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In YOUR endo, amiright?

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That's really the biggest problem (in my opinion) with space travel and exploration. We're so impossibly, unfathomably far away from anything worth visiting that the idea of actually transporting humans from Earth to those distant points is, well, basically impossible by today's standards.

If we cannot crack faster-than-light travel we might as well be trapped inside a snow globe on a desk wondering what's inside the book we're sitting on.

Even if we do find ways to speed up ships to near-lightspeed (ion engines...?) how exactly are you going to avoid obstacles when you're travelling towards them faster than information about them can reach you?

I'm excited about SpaceX+NASA plans for Mars and hopeful for the future of our species away from our pale blue dot but we're quite a ways away from visiting other solar systems.

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¯\ (ツ)

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I'm not complaining about my job for at least a week.

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We can probably track and predict the paths of large celestial objects sufficiently enough to avoid them but I can't imagine wanting to take a trip on a craft that can be shredded by a little bit of space dust.

So we can add some sort of future-tech shield system to the list of things we need before hitting up our cosmic neighbors for a cup of sugar.