a multimillionaire, what was the first incredibly dump spend you did? As in, a waste of money, but you did it anyway because you could afford it and you just thought "fuck it".

milliondollarAMA2351 karma

my convertible red Ferrari, I live in the pacific north west. not the best city for a convertible. I regret nothing.

[deleted]1477 karma

How many PM's are you getting saying "well, if you insist that you could never spend that much money if you tried, why not give me a million?"

I admit, it's always really tempting to ask for money when someone is so blatant about having too much.

milliondollarAMA2242 karma

I just got a PM from a young lady asking to go on a date.... I found that to be very blunt and ballsy

swagmart1439 karma

Do you have over 10 million in the bank?

milliondollarAMA1679 karma


ejrado261 karma

I've often wondered about this - multiple 100k accounts to make sure they are all FDIC insured, or f it, one big mamba account?

milliondollarAMA478 karma

they are private bank accounts, not under FDIC regulations and insured differently.

I_am_one_with_it_all1423 karma


milliondollarAMA1916 karma

it took me 5 years of hard work to get here. the business that I am in expanded rapidly and exponentially. I am in my 20s

iluvucorgi1313 karma

Whats the best thing and worst thing about your wealth or status?

milliondollarAMA1905 karma

best thing is not having to worry about money ever, worst is the way others act around me.

shanidachine1628 karma

So, in a way do you think its good to have rich friends where money is the same to them?

milliondollarAMA2022 karma

sadly yes.

eagleis251271 karma

What was your most expensive purchase? Can I borrow tree fitty? Do you own any exotic animals (Maybe a tiny giraffe)? And (last one...) how did you get your start?

milliondollarAMA2271 karma

I once got very drunk with a few friends from my fraternity a year or so ago and tried to purchase a pigmy giraffe, I contacted my concierge from one of my credit cards, long story short I got a call the next day from said concierge telling me that they could not read my handwriting on the adoption paper work I had faxed the the night before in an attempt to adopt a pigmy giraffe. I had no recollection of any of this.

vitras1231 karma

What fields would you recommend to those of us beginning our higher education?

milliondollarAMA2044 karma

just don't become a lawyer. I have a number of lawyer friends that can't find jobs because they are dime a dozen these days.

androidinator1216 karma

1) Do you ever go without? If your TV breaks, is it no biggy to just go buy a bigger, newer one or are you more conservative with your money?

2) Do you do good deeds, such as giving family, close friends, perhaps employees large sums of cash?

3) Did you inherit your wealth or did you earn it yourself?

4) Are you secretive about your wealth, or do you make it blatantly obvious?

5) How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your house have?

Bonus question) How many houses do you have?

milliondollarAMA1787 karma

  • 1) my TV had never broken, At first when I started out I was very conservative but at some point you start living life and stop caring about spending money. I honestly could not spend even a quarter of the money that I have if I tried. I just don't know how, short of piling it up and burning it.
  • 2) I support my parents, I will never put them in a home and I will be there with them till the very end. I also support my siblings, I paid off their mortgages, loans, and other debts. I also employ a large number of family members and friends. I do give to charity as well, someone very close to me was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and since then I have given a lot of money to Susan G Komen.
  • 3) I earned every penny myself, it makes it that much sweeter.
  • 4) The people that I encounter on a daily basis know about my wealth but if you see me in the street I dress and act very casual.
  • 5) 7 bedrooms 11 bathrooms

  • 4 houses and 2 condos. (good time to be in real estate in my city)

Lemondoodle1183 karma


milliondollarAMA2127 karma

every dollar you earn, pretend you only have 25 cents.

Frajer1114 karma

Do you feel like reddit supports your lifestyle or not?

milliondollarAMA1977 karma

I feel like Reddit is very hostile towards the "1%" But I dont share the same elitist views of other rich folks so I feel if you guys got to know me, you'd like me :)

itsMARU1095 karma

can you tell us about your education background?

milliondollarAMA2129 karma

I have a business degree from the University of Washington. Business school does not teach you how to run a business, they teach you how to be a good employee for a hedge fund or a bank.

Cantora1085 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Quick one. Now that you're super rich, have people invited you to join secret rich-person clubs and tell you the secret that only rich people know about the economy/govt?

Or does that not actually happen?


milliondollarAMA2015 karma

I have no idea what you are talking about at all. Such clubs do not exist.

GummyZerg997 karma

If you had to fund a sequel to any movie what would it be?

milliondollarAMA1933 karma

A Night at the Roxbury

BannedFromEarth1318 karma

What is love?

milliondollarAMA2030 karma

baby don't hurt me

Pactriss984 karma

Hi milliondollarama. I am a fourth grade teacher in a poverty stricken state in a low ses area. I feel my students, even though they are quite young, have failure-accepting feelings and habits. It is very hard for them to see the great possibilities in their future. How did you get where you are? Hard work? Good investments? Luck? Also, I will probably share this with them tomorrow. Thank you!

milliondollarAMA1408 karma

persistence, you have no idea how many times things didn't work out for me and I was ready to give up. I kept telling myself that if I keep trying the odds will be in my favor. I hate to say this but a lot of it has to do with who you know and what kind of life you are born into. I was given a lot of opportunities by my family. I think the message you should get across to your students is that no matter how many times they fall they should get back up and try again. I admit i'm not the best person for an example but I hope that they all find their path.

gottabefunky954 karma

Also, assuming you hang out with other ultra-rich folks, how do they act and think differently from the 99%, in general?

milliondollarAMA2222 karma

they all think they are better than everyone else because they have more money but the reality of the matter is that they are all morally corrupt and many of them inherited their money. They see themselves as the tit that society is sucking on when in reality they are the ones sucking the life out of everyone else. I strive to be different, at least I try.

French87950 karma

How much do you tip?

I was a waiter for YEARS, and honestly in all seriousness I would say that the "upper middle-class" people (household income around 200k) tipped better than the really rich guys.

(these observations were based on comparing tips from professional athletes/singers/CEO's etc. to your average middle-aged family that based on looks/clothes/orders would, around my area, make 200kish)

Are you one of the exceptions to this rule? Of course exceptions exist. My coworker was once tipped 310 on 190 (lady gave her 5 $100 bills and said keep the change)

milliondollarAMA1750 karma

I tip 30% on everything.

Fali95936 karma

If I googled your name would there be any results?

milliondollarAMA1233 karma

yes there would.

ISw3arItWasntM3931 karma

What were some of the "If I was a billionaire/multimillionaire" things you wanted to do before you became wealthy that you have done?

milliondollarAMA1800 karma

help my family.

Vitaebat897 karma

Thanks for the AMA, I've always wanted to ask something of someone with a large amount of money:

Is it really about WHO you know as opposed to how hard you work in life?

milliondollarAMA1290 karma

absolutely but in my case it was a little bit of both. I guess the people I knew were the ones that facilitated the start of my business so I would have to say that who you know is very important unfortunately.

ilikecheese121820 karma

How does money influence your level of happiness?

milliondollarAMA1732 karma

Money will not buy happiness but giving it away to people who need it most seems to make my happy so I guess in a very twisted way money did buy me happiness.

Maxtrix07778 karma

Do you still buy lower priced food, clothes, etc.? Or do you always end up buying the top of the market items?

milliondollarAMA1370 karma

I tend to be more gravitated to the quality of an item than the price tag. I admit that I don't check prices and quality tends to go hand in hand with top shelf, but that is not to say that I wont buy an item just cause it's cheap.

therealmol757 karma

What was the biggest failure you have come across that may possibly also cause you to give up on being the multimillionaire that you are right now?

milliondollarAMA1412 karma

I was once scammed when I was 18 years old and lost every penny I had saved up, had it not been for a loan from my parents I would have been working a 9-5 at best buy right now.

thestraylightpun748 karma

If you could go back and choose a different lifestyle/career, what would you do differently?

milliondollarAMA1562 karma

I would be a fisherman....

dlmcleo1669 karma

What is the one thing you found changed the most from having "normal" money to having effectively unlimited money (within reason)?

What's one thing you wish had changed and hasn't?

milliondollarAMA1190 karma

Money changes everything around you, specially how people act and treat you. None of my friends are comfortable around me so I try to act as down to earth as possible. One thing that has not changed is how I act and dress.

theConVick620 karma

Any plans for the money in case you die? Leave all to the kids or donating?

milliondollarAMA1247 karma

I don't have kids and I am not married. I never plan on having kids. I plan on leaving it to my immediate family and donating to charity. I also want to commission the building of schools in third world countries. I am very young tho so that is far away, hopefully.

BlueWater3585 karma

What is something you see as a hot topic right now to invest or focus on, as you did with Apple products when you started?

milliondollarAMA992 karma

real estate is rebounding very fast, people that are in the house flipping business are doing very well.

icameforthecookies573 karma

Do you trust lifelock with your social security number?

milliondollarAMA917 karma

good question, I have other methods of preventing identity theft.

PhilGarber531 karma

I come from a middle class family - I'm moving to NYC in 2013 to go to university. I've got a grand total of about 12K in savings [EDIT- For COLLEGE, not just everyday savings]. I'm 17 years old, not working yet but a freshman in community college. How do I make that 12k work for me?

milliondollarAMA1240 karma

avoid loans at all costs. If you graduate debt free you are already ahead of your peers that graduated years before knee deep in loans. you'd be surprised how much more wiggle room you have and how much more confident you are if you have no debt.

guybehindawall387 karma

Do you have any plans to retire yet?

milliondollarAMA768 karma

35 is the magic number.

fatherofnone382 karma

Do you ever take request on charities to donate to?

milliondollarAMA478 karma

I always keep an open mind, what were you thinking?

nonstoppussypounder317 karma

Do you ever get depressed? I'm sure you do, so I guess what I'm asking is what kind of things bring you down. Also, what cheers you up? I'm convinced money can't buy happiness so I'd like your perspective. Hope I don't sound like a dick, genuinely curious.

milliondollarAMA642 karma

absolutely, I wish I could hang out with my friends without having them make rich comments. What brings joy to me is seeing other people happy after I lend them a helping hand. I never expect anything in return and tend to do many of these acts anonymously.

badjazzmaverick254 karma


milliondollarAMA402 karma

I seem to have avoided all negatives associated with being rich minus a few minor things. I would do it all again exactly the same way. However that is not to say that my opinion wont change in the future.

NaturalAI237 karma

Why do you go to work? why not just live off the money you have earned? Do you plan on retiring early?

milliondollarAMA586 karma

work keeps me sane. If I sat at home I would go crazy, I plan on retiring early because my line of work is very mentally taxing. However I don't plan on sitting at home, in order for me to feel like a useful member of society I feel like I need to contribute as long as I'm able bodied.

SamanthaRobot218 karma

Was being a millionaire the goal, or did you one day find yourself surprised at the amount of wealth you had incurred?

milliondollarAMA375 karma

it was always my goal but I did not imagine I would be here so early in my life.

FrostyBaller181 karma

Would you ever consider investing in start up companies?

I know the only way they can really get going is funding and there are some out there that could pay off big time.

milliondollarAMA268 karma

absolutely, I agree with you, I'm always looking for good and mutually beneficial opportunities.

Lemon_Out164 karma

I'm finishing up graduate school, and when I get my first "real" job (let's not count Americorps), I'm know it's going to be hard to not buy all the things.

So my questions are: Did you have a lot of money growing up? And, if not, how did you adjust to a more comfortable lifestyle after you started making the big bucks?

milliondollarAMA245 karma

my family had money when I was growing up but never as much as I do now. I feel like im not qualified to give a satisfactory answer to this questions. It was not a huge adjustment for me. However it did help me in the sense that I didn't go crazy once I had all the money and was very modest about it to certain extent.

antonyohhh151 karma

Thanks for the AMA, just a quick one, Centurion card or Palladium card OR some other super fancy card that has ridiculous benefits?

milliondollarAMA243 karma

I have both, Centurion is not as exclusive as Palladium though contrary to common belief

backstab555134 karma

I saw your post regarding business school as teaching you how to be a good employee. I have to ask, how necessary do you believe a bachelors degree is, especially if you have the intent of running your own store. (I actually currently run a small business with iphones online, looking to expand one day, but not wanting to blow my life savings on college when I could use it as a great investment, down payment, on a builind.)

milliondollarAMA371 karma

A degree gives you credibility, what you learn on your own from trial and error and just street smarts you can not get from a degree.

likeBruceSpringsteen81 karma

If you hypothetically lost everything, and the bottom fell out of your industry, what would you do to try and get rich again?

milliondollarAMA475 karma

I would start a pigmy zoo. pigmy everything, pigmy staff, pigmy animals, real money. It's a life long passion.

trollindowntheriver54 karma

What would you like to see your family do with your money when they inherit it upon your death? Buy Bentley's or keep investing and building your empire?

milliondollarAMA104 karma

I want to keep my business going and give back just like I did. there is not real joy in having money unless you surround yourself with people that care about you. I think that giving away a portion of it is the best way to keep yourself sane and happy.