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Hello Gordon. I'm a big fan.

Two questions:

You obviously have a talent for witty insults. Do they come naturally or do you think about them and then say to yourself: "I'm gonna use this one next time I get angry"?

Also, after watching your show I want to try jellied eel. I'm going to London in a few days, any recommendation about where to have it?


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Elijah, you will now be involved in two projects that stem from the works of my two favourite writers, Tolkien and Adams. I'm also a big fan of your work on the LoTR movies.

My question is: If you had to choose between living in the Shire and being an interstellar Hitchhiker, what would you choose?

Samuel, if you could choose to play any character from the Lord of the Rings, who would it be and why?

Thanks to both of you for doing this.

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If you weren't musicians, what would you like to be?

Also: Serj, my father-in-law looks a lot like you.

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Do you lift? What are your gym PRs?

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Some of my favorite moments in P&R involve Ron Swanson carrying you out of harms way in his arms. What is it like to be cradled in Nick Offerman's arms? What does he smell like?

Also, in your post about your friend Harris Wittels you mentioned he sent an email in reply to sexual harassment seminars. What was the reaction to that email?

Thanks. I'm a big fan. I'm sorry if the second question is insensitive, I'm sorry for your loss.