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What was the biggest failure you have come across that may possibly also cause you to give up on being the multimillionaire that you are right now?

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Is there any reason why there's 0 flights to Latin America for you?

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Have you read The Trenches - http://trenchescomic.com/ ?

If so, have you submit any stories to this site for viewers like me to read and be glad that I'm not in the QA and/or the video game industry (of today)?

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Tell me what was it like to play at Houston Rodeo where people who wants to dance to y'all's music were only able to stand at their seat and dance?

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Hello Jennifer, right now it feels like there's not much being done by the Congress or the people after Snowden's leak about the NSA. Do you feel like that NSA believes they won't be reprimanded even though the cat's out of the bag, but 'it is what it is' and life will go on and they will keep doing this?