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What's the story behind your brief cameo in Ghostbusters? Was it just a chance situation, or was it planned?

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Hi Jessica Biel! I'm sure the ship has sailed now, but was there ever talk of an A-Team sequel several years ago? Would you have wanted to return to that series if it had gotten a greenlight?

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Hi Zoe! I've heard lots of people clamoring/wishing for more awards recognition for stunt teams and the work they on set (I know SAG has recently added a category like this), but some think it will encourage more accidents due to increasingly dangerous stunts. What is your stance on this, as someone directly involved in the industry?

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Hi Mr. Roth!

I know Quentin Tarantino has been very vocal about how he's displeased with Disney taking away potential screens for The Hateful Eight's 70mm release. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

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Well... what did you have for breakfast this morning?