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Thanks for the AMA, I've always wanted to ask something of someone with a large amount of money:

Is it really about WHO you know as opposed to how hard you work in life?

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My mother was born and raised in Detroit, and while I was born there I was not raised there. She has taken me through areas of Detroit where she grew up and I felt rather out of place, not afraid for my life, but feeling like I stuck out like a sore thumb.

Were there areas in Detroit where you felt comfortable, or alternatively areas where you felt that your life was in danger?

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Sounds right to me! My mother always felt at home and comfortable in Detroit, though that's because she grew up there (off of 8 mile). I never felt in danger but certainly out of place.

My mother took me to an area of Detroit that was dubbed Mexicantown, I loved it there! I still felt like I stood out among the crowd, but that never bothered me, I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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I can't love this comment enough.

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Still play WoW? What do you think about the new upcoming expansion and the 90 boosts?