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This is reddit. You all pulled this off by becoming the front page of the internet.

edit: I'm also hoping the administration was so responsive because secretly they're all redditors.

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Barev! I'm excited to see you in Yerevan. One of the things I've been thinking about a lot in the last few months leading to the 24th is how we can make the next 100 years about our Armenian futures, instead of our past.

I do hope we finally get recognition for the Genocide, but I also know that our people's search for justice has gone on for 100 long and painful years -- at what point does this search start holding us back?

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Amazing. A little guilty.

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"Wha? Seriously? Steve and I just graduated from college and built this in our underwear in between WoW games."

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Hurray! I was hoping for this. Thank you. This is the real reason I did this AMA.

edit: Oh! and since this is the top post, I'm going to hijack it for a personal agenda ;)

It's not only the core argument of my forthcoming book, but the thing I love so much about the open internet: the technology is a truly level playing field. I talk about this a lot. And while so many of you are working to do your part to be Batmen and women for your respective Gothams (see vid for context) a level playing field is only valuable if anyone & everyone can get on it and with the right skills.

That's why another big part of my push in the last few years has been education (specifically STEM) and attracting more women and minorities to tech. I know I've been playing life on cheat codes and what gives me so much hope for an open internet is that without needing to ask permission, awesome people who'd have otherwise been shafted with a bad "life lottery ticket" have another platform for their awesomeness (the www).

It's not a magic wand, but while we fight for the open internet, I'm thrilled to promote and help those who are fighting for equipping all of us to be able to make the most out of it. This is everything from organizations like to Khan Academy to AwesomeFoundation to blackgirlscode to the latest out of Toronto, Womenandtech. Hell, I'm even trying to help Zach Anner get his TV show back.

Basically, there's a lot of work to be done, but I know you can do it, reddit, one batman mask at a time. Actually, we don't even need to wear the masks but they feel awesome to wear.

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Just a pinterest clone.

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I grew up with an open letter of yours about the Armenian Genocide on the wall of my bedroom (I'm half Armenian) and listened to quite a bit of SOAD (including a great show @ 9:30Club in DC).

Now here you are doing an AMA on the site I co-founded (quite the mindjob) -- I've gotta know, how the hell did you hear about this site?

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Get out of my head.

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How does it feel?