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It's a bit far back, but how was it working with Michael J. Fox during the Back to the Future movies? Loved your part as Needles, will be checking out Low Down!

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Hey Zach - There's this place in Alaska that you should go riding shotgun, with a famous rapper - Pitbull!

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Hey Stephen - Loved your stand up and looking forward to "Hello Ladies" on HBO!

Any future plans on working with Karl or Ricky ?

Ricky stopped by for an AmA but didn't answer any questions regarding you or Karl. Just wondering if my favorite trio is on the outs?

Are you a part of Ricky and his new David Brent movie (coming in 2015?)

Thanks for stopping by! Also, would love to see another stand up special.

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In West Long Branch, a college town (Monmouth University) they literally crowd the roads in the evening, of course sporting their "please hit me" no visibility clothing. Even better, no single file walking, they would literally fill the street end to end in the early evenings, when many classes started.

My solution was to get strobes (yellow and white) a Safari Bar for my Explorer, and install a truck horn.

Never was late for class again.

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Thanks for stopping by Reddit, and being the best character IMO on Community. The episode when you directed the commercial easily is my favorite.

Doubt you'll see this by now... I always miss the best AmAs. Deanit!