We’re baaaaack. And just in time for everyone’s favorite holiday…Measure A Penis Day! (Sure, we invented the holiday. But we still think it’s a pretty fun way to spend a Wednesday night.) We're the team of Size Specialists at MyONE® Custom Fit™ Condoms. MyONE makes 52 condom sizes, and every day we spend hours chatting with customers about penis size and condom fit.

We want this AMA to be AMA AF, so don’t be shy. Got a question about tight condoms that squeeze like a boa constrictor? Loose condoms that slip off at a really, really bad time? How do we answer that “what do you do for a living” question when we’ve met someone’s grandma for the first time? What’s a MacGyver-style way to measure a penis? We’re here for ya. AMA!

MyONE® Custom Fit™ condoms was launched in the USA back in 2017. We have 10 different length options & 9 different girth options, including sizes snugger and larger than any other brand. Select sizes are even now at CVS stores nationwide.


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degamma2445 karma

If I order, can you put XXL on the packaging instead of the actual size?

ONEcondoms1365 karma

When you have 52 condom sizes -- who decides what is XL vs XXL vs XXXL vs XXXL?

Flashwastaken285 karma

What do you call your sizes?

ONEcondoms834 karma

Our sizes are called FitCodes™

A FitCode™ has a letter and a number that correlates to size and length.


MikeyNg253 karma

Every Fit Code should start with XL, even if it means nothing.

ONEcondoms722 karma

Not a terrible idea... but we aren't in the business of stroking egos (penis shaming is so outdated)


ADarwinAward81 karma

Letter and number. Interesting. Just like a bra size but for dicks.

Smallest size is 45C and biggest is 64M for those wondering. Smallest length offered is 59 mm (2.32 inches) and largest length is 250 mm (9.84 inches). Smallest circumference is 75 mm (2.95 inches) and largest is 161 mm (6.34 inches).

ONEcondoms105 karma

Very similar to bra sizes!

Do you know where those measurements came from? Our shortest length “C” is 120mm/4.7" and longest length “M” is 235mm / 9.3"


ADarwinAward49 karma

I used your site and put the smallest and biggest sizes in the slider.

Do you know where those measurements came from?

Smallest size your site allowed as input https://i.imgur.com/ZKaLktG.jpg

Biggest size the your site allowed as input https://i.imgur.com/VjtcyrR.jpg

I clicked get size after sliding to those values.

The description didn’t indicate that these were too big or too small for the actual size offered.

ONEcondoms114 karma

Ahaa I see.

The sizing tools are based on a formula for proper fit. They recommend a condom length slightly longer than penis length, to ensure you get full coverage from base to tip. And a condom circumference slightly tighter than penis circumference - to ensure it stays in place.

On that "Enter My Measurements" tool, people can put in a minimum of 59mm (2.3") for penis length. The MyONE "C" length (4.7") would still be a much improved length -- compared to regular condoms that are all 7 inches or longer. We're hoping to add shorter lengths as well. The max penis length people can enter is 250mm (9.8"). Generally people within the shortest or longest code also reach out to us for fit recommendations and tips - and we're here to help :)

The 161mm (6.3") is the max penis circumference someone can enter on the Enter My Measurements tool. But if you enter that penis circumference, for example, MyONE will recommend the 64 code (which is 64mm nominal width --> converts to 128mm / 5 inches in condom circumference). So the tool is recommending a condom slightly tighter than penis circumference - to ensure it stays on.

But that's why we also have sample kits for all 52 sizes. That way people can test a few sizes before they buy. People tend to also have differences preferences how they want the condom to feel, especially when it comes to the tightness/girth. So the sample testing step is an important one. ;)

MrMastodon1197 karma

Wait. Are you telling me today really is Penis Inspection Day?

ONEcondoms635 karma


we won't rest until every penis is covered :)


Zincktank156 karma

Should I be wearing one right now?!?!

ONEcondoms177 karma

Most definitely.

Murky_Crow796 karma

If anyone in here can give me actual tips to not lose my erection 100% of the time it comes to condoms being put on, i’m all ears.

It’s destroying my confidence and sex life. Ive never had this before, and condoms are sort of new for me as far as my sex life goes.

I miss not wearing condoms. 🥲

Any advice?

DVDJunky114 karma

I'm gonna sound like a shill for this company, but I had similar problems as you and I actually think having the right size "fit" help keep me in the mood and not lose n erection when I put them on.

I have ZERO affiliation with MyONE other than I've purchased from them before. I DID get an email from them (because I'm on their mailing list) saying I should come check out this AMA, but that's the extent.

If I recall they have a free (or pretty close to free) sample you can get to try them out...

I'm not going to say they've changed my life, but they've made me a bit happier/safer in the bedroom.

shrubs31124 karma

question: how discreet is their packaging? i'm somewhat interested but i live with my parents

ONEcondoms78 karma

The packages have no mention of condoms or sex at all, just a white package with a nondescript label, nothing NSFW.

(although we have a different idea of what counts as NSFW, but you'll still be safe)


JMEEKER8671 karma

A proper fit does actually help a lot. Most guys that struggle with that do so because they're losing blood flow from a poor fit.

ONEcondoms116 karma

Agreed. As one customer once said, "A condom ain't supposed to be a cockring."

Nago31631 karma

Since studies never seem to give good data, I’ve always wondered if condom manufacturers like you might be able to finally settle the question:

What is the average size of your US customers?

Also, I coincidentally ordered my first package from you a few days ago and looking forward to receiving it. So thanks for proving this and also the AMA!

ONEcondoms918 karma

The average size is ≈ 5" (which is over an inch shorter than the standard condom 😥)

So happy you're getting a sampler, welcome to the fam 🥳


milesassociates505 karma

When you got your engineering degree, what made you think "well measuring dicks would be a great way to use this"?

ONEcondoms671 karma

*political science

Improving the community is my passion and I figured this was the best way to improve material conditions ;)


ONEcondoms370 karma

*The engineering team just wanted to convert their weekend passions to a paycheck.

grizwa424 karma

measure A penis day? it doesnt have to be mine?

really though? 52 sizes? i have enough trouble deciding if i should buy the small or medium t shirt!

ONEcondoms354 karma

Consent is key... but friends don't let friends go unmeasured 😳

Also, our team of Size Specialists is always here to help you Find Your Fit 🫡


KGLcrew280 karma

What is the correct way of measuring a penis?

Ds1018304 karma

I measure mine from as far up my butt as I can get the wooden ruler.

squirtloaf216 karma

If you are in direct sunlight, angle the anus-embedded ruler on a line parallel to the ground, and the shadow of your johnson can be used to calculate the circumference of the earth.

ONEcondoms168 karma

Wish they taught that formula in school. Woulda been much useful than how to balance a checkbook. - Betty

Ds101815 karma

"Alright class, lets go outside and I'll teach you the formula for proper willy measurement. If you didn't bring a willy to school today then you'll need to buddy up with someone who did."

ONEcondoms15 karma

I woulda aced that class. - Betty

Nilaxa99 karma

I sure hope that wooden ruler has a flared base

ONEcondoms216 karma

Or tie a string at the end. - Betty

Flashwastaken220 karma


Length times Diameter, plus Weight over Girth, divided by Angle of the tip squared

DocPeacock311 karma

Don't forget that the angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the heat of the meat, the direction of the erection and the dimension of the extension, provided that the maxis of the axis and the gravity of the cavity remain constant.

ONEcondoms209 karma

Gonna put this on the next corporate Christmas card. - Betty

SrMayoneza213 karma

Who is your primary clientelle? Bigger than average or smaller?

ONEcondoms599 karma

OOooo great question! Our clientele varies because we have over 50 sizes, however, our best sellers are the largest and smallest sizes. We service penises that are far from the market "standard" size. -Janet

Maleficent_Self4891179 karma

  1. If this is something you're allowed to disclose, what are the most frequently bought sizes for length and girth?

  2. Do the people who order your condoms fall within the average sizes, or do your customers seek your condoms for specialized sizes?

Dirus53 karma

According to their comment to another question, average length is 5 inches

ONEcondoms194 karma

Top 2 sizes bought are 45C & 64J. 45C is our smallest FitCode, but it's actually close to average penis length. We definitely need shorter sizes, and hoping we can do that soon. 64J is our widest width code, and is 7.5" long.

ONEcondoms140 karma

Okay friends, penis owners, penis lovers and everyone in between: We do not currently have a latex-free condom, BUT our latex-free material is currently in a clinical trial.

EntrepreneurLumpy374105 karma

Are there other people like me who actually order the smallest length and width?

ONEcondoms263 karma

You're in very good company, our smallest size is one of our most popular 🫶


petrilstatusfull34 karma

On your website, it looks like there's only two sizes smaller than the "average" length (C and D).

Why is that? Seems like there should be many more.

ONEcondoms150 karma

Good question! We wish there were shorter lengths & definitely get a lot of requests for them. That also factors into why our smallest Length Code "C" (4.7") is in the top 3 sellers; some people who need a shorter size than our offering choose the "C" length because it's still a lot better than regular condoms (which are usually 7-7.5" in length).

A little history, if you will. :) Condoms are classified as Class II medical devices & conform to international safety and testing standards. That's good, so you can know condoms have been tested for safety. The tricky thing is regulatory hurdles. Previously, the only testing standard that existed for new condoms was based on the one-size-fits-all model. This meant that all condoms sold in the United States prior to MyONE were required to be at least 6.7 inches long. The US testing standards were updated a few years ago, which meant more sizes are now allowed on the U.S. market. But those new standards don't cover lengths shorter than our shortest code "C"....yet. Hopefully in the future! That's why we start our codes at "C" -- hoping that one day we'll have an "A" and "B".

Mobely97 karma

Hi, thanks for giving us your time. I've got some businessy questions.

  1. In what country are these manufactured?
  2. Do you just have 90 different molds? Or do you have a few molds with different "expansions"? Are your molds tool steel or aluminum?
  3. What does your ops team plan to do when your business expands and you have 20 lengths, 15 girths, left and right curves, various ribbing options all creating 100s of molds? That kind of SKU count can kill healthy businesses.
  4. What is your distribution schema? Factory>warehouse>retailer. Factory>dc>retailer. Or do the retailers have you ship FTL to their own DC network?

ONEcondoms166 karma

Ahaaa we got the business questions coming, love it. You looking for a job? We might have one for ya.

  1. Malaysia.
  2. We have 9 different glass mold sizes for each of the 9 width codes. The lengths are then dipped into the liquid latex depending on the length code specs (we have 10 different length options). Normally, over 3,000 expensive glass molds are on a production line for each size of condom. Once the run is done, there is testing that's done. If the length is outside of the accepted range for that size code (FitCode), then the whole batch is thrown out.
  3. Shhh don't start freaking out our ops team, they might be on here. They're already on the verge. Managing this many condom sizes is definitely a manufacturing & logistical challenge. Since we have sample kits, 12-counts, and 36-counts for all sizes, that's already 156 SKUs to manage. That's also why adding a different style (like studded) for MyONE is tricky.
  4. With so many sizes, we've been DTC until this point. We just launched some sizes at CVS stores nationwide, so there it is Factory>warehouse>DC>Retailer. For Amazon.com/one and Walmart.com, we picked a limited set of 28 sizes.

- Buzines Betty

Mobely40 karma

I will check out your careers section on your website! I wouldn’t mind moving from food and beverage to medical.

I didn’t know condoms we’d made by dipping glass molds into latex.

Congrats on your success!

ONEcondoms47 karma

Why thank you :) Here's also a video we made how condoms are made. It's a wild process.

flyingmountain75 karma

How do you answer that "what do you do for a living" question when you meet someone's grandma for the first time?

ONEcondoms100 karma

Yessss, this has happened many times.

I don’t shy away from the conversation, I literally say I market condoms, or work for a condom company. Most people are in shock, fair enough tho. I’ve never met anyone else who actually works for a condom company, have you? OR EVERYONE THINKS I SELL CONDOMINUMS.

Initially, the grandmas I have talked to have either been very shocked and confused, OR they’re all about it. I’ve gotten the nod of approval - you know seniors have sex too. ;)

- Janet

jessethevee45 karma

What other products do you guys offer?

ONEcondoms131 karma


Lots and lots of lube.


Smashed_Pasty43 karma

I love your condoms!

They have changed my life seriously.

Have been using them since maybe 2017/2018 anyways really appreciate it.

I recommend them to people anytime the topic comes up. I always wait for the $2 off coupon code.

Do you have codes for redditors?

ONEcondoms106 karma


Glad to hear you love the condoms - we're all about getting laid here at MyONE® ;)

Here's a discount code for 30% off AMA30 it will be active until 2/4/23 Midnight PST

WaitingForEcstasy39 karma

Any news on a multi size pack for women to have on hand for partners to try?

ONEcondoms66 karma

Your timing couldn't be better

We just launched a new pack for people who don’t wanna measure or don’t have time. Each sampler has 3 different sizes to test within our Snug, Classic or Large range.

Perfect for people who also want to keep a few different sizes in their nightstand ;) https://www.myonecondoms.com/products/myone-quick-sampler-3-pack


hunkydorey_ca36 karma

For a minute I thought we sent in pics and we would be told the size we'd require. Here's an idea, a dick pic app, you take a pic and the app tells you want one to buy?

SenAtsu011105 karma

2 days later you'll find your dick on a massive advertisement billboard for penis enlargement pills.

ONEcondoms144 karma

Tried the iPhone measuring app once. It gets length pretty good, but girth is tough. Said my zucchini was 20 inches in circumference. It was not.

TBH I've always wanted to bring back the glory hole - but like the 2023 SciFi Measuring Edition. Stick the penis in the hole. Beep beep beep. Robot voice says "Your measurements are in progress, please hold your erection." And then out comes a condom sample of your perfect fit. Dare to dream. - Betty

imreallyreallyhungry63 karma

please hold your erection.

“Now whack it around in there. Step back, do the helicopter - counterclockwise only please.” Idk wtf I’m even typing right now

ONEcondoms82 karma

Now cha cha real smooth.

sausage_is_the_wurst21 karma


ONEcondoms59 karma

Every time this song comes on at a wedding from now on, I'll now think of a penis swinging around in a 2023 Robot Glory Hole Measuring Booth. That right there is the magic of Reddit.

Rebelpride125 karma

my zucchini



ONEcondoms45 karma

It was, indeed, an actual zucchini. Sometimes when there's not a penis around to measure - you just gotta get creative. - Betty

AbareSaruMk227 karma

Just curious. From your answers here you seem to have a lot of women on your team. Is that real or is it just Bob impersonating people again?!

ONEcondoms57 karma

Someone is paying attention :)

No Bob here, it's all real people (women) responding! Our team is mostly women - it's surprisingly hard to find men who want to talk about penis all day. Or talk to other men about their penis.


ONEcondoms20 karma

Alright. We get it, you might not have a ruler...or a printer. Sooooooo, for good measure you can sign up for a free FitKit®! USA only - First 500 penises!


SweetPockets5115 karma

Can condoms be used for balloons if you’re all out of balloons?

ONEcondoms34 karma

not unless you need some lubed up lips


EnderMB14 karma

Out of interest, has anyone ordered a size so large that you've wondered if they're just joking around with you?

ONEcondoms11 karma

Nah we've seen it all.


stonehamadam13 karma

How can I tell if my condom is too loose?

ONEcondoms23 karma

It comes down to a matter of personal preference, but basically it should be snug enough to stay on but not so tight that it hurts.

If you're getting slipping or sliding you might want to try a snugger size :)


urei11 karma

Do you make them latex free?

ONEcondoms13 karma

Not yet! Our latex-free material is currently in a clinical trial. - Betty

Surgeboy996 karma

Do you measure using Adjusted Penis Size (TMI) methodology from South Park?

Adjusted Penis Size (or TMI) with the following formula:


(Length times Diameter) plus (Weight over Girth) divided by (Angle of the tip squared)

ONEcondoms8 karma

Randy was not involved in the Find Your Fit measuring process.

BeltBuckle2 karma

I found out from your twitter that today is measure a penis day and that's dandy but today is also my birthday so my question is why today?

(I'm joking mostly but cool product I'm probably gonna get some)

ONEcondoms3 karma

HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!! (only if you're not joking about that)

February is national condom month, and we're the condom experts! Serving penis sizes big or small, we love them all.

jumpsteadeh2 karma


ONEcondoms8 karma

okayyyy. so. normally i'd tell you to use a string, and then measure that string, buttttt if you can't find your ruler or measuring tape we gotta take this to the next level.

you can actually print out a FitKit® is you have a printer. https://www.myonecondoms.com/pages/print-a-fitkit

If you live in the US dm me and i can try to help you out!

*Edited* Sign-up here if you'd like a free dick ruler


Ok-Feedback56040 karma

What fabric is safe(for use) for penis?

ONEcondoms1 karma

A right hand and some lube.

FR FR tho our condoms are perfectly safe for a penis.


garry43210 karma

Why are regular condoms SO FUCKING TIGHT? Like is the average dick the width of a No-Name hotdog?

ONEcondoms4 karma

We've been asking the same question for years 😭

Standard condoms are too tight for ≈70% of users, and XL condoms typically only get longer but not wider 🥲

Enter: MyONE®, here to save the penises being strangled


TigerDiesel-1 karma

Your enter your own size tool doesn't go up to my size. Circumference tops out at 161mm and I need a bigger size. Anyone a customer can contact for a larger one? Appreciate what yall do. Magnums don't cut it.

yaforgot-my-password6 karma

The FDA won't let them sell the 69mm ones in the US yet, but you can get them in Europe or have them shipped from Europe as theyfit

ONEcondoms3 karma


ONEcondoms2 karma

We offer the widest condoms on the market (allowed by regulations) so if you shoot us an email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we can definitely hook you up.


Fiberguru9 karma

  “Allowed by regulations”?

There are regulations on how big of a condom you can make? That is crazy

ONEcondoms13 karma

Condoms are a class II medical device, so there’s a lot of regulatory work and testing done to make sure condoms are safe to use (per the FDA).


NBplaybud22-4 karma

Incorrect condom sizes are not what is stopping guys from getting laid. :)

What is the problem that is being fixed here ?

ONEcondoms1 karma

Welllll we can't help people get laid, but we can make sure a crappy fitting condom doesn't get in the way when they do. Let's imagine a world where we had 1 bra size or shoe size. Some boobs and feet would be squeezing and pinching. Some people would be running down the street with feet floppin out of the shoe. Some people would just choose to go barefoot or free them nips because the existing shoe or bra doesn't fit them. The point is -- when things are comfortable and feel good, people are more likely to wear them. Same applies to condoms. Most condoms are 7 inches long, too long for 91% of people. A lot of people thus experience condom slippage with regular condoms. Condoms are also often too tight in girth for a lot of people; those people either have instant erection loss or a purple ring on their penis after sex (like that rubber band mark on a wrist). We're straight up obsessed with condoms, so we want to make condoms as functional and pleasurable as possible for all penis sizes. More here: Common Condom Fit Issues.
One of my fave customer quotes:
"I've actually seen, out in the wild, the view that because you can fit your fist into a condom, that it'll suit any size penis...I don't know about you, but you can fit a cat in a vase, but that doesn't mean it's comfortable! Those f*ckers get in there all the time! It's bollocks. Thank you for making my penis more comfortable.”

chanelwescoast-39 karma

why can’t you buy an ad instead of this?

ONEcondoms23 karma

why do you keep deleting your comment and reposting?