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Mr. Sheen, thank you so very much for doing this AMA.

The Way seemed like a very physically demanding picture and a very personal picture for you to do with Emilio. As hard as it may have been, did you enjoy the process of working with your son? Especially on a picture that relates to family lineage?

P.S. I recently saw Badlands for the first time and it was a fantastic film.

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Are there roles or subjects that you'd like to play/try?

What actors do you look up to the most?

What are your favorite movies?

And why are you up so late?! Are you a night owl?

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This is already a legendary AMA.

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Hey Hugh, my mom wants to know, in Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson wrote such a beautiful screenplay, and in the final climactic scene between Edward and Eleanor you seemed so authentic. Did you ad-lib at all?

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Jake, hi. Thanks for doing this AMA.

Out of all the scripts you’ve read, what is the one that you think was the most well-written? What made it so good?

Have you ever had an aspirations to write if you haven’t already?