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Outback vs In-n-out?

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What are your top tips for getting D'angelo abs?

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Hey David,

While my grandfather was still alive, him and I would talk about NCIS when we had dinner together. I remember the episodes we would talk about the most were the Ducky-centric ones, as he was born and raised in Scotland (later moved to Canada) and it was no secret Ducky was his favourite.

Just wanted to say thanks, you've done some great work on the show and that I'll certainly be picking up your book! :)

What is your elevator pitch to get someone to read the book?

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Are there any elements of the game that you enjoy which the average person wouldn't think about (due to not having as much experience as yourself)?

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Thank you all for doing this, what do you believe will be the biggest barrier in suing the government? What do you believe is the most corrosive element that exists within politics today, and how do we root it out?