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I volunteer for a Junior Sports Wheelchair camp. Basically kids between the ages of 7-18 or so that have to live in wheelchairs, either because of a physical problem (missing legs/spine abifida) or mental problems (bad cases of Autism/other things). It runs about a week from about 8-4 in the summers. Its all volunteer run and donation based, but it is worked through the City of Omaha and the City of Council Bluffs.

If you were looking to donate we could sure use help. It doesn't necessarily have to be money either. 30-40 cases of the half sized pops or individual sized chocolate chip cookies make for very happy kids!

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Do you ever take request on charities to donate to?

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Would you happen to know if he had any specs for any of the stuff he had? I work with kids and older adults who are either para or quadriplegic, any a few would love if they could make something to help with every day use.

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Dark Cut is awesome! Are there going to be any more?