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22 episodes a season and all the interviews, comic cons, even this kind of thing must require a hell of a lot of commitment. How much time do you get with scripts to prepare for episodes? Do you end up filming scenes out of sequence to make the most of the sets?

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Do you believe Stalinist USSR was a perversion of communism or do you just equate the two? Where do you stand on unrestrained capitalism?

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Hi Spencer. Have loved seeing your heroic journey from your first appearance on Harmontown to where you are today. Beware of the heavy price! :-)

Really intrigued to find out how you ended up in front of the camera in Community and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Whose idea was that and how did they ask you? What do you remember about the experience, did you get nervous?

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Were the models in the original Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon film serials a big inspiration to you?

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Wow. Suddenly keeping the DC movie people away from the DC TV people makes sense. You'd probably lynch the lucky gits :)

And thanks for taking the time to reply and do this AMA, Ben, appreciate it.