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Not saying this is the case, but a lot of people spread it simply because they don't know they have it.

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It sounds great, but it's really not. Especially if nobody wants to talk to you, refer to you by your actual name, or if there are no windows. I understand that the stereotypical redditor probably doesn't leave their room much at all, but you at least have a window to get a sense of the time.

Edit: Some people seem to get that by not having windows I don't mean it's dark all the time. I mean there's no way to tell how long you've been in the cell. When you have literally nothing to do but sit and wait, all you want to do is know how much longer it is until you get out.

Think of it like being at a Catholic mass with no windows, clock, or any stimulation.

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I'm fairly certain crossing the border isn't the bowl of cherries you make it out to be. Not only is there work involved, but great, great risk.

I'd rather deal with visas and bribes than a coyote.

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Hi Zach! Is The Wingmen going to have new episodes in the future? Is the show on hiatus or canceled? It's fucking hilarious.

Also, is the Olive Garden your favorite restaurant?

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I actually wanted to ask how you felt about being vamped. I don't know if you kept up with the comics after Angel ended but in After the Fall Gunn is turned when LA goes to hell.