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I am confused. The documents witsec gave you were not very good. But it was very hard for you to prove to your therapist. Did you pay everyone in cash? Are you able to buy a car or get a loan? How did you hire the therapist? Cash?

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What are the actual Right to Repair Laws you want?

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Thanks for replying. Did they give you an existing ss from someone else or did they make one for you?

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I've heard hacking compared to picking a lock. In lock picking there is no such thing as an unpickable lock. Does that mean there is no truly unhackable hotel lock? If it takes years to hack, isn't it already secure? Does hacking it actually make it more secure? Picking a high security lock often requires tools especially created foe the purpose so its not like it really makes locks more secure to actual baddy pickers

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Do you have substantial savings?

Do you have insurance?

If you broke your hand and couldn't do much writing for a few months, would you be fucked?