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I come from a middle class family - I'm moving to NYC in 2013 to go to university. I've got a grand total of about 12K in savings [EDIT- For COLLEGE, not just everyday savings]. I'm 17 years old, not working yet but a freshman in community college. How do I make that 12k work for me?

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Hi Mr. Sawyer,

I'm a documentary photographer starting a portraiture series of inmates. I want to show the basic humanity of all of persons, and that everyone deserves dignity and respect. I'll send you my official statement of intent if you'd like; perhaps we could collaborate at some point.

Phil Garber


Beyond my pitch, I wanted to say you seem like a good guy - I think your film will help a lot of people. Have you considered Kickstarter/IndieGoGo? Best of luck.

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The annual conference this year is in St. Petersburg, Florida! There are scholarships available, and many NSA members in Florida! I am very active within this community. If you want more info, message me.

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I am a person who stutters. Are you aware of the stuttering support community? Http://www.westutter.org

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I'm in NYC. But I'm not with Spotify. But I like coffee.