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Hello there fellow human being.

My name is Kryten 2X4B - 523P. I mean I am a human being with the Reddit account /u/Smeg-Head. My name is not Kryten 2X4B - 523P, that is a silly robot name. Probably, I wouldn't know, being a human. Say, I sure love my Nissan too, I take my human family on long road trips to (popular travel destination). I enjoy having skin, much like you.

Kryten 2X4B - 523P.

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Bird law?

Smeg-Head13 karma

What have you voiced before? Anything famous? Have you ever been recognised in public from your voice?

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Fuck you and don't fuck Reddit with your fake AmA's you slimy corporate DICK HEAD

I am apparently required to have a question, so

How much do you want to go and fuck yourself right now?

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Hey Zach, I'm a huge fan, What's your view on AdBlock?