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Hi, thanks for giving us your time. I've got some businessy questions.

  1. In what country are these manufactured?
  2. Do you just have 90 different molds? Or do you have a few molds with different "expansions"? Are your molds tool steel or aluminum?
  3. What does your ops team plan to do when your business expands and you have 20 lengths, 15 girths, left and right curves, various ribbing options all creating 100s of molds? That kind of SKU count can kill healthy businesses.
  4. What is your distribution schema? Factory>warehouse>retailer. Factory>dc>retailer. Or do the retailers have you ship FTL to their own DC network?

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How are your returns on Amazon?

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I will check out your careers section on your website! I wouldn’t mind moving from food and beverage to medical.

I didn’t know condoms we’d made by dipping glass molds into latex.

Congrats on your success!

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I'm wondering how much money you lose to returns. I don't sell on amazon but my assumption would be that if you sell 100 units and 10 units are returned open, Amazon chucks it or resells at a highly reduced price and you don't make the same revenue from that.

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I’m big on unions and labor . My questions are. 1. What material successes have you had with your efforts ? Like do apple workers get paid more now because of you kind of thing.

  1. How do you earn a living wage as an organizer? Do you get donations from other unions or something ?

  2. Do you interact often and directly with politicians?