I’m Jamie Foxx, my new movie SLEEPLESS his theaters January 13th! Ask Me Anything!

Hey, Jamie Foxx here…excited for my first ever AMA to chat about my new action-thriller, SLEEPLESS, which hits theaters January 13. Excited for you all to see it. Now go ahead, ask me anything.

SLEEPLESS - trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA7JW9Zj2-g

Proof: https://twitter.com/SleeplessMovie/status/816034041593991168


More proof! https://i.redd.it/y72atk1u7l7y.jpg


Happy New Year! 2017! I hope ya'll had much success this year, much love, much sex, much money, much blessings! I'm out, it was great, thank you for your questions. Make sure you check out the movie Sleepless, there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears in that. Peace!

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eime8498663 karma

What is a hobby that not many people know you have (but soon will, after you reveal it via Reddit)?

IAmJamieFoxx1656 karma

Table tennis. Some people call it ping pong. Mere mortals call it ping pong. I call it table tennis. I'm wicked.

faheemhassan647 karma

How did you feel rescuing that man from the burning vehicle?

IAmJamieFoxx906 karma

Oh man, that was hands-to-god a living hell situation. Helping everybody. Helping him get out. That was really a modern-day miracle.

will650639 karma

Hi Jamie, now that you can't be Serena's tennis ball, would you consider doing another ballad at her and /u/kn0thing's wedding?

IAmJamieFoxx963 karma

I will definitely be at the wedding if asked. If I can't be the tennis ball I will be the tennis bag.

maggotboy631 karma

Still think Spawn will happen??

IAmJamieFoxx1397 karma

Maggotboy, I am trying with all of my might to make that happen! That will be something miraculous! Let's get a campaign going. I want to do Spawn. Maggotboy, I'm there for you. Anything you need, let's go.

deanopeez543 karma

Just how important was In Living Color to black comedy in the 90s? Did you realize how influential it was when it was on the air?

IAmJamieFoxx739 karma

It blew my mind. It was very, very important because that was the first time you actually got a chance to see a black perspective of comedy and Keenen Ivory Wayans was a genius and he allowed it to become a miniature.

Homeyjosey458 karma

Hi! Big fan of your acting and music. My question to you, is David Blaine a real wizard?

IAmJamieFoxx1340 karma

He's a warlock! He's so good, he makes black people pray.

novaKappa416 karma

How was it like on the set of Django Unchained? It was one of my most favorite movies :D <3 you so much!

IAmJamieFoxx663 karma

That was an incredible film to be in. Quentin Tarantino, who is just a genius when it comes to cinema and to do something that was groundbreaking like Django. Talk about badass.

ramsesniblick3rd407 karma

Jamie, is she a gold digger?

IAmJamieFoxx1407 karma

You know what's interesting? If you listen to the song, they never called her a gold-digger because the song is originated from the idea that the girl never went out with anybody that was regular because she was always in the space where fly niggas would hit on. Because she had her own shit. So, she's not a gold-digger, she's just a fly ass chick.

HunterSChronson396 karma

Have you given control of Doug Williams conscience back to him?

*edit conscience

IAmJamieFoxx466 karma

Yes, as a matter of fact, I ran into Doug recently. It was all good, man. Just a moment of comedic history that will never be forgotten.

ThomYorkesEvilTwin356 karma

What's your favorite movie and how's working with Tarantino? Big fan.

IAmJamieFoxx497 karma

Any Given Sunday.

Oliver Stone, football, and a lot of cheerleaders.

kdk12k2k12292 karma

Hey Jamie,

I've seen (heard, really) you talk about your grandmother many times, and even honor her in your Oscar acceptance speech. You talk about how she taught you about having tools in your toolchest/belt to apply to life. What are some of the tools you've acquired throughout your life that you feel have helped you the most? Are there some that you have gained in the last decade or so that you didn't know you'd be using?

I always thought it was lovely how you talked about her and what a beautiful relationship you had/have with her. Very loving and respectful. Thanks for always sharing her when you relay stories about your life. It's always important to note the people that have helped us along the way.

IAmJamieFoxx460 karma

One of the main tools is alleviating the idea that you can't do something. You constantly have to realize that the where we live in, a place like America, we always have opportunity. You never give up. That is one of the biggest tools that I use every day.

Of course, growing up my grandmother taught me classical piano. I use that in my music. Her allowing me to do stand up comedy when I was in the 3rd grade, 4th grade, for the teachers meeting. It's crazy, when my friends see me, they like you used to be in the lunchroom everyday, now you get paid!

The_MidnightKid286 karma

What's up Jamie Foxx? When's the next album coming bro?

IAmJamieFoxx511 karma

I'm working on some music right now. Probably going to drop something towards the end of the year.

kangarooish195 karma

Which do you prefer playing (and why): hero or villain?

IAmJamieFoxx574 karma

VILlAINS! Villains got all the girls! Heroes try to be all NICE and the same as everybody. Villains hit the clubs with the models!

dabnada191 karma

What was your first computer or console that you owned?

IAmJamieFoxx507 karma

I had a Gameboy, that was my first computer but I had a knockoff version. My mom grabbed me some shit from the goddam grocery store. It was big as fuck.

psycholepzy174 karma

Which of your roles required the most preparation, which required the least, which was the most fun, and which was the most grueling?

IAmJamieFoxx405 karma

Most preparation was for Ray Charles because I had to be 156lbs, so my head was extremely huge.


Allstar Weekend.

Miami Vice.

titmousecunt171 karma

Whats the extra x in foxx for?

IAmJamieFoxx555 karma

Well, /u/titmousecunt. The extra x is a tip of the hat to a legendary comedian named Redd Foxx.

gandalf115121 karma

What's your favourite part of your job?

IAmJamieFoxx376 karma

Favorite part of my job is actually the freedom to express art, whether it's jokes, singing or male exotic dancing.

Mr_SeSaMe116 karma

Which actor was the most fun person you worked with? And why?

IAmJamieFoxx277 karma

Of course, my favorite actress is Kerry Washington. And my favorite actor to work with is Jeremy Piven.

Vinopapi114 karma

Would you do a Star Wars movie? Or even a marvel comic book movie?

IAmJamieFoxx297 karma

Ummm… Yes, I would love to.

Sisiwakanamaru99 karma

What is your favorite dessert?

IAmJamieFoxx254 karma

Red Velvet Cake is my favorite desert!

12pillows94 karma

Hi Jamie! Thanks for doing this ama!

What was it like working with Christoph Waltz? Are you guys still in touch?

IAmJamieFoxx187 karma

Christoph Waltz is an amazing! He's an actor technician and we see each other when we see each other.

making_mischief92 karma

What made you get into acting in the first place? And if that didn't work out, what other career would you be doing?

IAmJamieFoxx463 karma

If acting didn't work out, I'd be SLINGIN' DRUGS UP IN THIS BITCH. I got them birds and they all got feather on 'em.

lukedjani83 karma

Hi Jamie, What was the hardest stunt/thing you had to do on set?

IAmJamieFoxx201 karma

In Amazing Spiderman, when they lock me into the machine I was in, you can't get out. The only way to get out is, it's a 30 minute process to get out.

knitread63 karma

I enjoyed watching your work on Collateral and in the Soloist.

Dumb question here: why is the title, "Sleepless?" I read on IMDB that the plot had something to do with a cop's kidnapped child.

IAmJamieFoxx134 karma

It's actually a french film and in french, it's called Sleepless Nights, so we decided to drop the Nights because it sounded like something else.

FriendlyCraig61 karma

Do you ever have regrets regarding your fame? While not a child star, you must have felt a bit of a squeeze in your youth. Would you say you'd be happy with a few more years of being a regular dude, or has the spotlight always been your ambition?

IAmJamieFoxx234 karma

Never look at the spotlight, just look at the work. I was always about who can I make laugh, which song can I make people dance to, how can I move somebody? When you look at the fame, that's your first step cause fame will fuck you up.

Firestar91159 karma

Hi Jamie. I'd like to ask what is your favorite album of recent years?

IAmJamieFoxx134 karma

Drake, the last three albums.

thebiggdon55 karma

Who are you rooting for in the NBA?

IAmJamieFoxx177 karma

Cavaliers! Lebron James all day!

kradt26 karma

White House down was probably one of my all time favorite movies. I need to know are you actually a sneaker head? What kind of shoes do you usually wear? The scene where you kick the guy in the head and yell don't touch my Jordans was my absolute favorite Edit: spelling

IAmJamieFoxx28 karma

Somewhat...but literally my man Jack Manson, he knows all the styles. Jack Manson, go get it!

Breaker_Of_All_Eggs20 karma

What's your favorite memory from the set of Rio 2?

IAmJamieFoxx39 karma

Being in the role with Sergio Mendez and Carlinhos Brown was just amazing.

Dio33116 karma

How would you convince someone to go see Sleepless?

IAmJamieFoxx64 karma

Go see Sleepless because you gotta see Gabrielle Union, T.I., and Michelle Monaghan do their thing. It's better than Titanic.

Endless_Facepalm10 karma

What's your favorite breakfast?

IAmJamieFoxx66 karma

Pancakes! A billion of them! Scrambled eggs and cheese! Pork sausage. Large glass of orange juice mixed with some sprite and then a shot of insulin.

PointMan5284918 karma

Hi Jamie Foxx! You've worked with a lot of really talented directors over the course of your career: Tarantino, Michael Mann, Sam Mendes, Edgar Wright (really looking forward to Baby Driver by the way!), etc. Are there any directors you have not worked with yet that you'd really like to work with at some point?

And since I mentioned it, is there anything you can tell us about Baby Driver and what it was like working with Edgar Wright?

IAmJamieFoxx15 karma

Edgar Wright is incredible. This is his best film ever. We are very finicky with who we give that title to but he's somebody I wouldn't mind being an extra to.

OhLordYes2 karma

Which person that you've worked with has left the most impact on your life thus far?

IAmJamieFoxx7 karma

It's a combination. It's Quincy Jones, Sidney Poitier, Oprah Winfrey. All in one room, talking to me, telling me to submit the piece of what the Oscar was at the time in 2005.