On Monday of this week, we kicked off System of a Down’s “Wake Up The Souls” tour in Los Angeles, our hometown. We’re now in London to continue the tour which will end with our first ever show in Armenia, our ancestral homeland on April 23. The purpose of the “Wake Up The Souls” tour is to not only raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide that occurred between 1915 - 1923, but also to help bring about positive change towards properly recognizing the Armenian Genocide and to bring justice to this tragedy.

For more information about the meaning of the "Wake Up The Souls" tour and to learn how you can help to take action and support this cause, please check out http://www.systemofadown.com and https://marchtojustice.org

Go ahead, ask us anything.


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Frajer2013 karma

why do angels deserve to die ?

serjtankianofficial2521 karma

Same reason they deserve to live

B-Tron881451 karma

I have a question for Serj:

For the debut album you had awesome vocal performances, but there seemed to be a quality jump in vocal performance for Toxicity when it came to really accentuating notes. Was that a result of lessons of some sort or just good old practice?

Peace and love from Vancouver

serjtankianofficial1554 karma

My voice started to improve

kn0thing1302 karma

Barev! I'm excited to see you in Yerevan. One of the things I've been thinking about a lot in the last few months leading to the 24th is how we can make the next 100 years about our Armenian futures, instead of our past.

I do hope we finally get recognition for the Genocide, but I also know that our people's search for justice has gone on for 100 long and painful years -- at what point does this search start holding us back?

serjtankianofficial579 karma

I fully understand what you mean. The Genocide and our quest for justice has now been engrained into the DNA of Armenian culture and has become the most prevalent characteristic and bond among our people. No culture wants to be victimized forever. But does that have to take over our cultural treasures? Isn't what we're doing with System Of A Down the perfect marriage of that? To present our cultural assets while fighting for justice. One without the other is an irreversible loss I think. Great question...thank you.

Lolzzergrush1129 karma

When you guys order pizza do you order it with pepperoni and green peppers, mushrooms, olives, chives?

serjtankianofficial1333 karma

I get veggie

Infection233692 karma

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan! I look forward to seeing you live someday :) my question is, would you guys ever consider releasing your demo tapes? They were incredible, and I would happily pay for them haha.

serjtankianofficial819 karma

Yes..great idea!

XadRav641 karma

How does it feel to finally be playing in Armenia?

serjtankianofficial1053 karma

We're very excited to be playing in Armenia as SOAD for the first time at the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. It's gonna go off

freddyjasonmyer569 karma

What has been the biggest highlight since your reunion in 2010?

serjtankianofficial1204 karma

Re-kindling our existing friendships and having a great time on tour.

Life_is_a_Taco540 karma

Who left their keys on the table?

serjtankianofficial1285 karma

The protagonist

JouluPam434 karma

Have you heard the Richard Cheese Jazz cover of "Chop Suey"? If yes, what did you think? :D Thanks!

serjtankianofficial497 karma

Ha! Yes, loved it.

Parklore424 karma

Hi Serj! I've been a fan of SOAD for around 4 years now and I'm wondering, what's the meaning behind the song "Chop Suey" and are you planning on any new albums? Thanks

serjtankianofficial783 karma

Whatever you think the meaning is is as valid as what any one of us think. So you tell us. We will be getting together to look at what inspires us today. If that leads to an album, then great, if not, then that's fine too.

Chili_Pat367 karma

Do you plan to keep the video intermissions for the shows in June and September/October? I personally think you should go with them even after the tour this year. 2015 is special. Somehow.

serjtankianofficial383 karma

We should definitely consider that. Thanks for the suggestion.

zjaksn347 karma

Just want to say thank you for all of your hard work over the years and hoping for a U.S. Tour very soon.

What happens when the refrigerator door is closed and the light goes out?

serjtankianofficial666 karma

The butter gets hard :) haha..Daron and I were just laughing about that lyric in rehearsals. I mean who screams butter's getting hard? Us I guess :)

flying_dutchmaster325 karma

Will System of a Down ever tour in New Jersey again? And I know you guys are waiting till after this tour to decide on making a new album, but please do! It’s been a decade and all your fans are aching for more!!

serjtankianofficial540 karma

Thanks for the excitement. Hope to tour only NJ in the future and nowhere else :) gentle sarcasm chased by love.

SteamedUpJoe318 karma

How has facial hair contributed to your success?

serjtankianofficial687 karma

It has provided me with volumes of queries unrelated to music that have made me smell..I mean smile..

LordRoku309 karma

so when is your new album coming out!? :)

serjtankianofficial1073 karma

When you're not looking

sisman61282 karma

As a Turk that listens to your songs , I think they are awesome. And with regards to the genocide a lot of Turks seem to be afraid of reparations costs or use it as a excuse to not say sorry amongst other things. What exactly would bring justice to the tragedy?
P.S I like eating seeds as a pastime activity

serjtankianofficial302 karma

Thanks for the question. It's a good one. I think you've nailed it on the head with the government of Turkey being afraid of reparations or restitutions so I guess when the cost of disinformation and diplomacy becomes larger than that of estimated reparations, we may see some movement. There is also the issue of how does the gov't explain away to the people of Turkey that they have been lied to all these years? That is also an impediment in Genocide Recognition.

plarah199 karma

If you weren't musicians, what would you like to be?

Also: Serj, my father-in-law looks a lot like you.

serjtankianofficial412 karma

Sorry for that :) If I wasn't a musician I would still be doing software.

catarinapipoca180 karma

Hello guys, how are you today?

Tanks for the AMA, I'm a huge fan of SOAD.

You are making a tour that includes Europe. But you won't come to Portugal nor Spain. Is there a reason for these? Do you have plans for a tour that includes Portugal or Spain? Also, you where in Lisbon a few years ago in a summer fest, I was there and it was awesome, what did you liked and disliked in Lisbon?

serjtankianofficial268 karma

I love Lisboa actually. It's rare that we actually decide the cities ourselves for a tour. They usually stem from offers coming in

2pac96166 karma

Hello Serj and John! As a fellow Armenian, you guys have been a big inspiration for me as well as my friends and I want to thank you for what you guys have done for the Armenian cause. My question is: How do you think being Armenian has shaped you and your world view and what is your favorite aspect of Armenian culture? Thank you so much!! P.S. do you guys like tavli?

serjtankianofficial201 karma

We've all been pretty close to our grandparents and culture so it's definitely played a huge role in our characters and art. How that's displayed is difficult to answer. I don't play Tavli.

Arachnocentric162 karma

Hey guys, welcome back!

On the topic of Chic 'n' Stu - this song just seemed silly to me when I first heard it, but over the years the message has really sunk in. I've come to believe that being saturated in a culture of rampant consumerism is taking a huge toll on us - especially media that tells us "You are sad! You aren't good enough! You are ugly! Here is our solution, buy it!". I think that it is a significant stressor that contributes to depression and anxiety in the Western world.

Do you guys still feel that it's a problem with our culture that we need to work to change? If so, how can I/we do it without sounding anti-capitalist and anti-American? Do you think that it'll EVER change given how powerful human greed is?

serjtankianofficial395 karma

Rampant mindless consumerism is not unique to the 21st century. The means of purveying products is. Any form of abuse of any system including Capitalism is unhealthy and throws things off balance. Stop worrying about how it's going to sound and just say what you feel.

serjtankianofficial158 karma

Hey, thank you everyone on Reddit for the thoughtful and fun questions. Signing off... Serj

Anniba152 karma

Hey SOAD! It was rumored during the recordings of Mezemerize/Hypnotize there was an instrumental track that was never put on either record. From what I remember, the working title was "Charades". Any chance that'll see the light if day?

Also, thank you for those albums.

serjtankianofficial216 karma

our pleasure. I re-recorded and re-released Charades in 2 forms on my solo records (ETD symphony with a symphonic version and a rock version later on). So no.

elusivewater151 karma

Hey Serj and John, I've been listening to System of a Down since Middle school and I just wonder...what was your inspiration for the lyrics of Cigaro?

serjtankianofficial319 karma

It's based on a Cheney-like character.

smarinus128 karma

What scares you most about the state of the world?

serjtankianofficial213 karma


Souloist119 karma

Thank you for taking the time in doing this AMA guys! My QUESTION! is, what happen to the song Hezze?

serjtankianofficial142 karma

We've played it live a few times. Maybe we'll release the recording one day

libezoel110 karma

Will you comeback this year to Argentina? please say yes!

serjtankianofficial155 karma

Yes, we have a tour planned for South America late Sept/early Oct

El_Ninja_Blanco107 karma

Serj - how fun was it working with Tech N9ne?

serjtankianofficial156 karma

Great fun. He's a fantastic guy with incredible flow and vibe.

WarSucksLetsParty96 karma

Serj I'm excited to learn that SOAD will be playing a free concert in Yerevan for the first time. I was just curious why you guys haven't played in Armenia beforehand, is there a reason or was there just never an opportunity?

Yesi Hayastanem gnum myus amis yev shat urax em :)

P.S. I met you in Glendale two years ago and you signed my copy of your book. I've been listening to you guys since I was 11 so it was a huge moment meeting one of my favorite musicians!

serjtankianofficial93 karma

Thank you. Mostly logistical reasons for SOAD not having performed in Armenia before. It's a huge undertaking. I however have played there with the FCC and at a separate occasion with The Opera Orchestra of Armenia.

OMG-SOAD87 karma

Serj were any of your bandmates in attendance at your wedding? And if so did you guys play any music together then? Anyways I'd like to offer a belated congratulations of your marriage!

serjtankianofficial125 karma

Thank you. They were all invited and in attendance.

ThisIsWhatWeDo61 karma

What do you do for a hobby?

serjtankianofficial140 karma

Search for cool music creation software libraries.

sageleader53 karma

Hey guys. I just wanted to quick say how much your music has meant to me over the years. Your music and lyrics are so thoughtful and I can feel the passion behind what you write. I was in a band for years that covered your music and we appreciated its complexity. You guys are so inspirational and incredible musicians. Your self titled album is still my favorite album of all time.

My question is: where do you draw inspiration from for your lyrics?

serjtankianofficial89 karma

first off..thank you :) I get my lyrical inspiration from many aspects of life, other forms of art, a simple conversation, courageous entities, funny stuff, etc.

BANGLADESH_42048 karma

Where were the eyes of a horse on a jet pilot?

One that smiled when it flew over the bay?

serjtankianofficial82 karma

In the cock pit of course

1028288254347 karma

If you guys could go back in time to when you were just getting started in music, what would you change about how you learn and create music?

serjtankianofficial152 karma

Nothing really. The past is there for a reason.

oMOOoCOWo46 karma

Did Daron ever find Danny and Lisa?

serjtankianofficial96 karma

No but Herman the German found his leather pants.

nopeac43 karma

you believe your music fits or is heard more in countries with political, social and military conflicts?

serjtankianofficial69 karma

Great question. Not sure. But it made me think. all nations have social conflicts but few have military ones though it seems to be growing in number. Thanks for the question

Bardullah42 karma

Hello! I live in Turkey and I'm Armenian. Is there any show that I can watch it from internet? When you're going to give a concert in Turkey and why you're not doing the #WakeUpTheSouls in here? The genocide is happened in here.

Also, please ask Daron about the new Scars on Broadway album, When he's going to release it?

I love you guys, you're the best! Peace!

serjtankianofficial103 karma

We tried to do a show in Istanbul but needed gov't approval according to the promoter and we waited for a while but never heard back so proceeded without that show. We will be showing the full Armenia Wake Up the Souls show on our youtube channel on April 24 and on.

itsthepickofdestiny41 karma

Can you guys please explain DDevil?

serjtankianofficial100 karma

He is a beautiful little bunny rabbit.

th33nd43239 karma

Hello, thanks for giving us a chance to speak to you all, i only have one question: how the hell do i learn how to bounce higher on my pogo stick?

serjtankianofficial67 karma

instructional videos I presume :)

Pinto5535 karma

Do you feel the world changed somewhat for better in the last 10 years?

Also, thank you so much for the music! :)

serjtankianofficial63 karma

Thank you. I don't necessarily think so

bigbottoms9232 karma

Hey guys! I'm seeing this really cool chick and she absolutely loves you guys! Will you marry her? Super weird proposal but I promised I'd ask!

serjtankianofficial88 karma


finalxcution27 karma

What kind of music do you guys listen to recently?

serjtankianofficial52 karma

Last record I've heard is Tigran Hamasyan's Mockroot. He was one of the artists I worked with on Jazz-iz-Christ. Check it out

Musichead246818 karma

Who would you like to work with in the future?

serjtankianofficial79 karma

Ennio Morricone

ysnmue9514 karma

What is your advice for making something you want really bad work out?

serjtankianofficial49 karma

visualize and work toward that goal. live like you've already achieved it. behave like you deserve it.

tigranater14 karma

I feel like System of a Down's music is doing more to affect genocide recognition than any other single factor in our world. In my opinion this comes down to how your music is changing attitudes within Turkey - if Turkish attitudes do not change then how can we expect the US government to recognise the genocide?

Would you two consider changing the Turkish attitude towards their past as important, if not more important, than American recognition of the genocide?

serjtankianofficial16 karma

Most definitely.

revdav1114 karma

Is that true that you refused to play in Hungary in 2013 because of political reasons (the azerbaijan murderer) ?

If it isn't then is there any chance that we'll see you live in Hungary?

serjtankianofficial28 karma

Not true and yes.

NomadSPG12 karma

Greetings Serj and John! :) I heard the rumors about the plan to playing the show on some festival in Poland as a part of "Wake Up The

Souls tour", but this plan failed by our organizers - why did you choose the wrong one? Wasn't then any

alternative to makin' real the individual show with another organizer?

As you know, we are close in understanding "The Armenian Genocide" (that we officialy recognized in 2005)

by holocaust during World War II. We all remembered the last "Holy Mountains" in Łódź. Please, don't forget about Poland next time when you will visit the Europe, many of us will enjoy "Wake Up

The Souls Tour" with Yerevan ofcourse - many of us have awaited these days for a years. Thank you for you courage and honour!

serjtankianofficial23 karma

Thanks for that. I don't remember booking or canceling any shows for this tour in Poland. I have loved all my shows in Poland. My last was with a Polish Orchestra in Warsaw and Gdansk.

SancZero7 karma

Hello Serj and John. I'm a huge fan of SOAD and all the side work you've guys have done. Thank you so much for the music you've given us.

I watched a video once of you guy's bringing in stringed instruments like the cello to record Chop Suey. This isn't always done a lot anymore as many bands can use their computers to produce sounds, which can save them time and money.

If you were to work on a new CD, would you do this again if you wanted a cello or some other stringed instrument other than guitar? I remember in the video Daron saying you guy's, or him at least, preferred the sound of real instruments.

Thanks, love you all.

serjtankianofficial15 karma

On any recording project, when you have the budget for real strings, you use them. Otherwise sampled strings have gotten really great.

whalesflying5 karma

Hi Guys.

Do you guys have any recommendations for documentaries about the Armenian Genocide?

serjtankianofficial9 karma

The Armenian Genocide Screamers

sageleader2 karma

Serj are there any plans to bring Prometheus Bound to Broadway? The music is excellent!

serjtankianofficial4 karma

Thank you. Yes, we're still working on getting other productions of Prometheus Bound going worldwide.

sgtchief2 karma

Which town has really been your "best crowd"?

serjtankianofficial9 karma


eeekshmillah2 karma

There was an instagram flashmob about the suggest to record a mutual song with Adaen. Have you seen it?

serjtankianofficial4 karma

Who's Adaen?

Dookie-sama2 karma

Hey guys! Big fan (and not just cause of my size). I so wondering are you guys planning to come prefome in Holland again? I missed the last one and still regret it to this day. P.s. your music and MK is an epic combo.

serjtankianofficial3 karma

Will be there next week