This season on Gotham, Jim Gordon takes matters into his own hands as a bounty hunter in this Mad City. Let’s just say Gotham won’t be running out of monsters any time soon. Don’t miss the Season 3 premiere TONIGHT on Fox at 8/7c.

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Edit: Thanks so much guys! It's been a blast. Check out the premiere tonight on Fox at 8/7c.

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GintamaFan_ItsAnime1301 karma

When you were first approached about the role, did they tell you that you were basically going to play batman with a badge and gun?

BenMcKenzieOfficial2722 karma

Yeah. And with no spandex.

That's when I said yes.

nickasaurstout1165 karma

What are your thoughts on Ben Afflecks portrayal as Batman?

BenMcKenzieOfficial4446 karma

he really cares about his mom

DeniseDeNephew822 karma

How much fun is it playing Clayface? You play it so differently from Jim Gordon and it seems like you're having a great time.

BenMcKenzieOfficial910 karma

It was an absolute blast. Just tried to imagine the two dimensional cardboard cut out version of Jim Gordon.

JulietJulietLima741 karma

What was working on Southland like? Did doing that show change or otherwise inform your views on body cameras and the current controversies around police actions?

It was an amazing show and I miss it.

BenMcKenzieOfficial932 karma

It was one the best experiences of my life. I definitely think it was ahead of its time in terms of how the police interact with the community they serve.

WinkleCream716 karma

It would be cool if they had the show run 20 seasons and the child actors playing Batman, Catgirl, and Poison Ivy age into their roles.

Any plan on something like this happening? It would be epic television.

BenMcKenzieOfficial1685 karma

If you keep watching for 20 years, sure.

DeniseDeNephew680 karma

Which source materials did you use to base your portrayal of Jim Gordon on?

BenMcKenzieOfficial1632 karma

Year One. The Killing Joke.

mylefthandkilledme521 karma

Hi Ben! You've mostly played serious parts, any chance we get to see you playing in a comedy role? Also any chance of getting the OC crew together for something?

BenMcKenzieOfficial706 karma

Love doing comedy and want to do more.

Kiwidream385 karma

Your pauses - face expressions when you pause - are on point. It makes me stop whatever Im thinking or doing lol Did you have to train to do that or do you do it naturally even off camera?

BenMcKenzieOfficial856 karma

I spend 3 hours every day in the mirror working on it. Not vanity at all, of course.

StrayaMate2000375 karma

G'day Ben. What's your favourite meal?

BenMcKenzieOfficial950 karma

Avocado toast mate

ZachAlt334 karma

Which Marvel movie is your favorite? Including X-Men and Deadpool.

BenMcKenzieOfficial1038 karma

Deadpool, obviously.

DeniseDeNephew314 karma

What are some of the way that Donal Logue keeps everyone entertained during lulls in shooting? He's such a funny and talented guy, all the way back to his days on Mtv. He seems like a great guy to hang out with.

BenMcKenzieOfficial376 karma

He's amazing. Stories for days. Knows everyone and everything.

Rockky67299 karma

22 episodes a season and all the interviews, comic cons, even this kind of thing must require a hell of a lot of commitment. How much time do you get with scripts to prepare for episodes? Do you end up filming scenes out of sequence to make the most of the sets?

BenMcKenzieOfficial489 karma

It's a LOT of work. We get maybe a week with the scripts before shooting. Every scene is shot out of order actually. Sounds crazy, but you get used to it.

automatic4skin262 karma

Should undies be clean or is simply smelling fresh sufficient?

BenMcKenzieOfficial776 karma

depends on if you are single

Tehvar210 karma

Was it hard changing roles from show to show and playing such differing characters? The OC->Gotham seems like a huge gap.

BenMcKenzieOfficial434 karma

Yeah, I got to play a cop on Southland, which came in very handy on Gotham. It's always hard to play a new role, but the challenge is also the best part.

CaptainCruiser198 karma

How does it feel knowing that you're playing a character in a show that both of which will most assuredly be fondly remembered for generations to come? Do previous Jim Gordons give you inspiration, and do you worry that someone else will play a better Gordon or belittle your portrayal?

BenMcKenzieOfficial392 karma

Every Gordon is his own Gordon. I'm proud of what we're doing and I hope it lasts.

dimplejuice188 karma

I remember seeing the movie Junebug and thinking "This kid's got something." Great movie. What was it like working with Amy Adams before she became the megastar that she is today?

BenMcKenzieOfficial251 karma

Wonderful experience. Amy is just tremendously talented and lovely.

Colenias182 karma

How do you think Gordon's adventures in the show today would influence his relationship with Batman, and his thoughts on the caped crusader, many years down the road?

BenMcKenzieOfficial325 karma

That's what we are exploring. How Jim's successes and failures inform Bruce's development. It's a long and winding road.

deathbydeathstroke164 karma

Hi Ben! Thanks for doing this AMA!

How big a part do the court of owls play in Season 3? Was it interesting adapting it from comic books to Live action, especially since they're one of the newer characters on Batman's Villains List?

BenMcKenzieOfficial323 karma

Court of Owls will be a big part of Season 3.

itsmekata158 karma

Hi, Ben! If you could remake any movie and cast yourself in it, which one would you remake and who would you play? :)

BenMcKenzieOfficial415 karma


ChristinaH123143 karma

Is it ever weird seeing such kind and caring people, such as Robin Lord Taylor or Cory Micheal Smith, play such dark characters?

BenMcKenzieOfficial201 karma

Yeah it is actually. They are definitely giving a performance, couldn't be more different than they are in real life.

kn0thing98 karma

Wahoowa! Class of 2005 here - what was your favorite spot to hangout on Grounds? What would Jim Gordon's favorite spot have been?

BenMcKenzieOfficial107 karma


dimeo3296 karma


Jim Gordon be more "badass" on S3 than S2?

BenMcKenzieOfficial303 karma

if that's even possible

beefytrout78 karma

When will Jerome/The Joker return?

BenMcKenzieOfficial197 karma


constellationoflibra74 karma

Do you think any lasting effects from Jim's time in prison will show through this season, especially considering majority of his support system is gone?

BenMcKenzieOfficial105 karma

Yes I think so.

Jerome_Valeska72 karma

What are your thoughts on Jerome? Do you like Cameron Monaghan?

BenMcKenzieOfficial206 karma

he's terrific. I think we should have him back. No?

praisetheYMCA68 karma

What is the cast of gotham like?

BenMcKenzieOfficial144 karma

amazingly talented. very professional. proud to lead this ensemble.

Glibble57 karma

I recall reading back in the day that the first thing you got with your OC paycheck was a G35. What're you rolling around in now?

BenMcKenzieOfficial137 karma


NYC. No car!

jello199057 karma

Hey Ben, love the show! Do you think you'll ever crossover into the CW DC shows?

BenMcKenzieOfficial253 karma

hard to do. we are an origin story and they take place in present day. maybe with legends of yesterday?

GermanAf56 karma

Is Gordon going to support Penguin now that Fish is back? Or will he just keep out of all the Gothamy stuff and start to build a family?

BenMcKenzieOfficial282 karma

Yeah, he's just gonna leave Gotham and move to Florida. Safer.

BrentNewhall49 karma

Thanks for taking part in this!

Is there an aspect of Jim Gordon's character that you wish he'd change? Obviously, as an actor you're a fan of the character you play, but is there something about him, like a parent with a child, that you'd like to see change about him over time?

BenMcKenzieOfficial102 karma

I'd like him to become more cagey and less naive. He's getting there, but it's a process.

useless_uterus38 karma

What would you request for your last meal on death row?

BenMcKenzieOfficial157 karma


KeepitPurp14 karma

Favorite episode of Breaking Bad?

BenMcKenzieOfficial39 karma