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Nothing against you, but are you worried of Comedy Central cancelling your new show after only a season or two? They seem to have a tendency to quickly drop off shows that star a single comedian such as Sarah Silverman or Demitri Martin.

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Hey SOAD! It was rumored during the recordings of Mezemerize/Hypnotize there was an instrumental track that was never put on either record. From what I remember, the working title was "Charades". Any chance that'll see the light if day?

Also, thank you for those albums.

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Would you advise filmmakers towards self distributing their own movies? After reading your book and hearing more of the behind the scenes stuff on Red State, it sounds like you're really advocating that method. Should they follow the footsteps of famous comedians like Louis CK who recently released hour long specials of theirs as a digital download for only $5? There's been a lot of success with that method so far.

Also, love your latest book. I actually laughed the hardest at the chapter titles of all things, and it also had some great advice.

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Got any good stories from behind the set of 'Californication'?