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i have one simple question. in this ama, have you replied to any commenters who you personally know in real life or have met before?

it's very hard to believe that so many people created an account or logged into an account with no activity just to ask a question on this relatively small AMA. combined with the fact that you're hardcore treating this like a business showcase rather than an open honest conversation, it's hard to believe that these questions or replies are genuine except for the ones where you're getting mad and can't just reply with a pre-scripted response.

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a sick callsign, but at what cost?

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Don't worry homie, we got you with the herd immunity

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It is no secret that Epic is amazing to other game developers, so working with them has been really easy and fun. This was by far the easiest storefront to work with.

From the rest of your comment, it doesn't seem like you were talking about Steam. Did you try getting on Steam before realizing the Epic Store was a better option for you?

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well, some youtubers have it much easier than others based on what they do. but for the most part, it's a bitch from what I heard. people want to be youtubers till they learn a lot of them work 60 hours a week