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How much do you tip?

I was a waiter for YEARS, and honestly in all seriousness I would say that the "upper middle-class" people (household income around 200k) tipped better than the really rich guys.

(these observations were based on comparing tips from professional athletes/singers/CEO's etc. to your average middle-aged family that based on looks/clothes/orders would, around my area, make 200kish)

Are you one of the exceptions to this rule? Of course exceptions exist. My coworker was once tipped 310 on 190 (lady gave her 5 $100 bills and said keep the change)

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Will you teach me to football?

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You got the reference AND responded to me? I can go home happy.

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I did get stabbed once.....Also there has been a time I was stabbed

but have u been STABBED?

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Honestly, based on the article you linked, the way AOL handled it really pleases me. Where most companies would have most likely made comments about tightening security, "it won't happen again!", plan to take action on security guards involved, etc, AOL almost seemed... HAPPY about it. For a company that is no longer on the cutting edge and lacks innovation, at least they can still acknowledge the relentless spirit of a young entrepreneur.

Well done, AOL.