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Hello there! *Obi-Wan Voice* We get this question all the time and really wish we had better news. If it was up to us, we could produce non-latex version today! But unfortunately there's a patent conflict that prevents us from doing so :(.

We do have a mailing list so we can notify you if/when we have a latex-free option, if you'd like to email us here: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we can add you to that list! -George

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That's true, people definitely seek out myONE because they're frustrated at the standard condom size. Having 1 condom size is like starting a shoe store where all shoes are a size 7, and wondering why your customers complain your shoes are either too small or too big. The condoms sold in store are what are often called "Standard Size" — which legit has nothing to do with average penis size. The standard size was developed years ago kinda as a "catch all, lets-hope-this-fits-most"-size. That's why it was developed so long, and standard condoms are actually too long for about 80% of people. Standard Condoms are usually 7.5 inches long, whereas average penis is 5.5 inches. So a lot of people have to roll up the condom (which then is like a tight rubber band at the base), or it slips off because it's too big. The shortest size we can currently manufacture with the new size standards is the E length code, which is 4.9 inches. And it's no wonder why it's so popular — because in reality it's very close to average penis size (5.5 inches). The other main challenge for people is that they say condoms are too "small" — what they really often mean is they're too tight. So the wider myONE size codes are also in the top sellers. Our top sellers really are typically sizes that are shorter than a standard condom, and ones that are also wider. But we have sales of every single size code in our 60 sizes, which to us is a beautiful world.

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I don’t really think it makes sense to lie. I do what I do, and I love it. I whip out the FitKit tool and start blabbing about how much I love my job. Sometimes they get the wrong idea. But I keep it professional. - Milla

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Yeah we’ve really lagged on this one, and definitely feel your pain, we're sorry about that. Have you been ordering from TheyFit? They're all the same myONE products but we just can't ship them from the USA directly to Canada yet, that's why they come from the UK currently. We've been looking into having a Canada warehouse, but if that doesn't happen soon, we'll probably start using Amazon to house and fulfill Canada orders. We don’t have a definitive timeline (sucks for sure), but the goal is to have plan A or plan B in place by February 2021. - George

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Yeah this is exactly true. People come to myONE because they just want something that fits (doesn't slip off, squeeze, or bunch). So they know if they lie about their size, they'll just get another ill fitting condom.