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I've often wondered about this - multiple 100k accounts to make sure they are all FDIC insured, or f it, one big mamba account?

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Just talked with my wife (also a technical recruiter) about this last night. Another big turnoff is if you're negative towards your previous company/previous boss.

The last thing any recruiter wants to hear is how shitty your last job was, and how shitty your previous job to that one was. If you talk negatively, you can (and will) get perceived as negative, which is a no-go from an interview perspective.

Keep your conversation positive - you can leave because you had a difference of opinion with your boss, or your previous working environment wasn't the best, but don't go into detail about how bad it was.

Even if the recruiter tries to pry into this area (attempting to get you to go negative), don't do it.

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There are definitely companies that cater to soon-to-be-ex military folks. It can seem to be a free-for-all for folks coming out of active service.

If you are nervous about interviewing for a position, then I would recommend looking at ex-military specific career fairs. You may find this to be an easier transition to a civilian job/profession.

Some that my wife has been involved in (not for IT) have a very regimented interview process (which I've heard) is very helpful for folks used to military briefings, etc.

By regimented, you have a specific interview slot maybe 15-20 minutes long at a specific time. After that interview, both you and the company you interviewed with grade each other. At the end of the day, the folks that put on the fair will match you with the company you graded the highest and the company that graded you the highest.

I believe it's free for you and the companies pay to attend.

Here's an example (not saying they do it the same way though): https://events.recruitmilitary.com/

Good Luck!

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I saw that you're still answering questions, so here are a couple of mine:

  • Are you involved with the songwriting process, or are you given sheet music to learn?
  • I was surprised about your answer that you made more doing Web Dev. Are you going to have to quit in a few years and get a 'real job'?
  • How involved are the sound checks? I imagine the sound team would have the settings from the last tour/time at that event. Is it a 15 minute verification or do you guys work at it for an hour or more?
  • You mentioned elsewhere that the ear buds provide drum beats? I always assumed you were hearing what you and everyone else were playing, just not at an earsplitting level. Do you get to choose what you hear in your ear buds? If so, what is your choice?
  • What is it like backstage after a show? I hung out with Joe Satriani's band after a gig once, and we were the only ones backstage. No wild party, no group orgy. What's it like for you after the show?


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Given some of the harsh comments on this thread, do you shade the truth when asked what you do (at a bbq, or whatever)?

Also, if the patent period was extended (from 17 yrs to say 34), do you think the cost would go down, or would the pharma companies just continue to charge high prices for the longer period of time?

Thanks for the AMA, I know it takes courage to try and explain why pills cost so much.