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Hi Eva.

What happened on the day you were no longer subject to Nazi rule?

PS: You remind me of my grandma, I just wanna give you a cuddle!

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G'day Ben. What's your favourite meal?

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Mate, you little ripper.

I usually go with Avo on Garlic Turkish Bread with Mushrooms and Bacon.

PS: I am fully aware how inferior our bacon is compared to American Bacon (dated a Louisiana girl who wouldn't stop complaining about our inferior bacon the entire time she lived in Australia).

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Let's not forget how Dakota Meyer lied about a lot of shit about his MOH award.

That it took two fucking years after Meyer for Capt William D. Swenson to be recognised for his MOH efforts in the same battle. Conviently his MOH paperwork was "lost" due to him criticizing his senior officers (for not sending fire support) in an after-action investigation into the battle.

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So, the British aren't coming?