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What was working on Southland like? Did doing that show change or otherwise inform your views on body cameras and the current controversies around police actions?

It was an amazing show and I miss it.

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Fatherhood is fucking nuts. It's not easy and there's no one size fits all instructions. Add to that, you're missing a decade of experience. It will be an uphill battle.

Here's my advice. You're not a dictator and nothing happens "because I say so." You're also not cool. You are firm, consistent and fair. When you correct behavior, you explain why it's important. Be interested in their hobbies and invite them to be interested in yours. Don't push on either but be available.

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Does anyone want to guess who she's talking about? I can't recall any weird boobs on main characters on HBO series.

Then again, I'm a guy so my definition of "weird" may not be the same as that of a well regarded surgeon.

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Oh, well done.

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Why wouldn't space battles have small ships like we launch fighters and bombers from aircraft carriers in a wet navy?