Two years ago, you guys rallied behind my audition video and got me a show on the Oprah Network.

I had a great time making Rollin' with Zach, but something was missing: YOU.

I want to make a travel show that encapsulates all the awesomeness of the Reddit community. I want to incorporate your unique perspectives and experiences. And I want you guys to both guide the journey AND experience it with me.

That's Riding Shotgun. This new video should explain everything.

For full show details, blogs, nudity, and everything else Zach, visit

Or jump right over and start voting for cities (voting ends 7/23).

In the meantime, ask me anything.

edit: Verification up!

UPDATE - WED 3:17 EST: I'm going to take a break for 30 min, eat a sub, and come back. I promise my responses will be better when I am freshly subbed.

UPDATE - WED 3:28 EST: Sub verification

UPDATE - WED 3:40 EST: I'm back!

UPDATE - WED 5:01 EST: I've got to step out for a few hours, but I'll be back this evening to answer any burning questions that you can come up with.

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robdenbleyker2001 karma

No question, just wanna say you're awesome and you have the perfect brand of humor that travel shows sorely lack. If Riding Shotgun ever brings you to Dallas I'll buy you a drink!

Oh wait I do have a question. I do a comic called Cyanide & Happiness and I think it would be pretty sweet if we put together a multimedia Q&A event sometime in Austin like you did with my buddy Zach Weiner.

I guess that wasn't a question either. I am bad at IAMAs.

Zachanner1109 karma

Alright, let's do it. I love Zach Weiner. I want to have his grandchildren.

DoubleElite168 karma

Personal army reporting for duty.

Zachanner123 karma

Thank you kindly. Much gratitude.

bigtreeworld149 karma

You should do a threesome multimedia Q&A with you, Zach and Zach

Zachanner181 karma

I'm all about that.

donaldrobertsoniii53 karma

A zach sandwich. Zachwidge.

Zachanner102 karma

What's the bread and what's the meat in the Zachwitch? Please explain this to me or upvote a diagram of this.

Fake-Empire83 karma



Zachanner131 karma

It IS a humorous name.

walesmd60 karma

Texas checking in - would totally support the Austin thing and will buy you and Zach a beer if you make it to San Antonio.

Zachanner214 karma

Last time I was in San Antonio, we went to the Fiesta Arts Fair and got free corn on the cob from Chris Demarais' girlfriend's father. It was incredible. I mean, like, I don't want to turn this whole AMA into a commercial for corn on the cob at Fiesta Arts Fair, but let me just talk about it a little while longer. It was like corn on the cob, but it was really on a stick, and had salt and pepper and different spices on it. So, yeah, I'd come to San Antonio, and if I make it there, I'll buy YOU a beer. How about that?

MrSomethingHeroic875 karma

Zach, I was a care giver, while you were running for the Oprah spot, and one of my clients has cerebral palsy. I just wanted to let you know that your videos, such as the one where you hike the mountain, or where you were out on the track, or the one where you visited the capitol building brought so much joy and hope to her.

You inspired her to be better than she thought she could be. You helped her to realize that she was in control of their own destiny, not her disabilities. I don't work with her anymore but we remain friends to this day, so on behalf of her and all others like her I just want to say thank you. You are an inspiration to those who cannot find it.

Keep doing what you do, you are a wonderful human being.

P.S. She said you were "cute". Don't tell anyone I told you that. She would kill me.

EDIT: Missed a part of a sentence

Zachanner1186 karma

That's an incredible story. Thank you so much. Tell your friend how much things like that means to me. As far as cuteness goes... thank you, but it's all CGI. I was made by the same people who did Hulk in The Avengers.

joedogg185 karma

Does that mean that you may at some point Hulk out?

Zachanner456 karma

No, but I may Ruffalo out. And by "Ruffalo" I mean be in lots of movies and somehow be boring, yet indescribably intriguing enough to keep getting roles. He's a conundrum of a man, that Mark Ruffalo.

jasep448 karma

What happened to the OWN Rollin' with Zach show?

Zachanner842 karma

It was cancelled after 6 episodes, but I had a great time and still got more shows than that Paul Reiser thing so I feel pretty good about it.

gootermcshavin410 karma

"I'm a cripple, not a merman!"

Zach, you're awesome. Would you ever come up to Alaska?

Zachanner1383 karma

If Sarah Palin personally invited me...then no. Otherwise I'd be open to it, but it's a hell of a drive, especially since this chair only goes six miles an hour.

nick671376 karma

Why did OWN decide to cancel Rollin' with Zach? I loved the idea and was looking forward to watching it every week, but then one day I read that it was cancelled. I looked around a bit but couldn't really find out why.

By the way, you're awesome.

Zachanner1637 karma

It came down to ratings. A lot of people didn't have the channel. Plus, I insisted that if I got a second season that I'd do it entirely in Spanish and in space.

Geno098322 karma

So in your opinion, which is the SECOND sexiest of all the palsy's?

Zachanner788 karma

Bells, there's something spontaneous about it. I knew a girl that had it once the day we were supposed to film a sexy scene with her. It looked like her face was melting so we decided to reschedule.

The_krumb267 karma


Zachanner1246 karma

I still call Austin home, but I'm currently in Buffalo and thinking of moving to L.A. at the end of the summer to become a waitress.

GuamZombie217 karma

Will you be collaborating with Rooster Teeth again?

Zachanner289 karma

Yes, I love those guys. I will do absolutely anything they ask me to do if I'm able. Was so sad to miss RTX this year.

EgHead186 karma

Hey Zach! I remember when John Mayer supported you and basically said that he would write your show's theme song. Did you ever get to actually meet him in person? What was he like? Do you guys still keep in touch or did he just kind of fall off the face of the earth because you weren't doing your show anymore?

PS: You're hilarious.

Zachanner451 karma

John Mayer, this needs to be said, is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. We still keep in touch and the theme song he recorded for me was completely awesome. It was actually the last thing he recorded before cancelled his tour to have throat surgery. I cannot enough good things about him and the new album is freaking amazing. Plus, he wears ponchos like a champion.

RickRussellTX163 karma

How did you feel about the TV show production process? Did you feel engaged, like you had some creative control, or was the whole process out of your hands?

I saw you at the milkshake shop in Hollywood last year, and the shooting activity was so regimented that all the spontaneity and joie-de-vivre was drained out of it. At least, that's how it seemed to me.

I did, however, enjoy my Handicappucino. Although I think I now have Altarian Ultradiabetes, so thanks for that.

Zachanner260 karma

That was a really stressful shoot, oddly enough. It was my first day and we had just filmed at The Price is Right and had a great experience. Then when we got to milkshakes there were a lot of executives there so everyone was on edge and they wanted me to redo things a certain way. The crew and I had a conversation after that shoot about how that wasn't the type of environment I wanted to create. After that we were all on the same page, but as far as creative control, it was collaborative, but there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

tonysharpe157 karma

In Columbus, Ohio, there are a lot of streets that are paved with bricks. Do you like riding on bricks? If you do, you really should come here.

Zachanner401 karma

Riding on bricks is one of my all time favorite things to do. One of the first videos I ever made was in Rome Italy riding down cobblestones. Sometimes I have erotic dreams of cobblestones and bricks making love and the kids they'd have.

cdahl780153 karma

Boobs or Butt?

Zachanner591 karma

I'm an ass man all the way. Not that I'm against boobs, in fact I'm all for them. Plus, I'm sitting most of the time so I appreciate my butt more even though my breasts are nice.

mgroves119 karma

I thought the OWN show was waaaay too formulaic and repetitive. Did the episodes that aired represent your vision for the show, or do you feel like the producers/editors made it more 'cookie cutter' than you wanted?

Zachanner184 karma

The short answer is no. The long answer is that everyone involved was doing their best to make the best show for the network. It was a very interesting process, but it was definitely always a balance of trying to keep humor and my genuine self in there. But I love the OWN folks for giving me a shot. The new show will be different.

CeseED106 karma

Zach, you're amazing. Are you currently single? I'm in a relationship, but I think my boyfriend would be okay if you and I got together.

Zachanner213 karma

I am currently single. I also like Star Wars, Bucky O'Hare reruns, and like to spontaneously sing songs from the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan... damn, I f*cked it up!

Hybrid_Vigor102 karma

What precisely made you audition for Oprah?

Zachanner248 karma

My mom. And a desire to do something different.

Warlizard99 karma

ZACH!!! Dude, I'm so glad you're doing well.

Like everyone else, I watched and voted for you, hoping that someone with such amazing spirit and humor would crush the contest.

I'm thrilled and can't wait to see your show.

My question: Is it true that you were responsible for the Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes split?

Zachanner87 karma

I'm a huge fan of Katie Holmes. Can't wait for her to get her personality back. I'm serious.

cpqq89 karma

Hey Zach - There's this place in Alaska that you should go riding shotgun, with a famous rapper - Pitbull!

Zachanner206 karma

Did the internet win that one? Because I think that's a pretty good punishment for taking away the MIB theme song from Will Smith.

PretendPhD85 karma

You are great. I remember seeing your oprah audition video and laughing my ass off.. and then laughing my ass off again every time I thought about the sexiest palsy afterwards for like 3 weeks.

My question: What was your childhood like? Were you always so happy and accepting as it seems like you are, or was there some point where you were just like.. "fuck it," and decided to embrace the shit out of the sexiest of the palsies?

Zachanner137 karma

No, I wasn't always happy, but I think I was always optimistic. I really don't think I'm that great a person by nature, but having CP has allowed me to find gratitude in things I otherwise would've ignored. If I wasn't in a wheelchair, I think I'd take a lot of cool stuff for granted.

saudiguy79 karma

Your website is blocked in Saudi Arabia for some reason. What do you have on it? I MUST KNOW!

Zachanner165 karma

Should I call the embassy? Or what's the best way to get this fixed?

lordmalifico69 karma

Congratulations on your success, Zach! You deserve it and more!

What kind of places do you want to go in That's Riding Shotgun?

Zachanner188 karma

I want to go to places that are important to you guys and see the things that you think are cool. I don't have any specific cities in mind. I do know that a lot of Canadians have wanted me to go there. I have a toque and everything. I love maple syrup and think Avril Lavigne is OK. Justin Bieber, I'll forgive you.

JustForCancer60 karma

Hey Zach!

I'm in Malawi, Africa and think this country is awesome and not well known. Would you ever consider traveling here?

EDIT: Also in about a month or two we should be starting to build an orphanage. It would be a cool experience to have you document it :) They have Lake Malawi and a bunch of touristy stuff, or we could take you to nitty gritty that foreigners don't get to see :)

Zachanner107 karma

I would LOVE to come to Africa, as long as it doesn't matter that I'm afraid of all living things in nature. i seriously would love it for the experience, but as far as I know, I can't drive there right now. Somebody get working on that intercontinental highway.

heyitslolo54 karma

How did you get so hilarious?

Zachanner203 karma

I was dropped a lot as a child and my family was always really funny.

thepensivepoet52 karma

When can we get you, Anthony Bourdain, and Zane Lamprey in the same video?

Zachanner167 karma

Just come to one of our hot-tub poker games on Tuesdays and film it.

agoodz44 karma

Your website link isn't functioning, sorry to be that guy.

Zachanner77 karma

we fixed it, for some reason I'm not part of the worldwide web

chiron144 karma

I'd like to say that you have been an inspiration to me and my wife. Our four year old son (also named Zach coincidentally) has CP. You have proven that our son's future is bright and limitless. For that I thank you.

Also, I live in the Central Valley of California in the "Gateway to the Sequoias." It is the perfect location for an episode of a travel show, so come and see us.

Zachanner65 karma

Thank you so much. I'm sure your son is awesome and I'm glad I've had a positive effect on you. I know my parents were always really big on letting me find my passions and pursue them. As it is with most things, great parents can make all the difference. Tell your son I said hey, or whatever the 4 year old equivalent of that is.

[deleted]43 karma

On an episode of your show before it got cancelled, you decided to go on a date with my friend Ella. Did you ever go on the date? If so, how was it?

Zachanner93 karma

I really enjoyed talking with Ella. She was awesome. But when that segment was filmed, we didn't wrap until one in the morning, and then we had to film at three locations the next day, and I had to do the stand up show, so we never really got to hang out. She was really nice though.

saintgio332 karma

Hi Zach! Is The Wingmen going to have new episodes in the future? Is the show on hiatus or canceled? It's fucking hilarious.

Also, is the Olive Garden your favorite restaurant?

Zachanner135 karma

As stated in my bio, we decided to release the remainder of Wingmen episodes as novels, under the title "A Song of Ice and Fire." They decided, instead of having CP on the show, I should be a dwarf since electric wheelchairs didn't exist at that time. Check out future episodes here:

Zachanner88 karma

Oh, and Olive Garden. Olive Garden is not favorite restaurant yet because they haven't offered me a spokesperson position that pays in breadsticks, and I arbitrarily mention them at every opportunity.

[deleted]27 karma

So how do you feel about going to Kodiak? I mean, you did ask the internet...

Zachanner36 karma

It would just be a really long drive for me to do. That's why we put the caveat about the continental U.S. Pretty sure if we didn't we'd be going to all cities in Alaska. It's 4500 miles from Buffalo so that would be tough. If I get a second season I'll try to get a bigger budget so that the internet can play more freely.

point_of_you24 karma

How much money does having a TV show bring you? Just wondering...

Zachanner126 karma

It was enough for me to justify buying an awesome toilet seat with a bidet, heating, and air drying capability, but not enough for me to buy a house or the Cup of Christ from The Last Crusade.

bamb00zled24 karma

If you had the choice, would you outlaw Miricale Whip or allow it to stay legal?

This is an election year, after all.

Zachanner135 karma

Well, they say a sandwich is not a sandwich without the tangy zip of Miracle Whip, which is already a fraudulent statement--what the heck are all my sandwiches, then?! I think, in this election year, we should demand honesty and that Miracle Whip change their slogan to "All that is required for a sandwich are two slices of bread and something edible in the middle of those slices but you can add Miracle Whip if that's your sort of thing."

cYzzie24 karma

i really enjoyed the trailer! wish you all the best for the show, hope you'll come to europe at some point too

ok let me rephrase that to make it a valid post: When will you be coming to Europe?

Zachanner36 karma

I really want to do something abroad, but it's more expensive to shoot there; travel, permits etc. If you have any ideas on how to make that work I'm all ears.

Elieftibiowai22 karma

you're making me laugh so hard Zach! But is this really the way you're talking when you're off camera, with all the gesticulating, or is this just the exaggerated character you're in while on cam?

Zachanner118 karma

I'd love to be able to say it took years of dramatic training and dedication to be able to be able to flail around like an inflatable tube man, but that's all me. However, when I'm in videos, I do tend to gesture more excitedly.

[deleted]20 karma


Zachanner82 karma

No particular city, or possibly the one with the highest female-to-male ratio and/or most lax values and Chick-fil-As per capita. PS. I don't agree with their politics, but I like their waffle fries.

hydera519 karma

Anyone up on making "Riding Shotgun" trend on the social networks?

Zachanner82 karma


giantpandasonfire15 karma

Hey Zach, I just wanted to say that your whole story and everything was pretty damn awesome!

Sorry to hear about the show but I definitely hope you get success and such coming your way.

Out of curiosity how many women have thrown themselves your way since you can now claim you have your own TV show?

Zachanner44 karma

As far as I know, zero women have thrown themselves away as a result of my TV show. And even less have been interested in dating me.

Turkey4594 karma

Zach what's the URL for the YouTube channel so I can subscribe now?