The original AMA is about to get locked and the questions are still coming in. Since you still have questions, I still have answers. AMA about life, politics, sweaters, the perils and joys of memehood, or whatever you want.

I'll go ahead and answer the first question for you. I'm not telling you who I voted for.

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UberAndLyftSuck431 karma

Are the 15 minutes not up yet?

StanGibson18229 karma

Based on the number of people who ask me this same question every damn day, I'm going to say no.

kn0thing137 karma

Will you come visit our office? We'd love to have you. We will have your favorite snacks.

StanGibson18114 karma

That would be amazing. If I ever make it out to the west coast I'll be sure to get in touch!

Congrats on the engagement btw.

JimmyCarterDiedToday135 karma

Can you give us a bottom line number on how much you've netted to date from your new found fame?

StanGibson18362 karma

About $135k from t-shirt sales and endorsements. In addition we're at nearly $50k for charities.

cahaseler184 karma

I like that you're honest and open about it. And thank you for your charity work.

StanGibson18151 karma

I didn't want to give a number while it was still going on, because it might have screwed things up for me. Now that it's pretty much over with there's no reason not to.

boyohboyoboy39 karma

Do you have plans for that added cash? Property, school, vacation, stocks?

StanGibson18150 karma

I paid off all my debt besides the house and the student loans. We put more in savings, and made some small improvements to the house.

CammyBee25 karma

What did you endorse?

StanGibson1855 karma

Izod was the biggest one.

CammyBee26 karma

Was it for sweaters? Haha

StanGibson1848 karma

Yes it was. Also the rest of their clothing line, including their sister brands Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Van Heusen.

CammyBee18 karma

Lol, that is too funny.

Hey, is it inappropriate to ask who you ended up voting for?

StanGibson18109 karma

It's not inappropriate, but I don't answer that question. If I announced today who I voted for it would just be a shameless ploy to try to get famous again. That's not me.

DaClems79 karma

Would you consider changing your name to Keith Weiner for charity?

Me too.

StanGibson18101 karma

Let's talk numbers.

fatlizardgoth54 karma

Chunky or smooth peanut butter?

StanGibson18167 karma

Chunky on crackers, smooth on sandwiches.

Burgendit15 karma

You have it exactly backwards. A sandwich with creamy peanut butter is like wearing a condom in bed with your own wife

StanGibson18121 karma

This analogy only works if your wife's vagina is chunky. I'll stick with the smooth, creamy texture I have waiting for me at home.

SpaceOtterInSpace5 karma

I can't tell you how much I needed this laugh.

StanGibson187 karma

I aim to please, if you know what I mean.

Bawlmore52 karma

How many ladies have you boned since becoming well-known?

StanGibson18245 karma

Only one, but it's been a bunch of times.

sumzup50 karma

How do you feel about the Trump presidency so far?

StanGibson18179 karma

Not a fan. Despite a few good points it's been decision after decision that I can't agree with. Thins like the Travel Ban, the rollback of the Stream Protection rule, and the other executive orders are things I can't get on board with.

dustin_slothman45 karma

Hey Ken, big fan here. Was just curious; have you ever had your heart broken? I'm having a particularly shitty day and maybe just need someone to give me a little advice for getting over this break up.

StanGibson18136 karma

We all have. I'm really sorry you are having a tough day.. It would be disingenuous of me to promise it will be better tomorrow. Maybe it will, maybe not. I can promise that it will be better eventually, and even on days like this you still have people who care about you. You can't always see it, but we're there.

steelcurtain8737 karma

What do you think about the semi-recent events of your Reddit history being published? Do you have any regrets about being so transparent to the public?

StanGibson18192 karma

Having my grandmother ask me about porn comments wasn't very fun. The only thing I really regret is having to see first hand how willing some "journalists" are to trash a person just for web traffic. Many of my comments were taken out of context, and as Ethan from H3H3 pointed out, there was at least one that was distorted into an out and out lie.

As far as transparency I regret nothing. Real men learn from mistakes and move on. Cowards hide from them and pretend they didn't happen.

jayphilly61035 karma

Who is the coolest person that you have met?

StanGibson1897 karma

Anderson Cooper. He really is the nicest guy in national media.

Binary9731 karma

Whats cracka lackin?

StanGibson1863 karma

Nuttin'. Whas cracka lackin' witchu?

mynameisethan18226 karma

Do you believe a hot dog is a sandwich?

StanGibson18140 karma

I got a lot of hate for this answer. No. A true sandwich uses two distinct and separate pieces of bread as an enclosure, one on top, one on bottom. A side to side wrap around does not count.

HeadlesStBernard2 karma

Does this mean when I make my daughter a half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by just folding one piece of bread in half that I am in fact making her a peanut butter and jelly hot dog minus the dog?

StanGibson187 karma

You're making a PB&J wrap I think. It's a gray area but you have to draw the line somewhere.

r3dditor924 karma

Who would like to see as the Republican and Democratic nominees in the next election?

StanGibson18144 karma

I will not contribute to our atrocious 3 year long campaign season by even guessing.

Jakeob2222 karma

Do you ever get stopped on the street by fans?

StanGibson1836 karma

Almost every day.

fjodsk8 karma

Really? Still?

If so, that's pretty dope.

StanGibson1825 karma

Yes, still.

wisertime0721 karma

I bought some DVDs from you at the Anderson Jockey Lot in Upstate, SC - "Bone Zone 1" and "Bone Zone 2 - Bone Clones Makin Em Moan". You were wearing your trademarked sweater and you took a picture with me, but my phone fell in Lake Hartwell a few weeks later and I lost the pic. I was wondering if you're ever in my area again, if you'd take another one with me?

Also, what's the name of the Mexican "actress" that sprayed the milk? You could tell that you were definitely not expecting that one! lol, those videos are hilarious. Those have become our go-to videos anytime we have a party.

StanGibson1824 karma

Her name was Consuela, and it took several take to get that reaction from me. The part I didn't expect was when the mail man showed up in the gimp mask.

ShankKunt4218 karma

With your newfound fame and a name like that how many offers to do porn have you received ?

StanGibson1846 karma

The publicized offer from a cam site was not real. They just floated that out to the press for free publicity. I have never been directly contacted by any adult film company.

zwilk1818 karma

Do you plan to do a video with h3h3 again?

StanGibson1835 karma

That's up to Ethan and Hila. If they ever need me on I would be happy to.

brudnapolaka15 karma

What is your everyday life like now compared to what it was like prior to the airtime?

StanGibson1835 karma

Very similar, only with a lot more pictures requests from strangers.

falczone13 karma

Is being famous a gift or a curse? You have experienced an amazing rise in popularity after the debate, and it would be interesting to know whether it was better before...

StanGibson1835 karma

Parts of it can be very stressful. Doing tons of media, not being able to go out in public without being recognized, and having the police sweep your house for explosives are a drag.

On the other hand I was given a platform totally at random from which I was able to accomplish a lot of good for charities while doing a lot of really fun stuff. If I had to choose whether to do it over I would.

falczone20 karma

Why did the police search for explosives in your house? That seems unnecessary...

StanGibson1844 karma

They didn't just show up and do it for giggles. They came after multiple bomb threats were called in on my house to 911.

austinlenz13 karma

Hey Ken, huge fan here! I've watched you at the debate a few hundred times and I often find myself thinking about that marvelous red sweater you wore. Anyway, In a fight to the death who would win in 100 dolphins or 20 sharks? Obviously this fight takes place off the coast of Australia, preferably Sidney Harbor, and both the sharks and the dolphins are fully mature males. Let me know.

StanGibson1837 karma

Pods of dolphins kill sharks all the time, and they have the intelligence needed to coordinate their efforts. Dolphins win going away against almost any shark species.

20 great whites might be able to pull it off. It would be close.

PayJay14 karma

There is no limit to your wisdom

StanGibson1819 karma

This is an alternative fact.

_ctrlaltdlt_11 karma

Ken, you're getting a lot of questions here about things that matter to us, but what is important to you right now that you'd like to tell us about?

StanGibson1860 karma

I still feel very passionate about helping the homeless. This time of the year is very tough for them, and for the charities that help them. Spring storms can be very dangerous if you have no way to get shelter, and a brutal summer is around the corner.

Add to that the charities have trouble raising money after the holidays. They get most of their fundraising done in November and December. If you'd like to help check out the St Patrick Center.

If you can't help financially, start by treating thee homeless with the kindness and respect that every person deserves. Keep in mind that well over 50% of Americans are only 2 missed paychecks away from homelessness themselves.

TheBraverBarrel2 karma

I'm curious about the "2 paid checks" statistic. That's powerful. Do you have a source? I'm at work on mobile, but I want to Google that.

StanGibson182 karma

I was told that by one of the advocates at the homeless charity I give to. I'm not sure where they get their stats, but I trust them.

boyohboyoboy10 karma

Hey man. How's your health?

StanGibson1853 karma

Excellent. My only health issue is high blood pressure made worse by being overweight. I've lost nearly 30 pounds this year and it has really helped out.

kirk90cohen10 karma

How were you picked to be in the crowd for that debate? Did you know you would be speaking?

StanGibson1816 karma

The Gallup poll calls registered voters that live in the region of the debate totally at random until they find enough participants. Each of us prepared 2 questions, sharing them with no one. The day of the debate we shared them with the moderators, who picked the one they liked best from each person. We were not told when or if we would be called on to ask the question.

hooyodady9 karma

of all the people who've become memes, you've probably taken it the best and made the most out of it. That's dope.

Here's my question: How often do you get recognized in public and what's the weirdest place where you've been recognized?

StanGibson1848 karma

I get recognized almost every day. One of the weirdest times was at my local Target.

I was buying a new printer to print out some contracts 2 days after the debate. It was the first time I had been out of the house for anything but an interview. I was looking for a cable when an employee walked behind me and asked if I needed help. I said, "no thanks, found it."

He recognized my voice and freaked out. He started shaking and asked for a picture. He asked why I was there and I told him about the printer. The he says, "no, I mean why this store?" I explained that I lived like a mile away and I came into the store like 3 times a week.

He freaks again and asks, "Oh my God, why didn't I notice you before?" I told him that he had been my cashier at least a dozen times before, and that the only reason he didn't notice was that there was no reason for him to. I wasn't famous then.

ZestyTube8 karma

Would you be willing to upload a video to YouTube entailing a dance subsequently referred to as the Ken Bone?

StanGibson1815 karma

I would if I knew how to dance.

mongorian_beeef8 karma

What's your favorite show on Netflix?

StanGibson1834 karma

Toss up between Daredevil and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Astronomy_Setec10 karma

Everytime I read one of your AMAs, it ends up being "People I'd totally hang out with for $500, Alex."

StanGibson188 karma

Stop on by whenever. I got beer in the fridge.

Sid_007 karma

taco or burrito ??

StanGibson1844 karma

Why not both?

ruhrohrebecca6 karma

What kind of sweater should I wear to meet the CEO of my company?

StanGibson1825 karma

My contract with Izod is up, but I guess I'd still say Izod. Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you may want to wear something a bit less warm.

StucktownSkeezer6 karma

What do you think are some of the positives to come out of Trumps victory?

StanGibson1819 karma

I haven't really seen eye to eye with the president so far, but there are positives. The main one is that a complete political outsider managed to win from out of nowhere. The establishment seemed so entrenched I would have thought it was impossible.

thefatstoner5 karma

What do you think about Trumps attempts to please coal miners? Do you think the potential jobs are worth the environmental protection rollbacks?

StanGibson1849 karma

There are no real potential jobs. Coal jobs are lost to automation, not regulation. Coal production in the US is still near the all time high, which was set in 2009 according to the Energy Information Administration.

Rolling back regulations in most cases only results in more profit for the companies, more harm to the environment, and no additional jobs created. In fact, the stream protection rule was expected to create over 100 jobs in the compliance sector of the industry.

Trump like many other politicians has successfully convinced miners that the jobs of their fathers and grandfathers can come back. They can't and they won't. These lies have devastated communities by preventing them from moving on to new industries. They are held down in poverty by empty promises of it getting better soon.

That's not exclusive to Republicans in coal country by the way. Politicians do the same thing to almost every disadvantaged group in every part of the country from both sides of the aisle.

LockAndLinen5 karma

I saw you on h3h3! How's everything going for you now? Would you replay that famous point in your life over?!

StanGibson186 karma

I really enjoyed it a lot, but I would not replay it. I feel that reliving old experiences would cheapen them. I do my best to cherish my life one day at a time, learn all I can from each one, and do better the day after.

TedioreTwo4 karma

Hey Ken. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

StanGibson1828 karma

Burgers. There's just so much room for innovation. Nothing against Hot Dogs. They played a good game, but team Burger just wanted it more today.

Bernies_Lakehouse4 karma

Can Bernie still win?

Can we still flip the superdelegates?

How much longer will you be milking this?

StanGibson187 karma

For it to be milking I would have to be getting something out of it, which I'm not. I just like having fun with the reddit community. Try not to cut yourself on your edge.

FrenchButcher4 karma

is the sweater now a prized possession?

StanGibson1819 karma

I don't even have it any more. Izod gave $10k to charity in exchange for it. It now sits in their archive in New York alongside James Dean's leather jacket and Michael Jackson's moonwalk shoes.

alexlarrylawrence3 karma

Ken, how you doing? What's your guilty pleasure? Whether it be a movie, or music artist, I wanna know!

Also, if you're in need of some great sweaters, at even better prices, check out Big and Tall Outlet, it's where I work, so how could I not give it a plug to a guy like you!

StanGibson183 karma

I listen to more pop and top 40 than a grown man should.

Newcomer2the3 karma

H3h3 was so good to you - what do you think of Ethan's situation right now where he made the video claiming the WSJ used fake screenshots, then quickly took it down amidst concerns that he might actually be wrong?

StanGibson186 karma

I think it shows tremendous integrity that he took the video down. It was only natural for him to react quickly like he did. His livelihood is under attack at the same time he's fighting an expensive yet baseless lawsuit. He's stressed, and when you're stressed you sometimes make mistakes. He worked quickly and honestly to make it better and I respect him now more than ever.

[deleted]3 karma


StanGibson186 karma

Comments like yours only fuel my desire to be seen?

xereeto3 karma

StanGibson1810 karma

Your Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -1.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.82

Slightly left of center libertarian. Pretty much what I expected.

ilovealaska23 karma

Ken i gotta ask since i have no idea who you actually are, why are you famous? Also do you like bernie sanders.

StanGibson1831 karma

I'm not really famous any more. I only was for about 2 weeks. I was an internet meme due to my appearance on the 2nd US presidential debate.

And yes, I do like Bernie. I don't agree with him on much, but I respect him. He's a very principled man who says what he means.

matty50302 karma

In your last AMA, Snoop Dogg said he wanted to meet with you, did you do that finally or it didn't work out?

StanGibson182 karma

I wasn't able to make it work unfortunately.

joe_wilson2322 karma

Ken you bone me ?

StanGibson188 karma

Only if you are my wife. Why did you change your name to Joe, babe?

eutohkgtorsatoca2 karma

I have a red sweater. .has it improved in value? Should I insure it?

StanGibson182 karma

Mine went up in value by 18,000% when I sold it for charity, so maybe.

Heisemburg252 karma

Ken my man! If you had to take three items with you space to show to other alien races, what would they be based on these three conditions:

The first item has to be a movie The second item HAS to be a book And the third item can be whatever you want (be reasonable)

What would you take and why?

StanGibson185 karma

Movie: Schindler's list. It perfectly encapsulates the best and worst of humanity.

Book: A Brief History of Time. It shows one of the greatest minds in history speaking in terms we can all understand.

Other: A photo album of my family. It would help me explain the family unit and the extent to which we love each other.

ItsKhabibTime2 karma

Who is consuela? Did she spray you with titty milk? Did you create and star in your own amateur films, including "bone zone 1"?

Barrage of questions, but we need answers.

StanGibson187 karma

The guy made that up, I was just playing along.

Newcomer2the2 karma

Where were you when the Cubs won? Were you happy for them or were you rooting against them?

StanGibson182 karma

I was standing in my front yard in the rain while the local police were escorting my family out of the house under guard. A prank caller told 911 "I'm at Ken Bone's house, he's not home so I shot his family. I left a bomb." I was driving home from giving a speech.

As a cards fan I can't say I was rooting for them, but they earned the win. I don't begrudge them that, and it takes away nothing from my own team.

Newcomer2the2 karma

Holy shit.. How many times have you received a death threat?

StanGibson182 karma

Like 6 or 7. Not that many compared to what it could have been.

nuoc_mam2 karma

Would you rather have $1000 in $5 bills or $5000 in quarters? They cannot be exchanged for other currencies.

StanGibson1810 karma

I'll take the quarters. It would be like free parking for life. Also an ace in the hole to play on cashiers if they are rude to me.

nontechnicalbowler2 karma

Do you miss AMF Bowland Lanes?

StanGibson187 karma

The best part of the place is the woman I met there and married, so I can't say that I do. I got to keep the only thing I really would have missed. It wasn't the most fun job cleaning up after a bunch of drunks.

mongorian_beeef2 karma

If you had to bone a dude, which one?

StanGibson1822 karma

My first instinct is to say your mom, but I don't want to go back to that same old well.

Instead I'll go with Daniel Craig.

torontofix2 karma

What are your favourite T.V. shows?

StanGibson188 karma

Raising Hope, That 70's Show, Modern Family, Samurai Jack, lots of others.

pulpfrictionns2 karma

So did you end up chit chatting with snoop dog?

StanGibson185 karma

Sadly I was not able to. I couldn't make the scheduling work.

14thCenturyHood2 karma

Myxomatosis or Wolf at the Door?

StanGibson183 karma

Wolf, though HttT wasn't really my favorite album.