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If you were president, what steps would your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?

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If it's free, whats your business model? Are you selling user data?

EDIT: Looks like they charge for having lots of resumes in their system, and have a way to pay people to review your resume for you, etc. Still curious about the second question though.

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He totally gets credit for that too.

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Even his porn comments are vanilla as hell.

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I will laugh so hard if this makes the news.

EDIT: I guess he did. Honestly, these news articles are the shittiest kind of journalism. Ken is a lovable guy, and you really have to dig deep, past tons of genuinely good comments about helping the homeless to actually find anything even a little questionable. Let's be real, 90% of reddit looked at jlaws butt hole, and most of them enjoyed it. Kbone just had the balls to say so. How many people commit minor "crimes" in their life like his mspaint insurance trick? Most of us. And if the man is unselfconscious enough to make his not-even-creepy kinda funny comments on porn without making an alt, that's fucking great.

This man is a classic redditor, and it disgusts me to see these "journalists" ripping him apart for tiny things. The man is a genuinely decent person, and has my vote, and my $20 for a goddamn tshirt.