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Goodnight everybody!

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The honesty here was probably difficult, and I think everybody reading this thread will be humbled at the difficulty of your situation.

I am curious at how you reconcile this statement:

yes I made bad choices, but they were mine to make and I have had learn to live with consequences

with these:

stolen my dad’s credit card and burned about £3000 on it... punched a police officer in the face at the age of 15.... stole my mums car, drove around for hours drunk before crashing wall on country road, I then set fire to it

As somebody standing outside the situation, from your statements it sounds like you don't acknowledge the severe consequences that your actions had for other people.

When you steal a car, destroy property, or steal money, you're not "living with the consequences". You're forcing somebody else to live with the consequences. That's what crime is.

I guess I would turn the question around like this: looking back as an adult who now owns a business that requires cars and money and property in order to function, how would you treat a 15-year-old who stole from you, destroyed your property, stole your money to the tune of thousands of pounds? Do you think you would have the fortitude to forgive and embrace them?

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They really tore into it.

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Right, because the kind of people who appraise for Christie's clearly don't follow major news headlines in their field of specialization.

I mean, Christ, if you steal something you don't take it to be appraised by a non-criminal professional who has a vested interest in seeing it returned to its rightful owner.

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Twist: He was talking to a dead houseplant.