I'll be here for the next few hours to answer whatever you guys throw at me, but really I just wanted to say Thank You for being so instrumental in all of my professional success and being so supportive over the years. In my memoir, If At Birth You Don't Succeed – which just dropped this week! – I talk a lot about how much this community has meant to me as well as what it was like to lose my virginity at 29 and crap my pants in front of Dr. Phil.

Check out www.ifatbirthyoudontsucceed.com for more of my most embarrassing moments.

Let's do this!

[PROOF] https://twitter.com/Zachanner

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larkthechris1267 karma

How great is it being friends with Chris Demarais and how is he so handsome, intelligent, sexy and modest? Asking for a friend.

Zachanner971 karma

Chris Demarais is every bit the friend as he is the lover! He always shows up wherever I am and asks bullshit questions about himself, and I love him for that.

RevAaronMarquis810 karma

I think I saw an interview once where Zach said his friendship with Demarais was based entirely on pity. Apparently Chris had caught some incurable STI and was pretty downtrodden, so Anner started hanging out with him to boost his confidence.

Zachanner651 karma

I can neither confirm nor deny that story, but I will say that one of us had an STI.

mpkomara697 karma

Hi Zach,

Any advice to parents of kids with CP? I feel like "get off of reddit and pay attention to your kid" might be hard to take, so give me something I'd rather hear.

Zachanner1834 karma

My best advice to parents is to not let the disability define you or your child. So many parents get enveloped in their kid's needs and special accommodations, and they forget to pay attention to who their child actually is. The truth is, you've got an amazing, interesting, complex kid, and the CP is most likely the least interesting thing about him or her. So, find out what your child's passions are, and foster those.

Jfm509541 karma

Has D'Angelo contacted you for a duet yet?

Zachanner1187 karma

No, but he hasn't contacted me for a lawsuit either, so I'd count that in the "win" column!

goldsteel412 karma

If you were the host of On The Spot, do you think you would get treated better than the current host?
If not, could you handle the punishment thrown at you by team four working legs every week?

Zachanner925 karma

If I were hosting, I think I would be pretty universally beloved, because I'm not a huge douche-weasel with long flowing locks I wish I had. Basically what I'm saying is Jon Risinger is no Zach Anner.

BiggityBags255 karma

Hi Zach!

First of all, congrats on your book! I'm half-way through it, and loving it so far. Also, my favorite On the Spot episodes are the ones you're on, thank you for making me laugh!

Last year I moved to Buffalo, and I love living here. I hear from a lot of locals that it didn't use to be so nice, but it's been flourishing recently. What do you miss about Buffalo when your career requires a lot of your time to be spent elsewhere?

Zachanner272 karma

I miss the brutal bone-chilling cold! No, I'm kidding. The food. I miss Ted's hot dogs, Beef on Weck, Lasertron, Mighty Taco, yeah.

BiggityBags115 karma

Good man! Ted's on me next time you're in town. Thanks Zach!

Zachanner162 karma

Sweet, I will definitely take you up on that.

DJKrafty239 karma

Zach, After a long night of binge drinking and oil wrestling, what do you do for a hangover cure the next morning?

Zachanner513 karma

Gosh, let me think. This has happened so many times that it’s hard to think of just one. Start the whole process over again, because really once you get into that cycle, there's no getting out of it.

raptor_theo219 karma

Will you be on any more "Million Dollars but"?

You were hilarious o the recent episode.

Zachanner410 karma

I'd love to do more of those. All they have to do is ask.

A funny story about MDB is, for the “movies starring your friends” scenario, there was a whole piece of the conversation that was cut out about when you end up watching a porno movie, and it stars all your friends. I wish we had gotten the chance to film that.

justthebeliever177 karma

in retrospect, was sex @ 29 worth forfeiting becoming a mighty wizard the next year?

Zachanner374 karma

I don't think so. Sex was great, but I think masturbating with magic might be even better.

KCGhostbuster166 karma

You did a series where you interviewed people of different faiths and religions. It was a very interesting and engaging series. Thank you for that.

Any plans to do more in that series? How did doing it affect your personal beliefs?

Keep up the great work, and thanks for what you do.

Zachanner226 karma

Thanks so much! I would love to do more Have a Little Faith, especially with the current political climate we have of intolerance. I never got to do a scientology episode either which I'm disappointed about.

And as far as my personal beliefs go, I think it's heartening that my personal spiritual journey is more about letting others share their own beliefs and being someone who can amplify voices who don't normally get a chance to be heard.

So I'm still searching. I haven't picked a religion or anything and I don't know if I ever will, but I'll keep you guys posted.

josethebassist145 karma

Hey Zach, how many handles have you been offered for your time in Roosterteeth?

Also, from a scale from On the Spot - 10, how much do you like On The Spot?

Zachanner302 karma

I like On the Spot fine, but it desperately needs a new host. I've been offered three bike handles that I don't need, because I don't ride a bike. Oh, you mean alcohol! None.

mini_apple132 karma

I was just introduced to your channel a few days ago by chance and your Workout Wednesdays are amazing. Seriously.

I'm graduating this year and going into the physical therapy field, and a big goal of mine is to work with the neuro population. Patients with neurological conditions are so diverse and so unique, which makes it that much more exciting - and intimidating. In the course of your life, have you had much experience with physical therapy? If so, can you remember any particular things you did that you particularly liked, or that seemed really helpful? Or didn't like at all and wondered why in the hell they were wasting your time?

Thank you so much for your fantastic channel and for doing this AMA!

Zachanner173 karma

Tell your patients if it feels like it’s annoying, Zach Anner says he wishes he could be there and regrets being a dick to his physical therapist.

Zachanner169 karma

Thank you for doing what you do! I had a lot of physical therapy growing up, and I used to hate it because it made me feel different. But the things that I loved were the little things that felt like games, or just playing with friends, that made me forget that I was actually focusing on physical fitness. I used to hate stretching because it felt like people were just yanking my legs off, but now I wish I'd done it more, because my hamstrings are as tight as violin strings, and my knee can basically only make a right angle!

OllieBean93 karma

Hi Zach!

Big fan of yours, looking forward to reading your book!

My question is: You get a million dollars, but every meal you eat for the rest of your life has one of Josh Flanagan's beard hairs in it.

Would you take it?

Zachanner181 karma

I go out to dinner with Josh a lot and this happens anyway, so hell yeah I'd take it. Josh's beard is delicious.

iamachillbilly69 karma

Do you live in the North Austin area by chance? I am about 99.6% sure I saw you crossing the street on Anderson Ln. approximately a week ago. I nearly rear ended somebody due to the fact I was in proximity to my life hero. YOURE FUCKING AWESOME!

Zachanner82 karma

Thanks! Yep! That was me. Drive safe ;)

BobRoberts0168 karma

I love your Work Out Wednesday videos, what inspired you to create them? Did anyone try to dissuade you from doing it?

Zachanner182 karma

What really inspired me to make Workout Wednesdays was that I was trying to come up with a show that we could film in my apartment in LA, and my apartment complex had a gym. Then when I thought about it, I realized that every fitness show that I watched had some guy that was extremely buff just yelling at you to work harder. I thought it would be funny to do a show with the premise of people working out so that they could have a body like mine and telling them they were great the whole way through.

People are too rough on themselves when it comes to working out, and I think there is a more positive way to go about life. Nobody ever tried to dissuade me, but my mom definitely didn't think the treadmill one was a good idea. I got some nervous phone calls about that.

hardtimesatHardTimes55 karma

Are you planning on doing more Riding Shotgun? If so, are you going to use Reddit to find your destinations again? Also, can't wait to read your book!

Zachanner85 karma

I'd love to do an international version of Riding Shotgun if we could get the funding together. The only other problem is that the rest of those guys work at Rooster Teeth, you know. So scheduling is tricky. But, it's on the top of my priority list; that show meant so much to me. And I'd love to do it with Reddit again, because I know that's the only way we'd end up at the coolest strip clubs, and find the most remote natural wonders of the world.

hardtimesatHardTimes34 karma

Well, even if you only get to go around North America again, I would love to take you to an Olive Garden in Minneapolis and a drag show

Zachanner69 karma

A drag show at an Olive Garden in Minneapolis?! That sounds great! (Seriously, I am 100% up for that if I ever come to Minneapolis.)

theOtherTool17 karma

You could visit Brazil next time... I'll take you in a tour in São Paulo if you happen to came here.

Zachanner176 karma

I'd love to go to Brazil. I'm told that the women are beautiful and the zika virus is magnificent.

SergeantBaker54 karma

Hey Zach. Love all the stuff that you do. Was there ever a point in time where you didn't treat your conditions like you do now? I have to say it is really impressive how good of an attitude you have.

Zachanner152 karma

There was a time post-college that I was really down on myself and my future prospects, because I wasn't really sure how I fit into the world and if i was able to have a career and a family. I didn't really have a lot of direction. But then things started taking off with a web series we were doing called The Wingman and the Oprah thing happened thanks to you guys, and I realized that I actually had value and could make a difference in people's lives.

And the thing is we all have that, but sometimes our inner monologues get the better of us. But every single person has the ability to make someone’s day, and we forget that too often. Once I realized that the CP could be used as a comedic tool and a way to build empathy, I found my path.

Krob198140 karma

Hey Zach, will you let me take you out for a beer? You know, as friends...

Zachanner173 karma

I don't really drink beer, but I'll let you take me out for an ice cream sundae as mortal enemies!

Asksawkwardquestion40 karma

Hey Zach!

Your book has come at a really opportune time for me, I am working really hard on my health goals and was starting to feel a bit defeated and hopeless. I've listened to the first few chapters of the audiobook and have really caught some of your contagious enthusiasm. Maybe I haven't gotten far enough yet in the book yet, but what is the most memorable encounter you've had with a fan? You have a diverse group of people following you and idolizing you.

Zachanner93 karma

Last night we did a book signing and there was a mother-to-be that said she might name her kid after me, and a guy that did a headspin for me and I think that's just sort of an example of how diverse my fan base is. In fact, it may have been the pregnant mother that did the headspin, I can't really remember.

ddwag139 karma

What are your top tips for getting D'angelo abs?

Zachanner91 karma

My top tips for D'Angelo abs: lots of baby oil, and putting on your pants while laying down. That's how I got mine.

Really, my most strenuous workout is getting dressed.

jeddalyn35 karma

Hi Zach! I'm half-way through your book right now! It's just delightful. I love how it moves between being wildly funny and deeply personal. As I read, I feel like we're hanging out at the Olive Garden having a chat :)

I need a little advice. Friends of mine have an 11 year old son with CP and he usually uses a wheelchair when we're out. I spend a lot of time with him and we often go for adventures around town.

One thing that makes me frustrated is when people come up to us and say to me, "What's wrong with him?" or some variation on that. This happens quite often and I'm never sure how to handle it.

First, I'm angry that they're talking to me like he's not even there, and can't hear what we're saying. I mean, he's 11 for god's sake. Second, the whole phrase "what's wrong with him?" makes me angry. And third, why do they think they have the right to ask personal information like that?

The worst is when people try to give us advice. Especially about faith healing or herbal medicine or new-age treatments.

I wish I had some witty reply, but I usually just feel really annoyed and, I think, maybe protective. I try to brush them off and ignore them, saying something like, "There's nothing wrong with him, he's fine." Some persistent people will not get the hint and say something like, "No, why is he in a wheelchair?"

What can I do or say here? We are in Canada, so legally I have to be polite about it or Justin Trudeau harms a baby panda or something.

I don't think these people realize that they're being rude. Sometimes these questions come from other people in wheelchairs as well. I know they're just being curious, but I can tell that it makes my young friend awkward, and I'm not really helping because I don't know how to handle it.

Thanks for all your work, and for your book!

Zachanner66 karma

Great question. I experience this all the time. I think the best advice I can give is to empower your friend's son to brush off comments like that, or if they come from a genuine place to answer them honestly, and refocus the conversation on who your friend's son is, and not what his condition is. People will always be curious and ignorant, and unfortunately the only cure for that is sharing knowledge.

It's not easy when you're 11 to be constantly told that you're different, or there's something wrong with you. But every social exchange that I have like that, I take it upon myself to rise above it, and reclaim my personhood. If he's really struggling, just tell him, in a few years he'll be able to laugh it off, and that people can be stupid sometimes.

But I do my best to never antagonize anyone if I don't have to.

Forger6235 karma

What's up Zach? Big fan! If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? :D

Zachanner199 karma

I think I would wish for the ability to have more time with this question, number one.

And then I might ask for the ability to fly, because I haven't been able to walk my entire life, and I'd like to see what it would be like to be just slightly better than everyone from a physical standpoint.

The third one, I think most people say something like "world peace," but I wouldn't even aim that high. I just want people to have more empathy and understand different viewpoints, and then I think that we'd end up in a much more livable place.

rbr4530 karma

Are you a pancakes of waffles kind of guy?

Zachanner93 karma

I want a pancake wrapped inside two waffles with bacon in the center of it.

thats_way_harsh_tai26 karma

I think you are hilarious, super cute, and just plain fantastic :)

I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but how do you keep such a positive attitude? I have been dealt multiple shit sandwiches in life and I struggle to stay upbeat, but it seems to come so naturally to you. What's your secret?

Zachanner59 karma

Thank you so much for the kind words! I always say, even if you're served a shit sandwich, try not to eat it. As far as the positivity goes, I'm not ALWAYS positive, but when I'm feeling a little down, I try and remember the great support system and friends I have. Really, I'm very lucky and have had a pretty bad-ass life. I try and keep that in perspective most of the time.

BobRoberts0124 karma

Sometimes I just don't feel like working out. Do you have any inspiring advice?

Zachanner107 karma

The most inspiring advice I can give you isn't going to sound very inspiring. But, dude, just get it over with, and you'll feel much better afterwards.

Nobody wants to work out, but the thing that I always tell myself is, I want to look better naked. And then I imagine all the great scenarios where I'm naked, and people are looking at me and high-fiving me, and that gets me to the gym. Just think of all the naked high fives you'll get!

evedotjpg24 karma

Are you going to be doing a book tour/signing tour at all? I'm in the UK and I'd love to be able to meet you and talk about the book!

Zachanner49 karma

I'm planning on coming to the UK as soon as I'm able, and will definitely do a signing when I get there. I have family in the UK and have been itching to go back. Will keep you posted! Send me a message on here, and I'll be sure to let you know when I'm headed across the pond.

IKingJeremy21 karma

Why did you decide to become a comedian?

Zachanner63 karma

Honestly, because I wasn't very good at much else. And I realized that I could use comedy as a tool to express more important things, and just be ridiculous. And who doesn't want to be ridiculous for a living? It's the best job in the world!

Ysmildr21 karma

Hi Zach. If you had powers of teleportation, and could teleport anywhere, where would you go first?

Zachanner78 karma

I'd probably just take a tour of the fanciest bathrooms, fanciest toilets. Yeah, just check out all of Japan's best bidets.

AH_Sam21 karma

Zach, what are some of your best tips for comedians? Whether it's writing or improv, how do I make people laugh?

Zachanner104 karma

Step One: Get a wheelchair.

Step Two: Refer to yourself as a "sit-down comic." There are at least 3 people in every audience that have not heard this joke.

Step Three: Props

Step Four: Puns

Step Five: Catchphrases

Step Six: Take the most embarrassing, horrible things that have happened to you, and spin them into a bar story that you would tell your friends to make them laugh. Start noticing details that color your environment and experience and exaggerate upon them. Look at the world and try to figure out the things that we all accept that when you really pay attention to them don't make any sense.

Carmi8820 karma

What is your favourite thing about Rooster Teeth?

Zachanner53 karma

The snacks! The people are okay, too. But mainly it's the free chips I get.

CMO_Ratchet17 karma

Hi Zach! I didn't know about you prior to Workout buddies but I've been going back and watching all of your stuff and I love it! It's been a rough time right now, my mom has been in the hospital for a month with a snowball of issues from liver and kidney failure to pancreatic nercrosis. It's starting to get better but it's a long and slow process. I wanted to just thank you, seeing you find humor in everything and not let anything get you down has been great for me and I've been showing videos to mom telling her how 'If Zach can do it so can you!' So just thank you for being you and a High Five Friday to you from Ashley and Mary in the hospital. And here is what I'm wondering, for me staying positive is just about finding humor in as much as I can and you've helped alot. For you how do you handle tough days or situations in order to spread the positve energy you do on your shows? I understand it can't be easy all of the time and there have got to be lots of challenges to overcome.

Zachanner18 karma

First of all, please give your mom a high five and a hug for me. I'm sorry you guys are going through that.

Secondly, even if I'm having the worst day, as soon as the cameras are on, I remember my audience and how much I love them, and it's pretty easy to find joy when I keep that in perspective.

Sometimes, the overwhelming positive response I get can even weigh on me, because I feel responsibility to my audience to help them see the lighter side of things. But, that feeling never lasts long, and I'm just really grateful to be in the situation I'm in. If I'm ever struggling, I remember my friends and my family, and the fact that I get to make people laugh for a living. That's a gift and a privilege.

indietorch14 karma

Hey Zach! I love your work out wednesdays! What ever inspired you do them? And I know we haven't even been on a date yet but....can we collab on a video? I can make you an amazing cup of coffee! (since I do coffee videos and all)

Zachanner24 karma

Oh man, we could definitely collaborate on a video, and/or go out on a date. I am obsessed with coffee. I actually have been wanting to get my own personal super automatic espresso machine so that I can have great coffee every morning. And as far as what inspired me to do Workout Wednesdays? As I've stated earlier: the fact that I wanted to look better naked.

MrKumquats14 karma

Who would you like to compete against next if you were to do another butt selfie challenge!?

Zachanner40 karma

Chris Demarais, because I'm fairly confident he has absolutely no ass, and I would win.

xBlured13 karma

Hey zach, Have to say you are an amazing, talented and funny guy!

Why did you choose to have a body like d'angelo and not say like the rock?

Zachanner52 karma

Because D'Angelo is pure sex, and I aspire to be that as well.

maio123maio13 karma

Hey, Zach! I'm impatiently excited for If At Birth to show up in my mailbox. Can't wait!

Any tips on comedic writing? Thanks! <3

Zachanner20 karma

Collaborate with funny people. Be honest, and don't be afraid to embarrass yourself. There's more meaning in embarrassment than anything else. You just have to have perspective on it. And I don't really subscribe to this idea, but if I was going by my own work, I'd say puns are always welcome!

Garrettknut13 karma

Zach you are easily one of the most humorous humans on the planet, what typically goes into writing a dialog for Workout Wednesday?

Zachanner31 karma

They're usually written an hour before we shoot and I'm never wearing pants!

badluckbettie70213 karma

Do you ever have regrets about entering into the public sphere? I know there's so many positive points about it, but I think it would also be hard to give up a level of anonymity. I'm sure you get recognized a lot wherever you go.

Zachanner23 karma

Not really. I'm lucky that people enjoy my work. Otherwise, I'd be a bag lady!

umop-apisdn-wI13 karma

Hey Zach, great seeing you on all the RT content now! Can we expect to see more and more of you throughout the coming weeks/months?

Zachanner40 karma

I hope so. There's a rumor going around that I'm going to be the new host of On the Spot once Jon Risinger goes insane. So I'll see you next week.

Tomb219212 karma

Hi Zach!

Thanks for all the laughs online but I'm wondering, do you have a favourite group to collaborate with? Like roosterteeth or soulpancake?

Also when will your audiobook come to audible in the UK?

Zachanner36 karma

Rooster Teeth and SoulPancake are about as polar opposite as you can get as far as content, but they both have amazing people working there, so I couldn't possibly choose. I go on SoulPancake to make inspiring and positive content, and I go on Rooster Teeth to make dick jokes and have fun with my friends. I'm glad I can participate on both.

Oh no, I'll check on that for you. If you want me to re-record it with a British accent, I don't know.

BalloonStat11 karma

Zach, what is your favorite food?

Zachanner21 karma

My favorite food is dessert. My favorite meal is any meal with great company.

RoopChef11 karma

How does having two dicks affect day to day life?

Zachanner25 karma

I don't use ski poles, just penises!

Carduceus10 karma

Hey Zach,

A buddy of mine has CP and in our younger days we would go out drinking. After a night of heavy drinking we noticed that his symptoms subsided mildly. It honestly blew my mind. Have you noticed anything similar?

Zachanner13 karma

Yes! On the rare occasion when I drink, my lazy eyes become straight and I look like a normal person. I have no idea how this happens.

usuallyFunny9 karma

What was your reaction a Funhaus's team name on On the Spot? I couldn't decide if it was awful or amazing

Zachanner18 karma

Definitely Amazing!

CaitilinDotCom9 karma

What are your 3 favorite smells?

Do you like to play board games? –Favorites?

Zachanner23 karma

This is a hard one. Farts. No! Wait! I screwed up!

I'm gaming if I'm bored... (I shall show myself out of the Internet.)

CycloneKyoryuJoker428 karma

Hi Zach, I'd just like to say you're pretty awesome, I also have CP, albeit much less worse than what you have, but for you to be able to do what all you do, that's amazing! Anyways how was your day?

Zachanner11 karma


CrimeSucker8 karma

Hiya Zach!

What is your favourite TV show? Comedy, drama etc. Genre doesn't matter.

Thank you for being just generally a great guy ^ ^

Zachanner31 karma

Thanks so much! If I had to pick a favorite TV show, it would be weather on the 8s, because it's so consistent.

No, I have too many favorite TV shows to list. Game of Thrones, Louie...oh no! I'm listing them! Parks and Rec, Girls is great, Hannibal...I'm sorry. I just started a list and now I'm down the rabbit hole. We'll just end it at Hannibal, I think that's a pretty good list.

sweetvanillaswirl7 karma

Zach, you are the greatest person I have discovered through Rooster Teeth. When will you be running for president? #Anner2020

Zachanner25 karma

I'll be running for Vice President exclusively!

Smeg-Head7 karma

Hey Zach, I'm a huge fan, What's your view on AdBlock?

Zachanner17 karma

Ads are what get content creators paid and I'm not ashamed to say I like getting paid sometimes, but do what you gotta do.

kevkev6677 karma

Don't you mean 4chan made man?

Zachanner20 karma

I talk about that in the book and I guess Reddit and 4chan could share the credit, but Reddit has stayed behind me longer and I never knew whether it was safe or not to mention 4chan because I got a lot of flack for thanking them. I definitely don't condone everything they do but I'm very appreciative of how they helped me.

AlmoschFamous7 karma

Hey Zach,

I saw you at the Star Wars opening in Austin. What did you think of the movie?

Zachanner15 karma

The Rooster Teeth version was better but I got all the feels watching the real one.

theOtherTool5 karma

Hey Zack! Fist of all, I really enjoy your videos (and I try to always workout - at least - on the Wednesdays).

I'd like to ask you what was the worst experience you had with another human being?

Thank you for your time and good vibes! Keep it up the great work!

Zachanner29 karma

Thank you for digging Workout Wednesdays! My worst experience with another human being… One time when I was on 6th Street, a drunk woman told me I look crazy and spat in my face. And I'm only mentioning that to say that that wasn't even close to how bad interacting with Jon Risinger is on On the Spot.

CaitilinDotCom1 karma

Zach, I'm a recent fan; angry at the internet for not sharing you with me sooner. You're absolutely fantastic.

I had a running list of questions for you, but now they elude me. So, let's go straight to politics: What do you think about Bernie Sanders? Aside from the obvious, of being the most amazing, genuine, real person candidate the US has ever seen...

Ooo, real question about you: Do you have a panoramic view/perception all the time? Are your eyes considered walleyed?

Zachanner4 karma

I like Bernie Sanders, and I think he's a really important figure and voice in American politics. And I want him to be my grandpa, because I think he'd have some really weird candies that I've never heard of.

I'm generally apolitical in public, because I think the fewer labels we put on each other, the more common ground we can find.

And no, I generally look through one eye, and the other one sort of hangs out and wanders around.