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I live in Malawi... and having worked with many 3rd world children... I can't help but feel these answers are made up by someone wanting the kid to sound helpless and sad.

Even starving kids here say their favorite game is football... or for the girls it's jump rope... or playing with tires... or something. Never have I heard a child be asked what they like to do for fun and they say "We don't have time for fun."

Taking care of younger brothers and sisters? If they are babies they are being breast fed and strapped to the back of the moms. If they are toddlers they are off walking around while the other kids play.

But once in a while, I go outside, in front of my house, and sing and dance with my friends.

Again... what? the kids are never inside! They are always outside! Playing!

Edit: Here is a photo album from last Friday. This is Mfura village. SaveTheChildren was asked to help and they agreed. What did they do? They spent a couple hours telling the moms how to better care for their children and then left. The kids were severely protein deficient. My Husband and I donated enough food to last the kids until February which was only $800. Note the kids are still running around and playing despite being poor and hungry because that is all they know.

Edit2: Did they just pull the AMA? If this really was sponsored by Save The Children... that was a super douche move on their part

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human rib bone

Ahh Adam's valentine gift to Eve.

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requires a spotter but it can be done.

Out the window: Mexico 1999.

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I suggest you get a new translator.

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If you want to come to Malawi, Africa, I would be more than happy to house and feed you for free. I'm in the process of starting my own orphanage but help out surrounding ones in the meantime.

Seriously, I came here to save my life in a different way, if it appeals to you too let me know!