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So what you're telling me is that you did not use your wide-reaching platform to spread the word of Roko's Basilisk? I'm just gonna make a note of that real quick.

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Does Roko's Basilisk come up in the discussion at all?

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Do you have any positive curiosity about finally learning the mystery of death? Also, what size are your boots - no reason, just curious

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As I just erased a bunch of shit I said (because I love this movie and can talk about it at length), I realize it is the execution I didn't like. Thematically, the subplot fits. He's the opposite of his father, who moved heaven and earth to save his kid's life. He's given up, and it lines him up with the teachers at the beginning and everyone they represent. I think it's the words said, how they were said, and/or how it was filmed that I didn't like.