I already submitted proof to the mods privately.

I worked their 4yrs and stopped working there earlier this month

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not really but u do get sweaty and sometimes u'd get back to back parties and walkins and roadshows so once i got stuck in it for over an hour ugh

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I worked on the management side of a mall and the company we employed had special ducted fans that hooked up to the costume for the Easter bunny at regular intervals (carrot breaks) and they could only take their head off for lunch (when security locked down the corridor) or in the employee restroom. Most of them only worked a few days and we're rotated out, but that's seasonal work.

Cutiekat666513 karma

We had none of that it was a giant mouse costume that was hot it was sweaty it smelled like the sweat and body spray of whoever used it last sometimes it was wet like the head was inside was kinda wet from the last person sweat that thing was like a walking Petri dish on the inside but on the outside it got regularly sprayed with lysol and febreze so screw us I guess

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Yeah, we were a higher end mall, so we paid a lot for another company to run it all.

But, I get it. I've worked some very shitty jobs. I hope things get better for you (if they haven't since you left)

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they have tyvm

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I took one of my best kids to a fundraiser at an Elementary school to hype the kids up to come that night to our store. The poor kid had to ride in the suit in my car. But when we got there he was like a god to those kids. Did you ever get an experience like that?

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oh yeah like a celebrity to the lil tots super cute loved it

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Do they actually call you cast members at Charles Entertainment Cheese?

Cutiekat6661022 karma

yes and we have to call ourselves that bc if we dont the managers remind us again and again lol

PanickedPoodle358 karma

And yet your watch is over... And you are still a cast member.

Cutiekat666513 karma

no im not its only been like two weeks give me a break

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What's the cleaning procedure like there? Does everything get cleaned daily?

Cutiekat6661093 karma

the main restaurant: yes nightly

carpet : vaccumed nightly but idk what the deep cleaning schedule was like never saw it in person but heard it happened every so often

suit : depends on the place we cleaned it whenever it giot noticably dirty or at least once a month

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We never cleaned our suit

Cutiekat666458 karma

prob a franchise lol but i cant laugh we were corp owned

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as a fellow former customer service employee (McDonalds, both corp and franchise-owned ones) I can tell you that corp-owned stores are way better to work in. franchise owners were always assholes and would treat us like complete dog shit

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at cec corp watched us like big brother

Cutiekat666278 karma

no serisouly the front cams were corp owned and went str8 to hq in texas

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I heard from a former employee that the kids would beat her up whenever she wore the mouse costume. Have you ever seen anything like this happen?

Cutiekat666826 karma

yea it happens mainly from the tweenagers who think abusing the mouse is funny but i didnt get anything that bad the other castmembers got worse

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When I was a kid the mouse would give you birthday spankings. I declined.

Cutiekat66682 karma

im sorry that happend i hope ur okay bc thats not part of training at all im sorry

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How do managers expect you to respond in a situation like that?

Cutiekat66650 karma

get the managers lmaooo

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What's the worst or strangest thing that happened to you while a castmember?

Cutiekat6661709 karma

  1. been harrassed by soo many dads
  2. been called "sexy for 15" i was 20 and he had 5 kids
  3. a guy 3x my size threated to knock me out just bc i asked to see a photo when the numbers didnt match
  4. called every name in the book
  5. threatened by more parents than i can recall bc i was doing my job
  6. found a dime bag
  7. was put on unpaid leave while the company went thru a ch.11 and the CEO gave himself and other heads millions of dollars worth of bonuses right before filing and closing 34 locations but thankfully not mine
  8. antimaskers at cec
  9. bad parents
  10. working their for 4 years

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All worth it for that dime bag I hope

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It was empty it was also really sad because that meant some poor child's parents got high during a birthday party or what was supposed to be parent child time Chuck e cheese you really learn how many parents can't parent unless they're drunk or high and it's really sad and pathetic like all that tiny humans asking for you is a short amount of time for you to be sober so you can actually hang out with them inside Chuck e cheese and you can't even do that really??????

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Worked for the mouse for 7 years as a manager. I had a lot of these things happen to me too. I left about a year after they went to the new cartoon Chuck. You are bringing up memories. I kicked out a three year old because the mother wouldn’t discipline her child

Cutiekat66657 karma

we see things no one else does fr

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That sounds pretty awful, especially 1 and 2.

As to the bonuses, it can obviously vary and depend on a few things, but failing businesses need to give their execs bonuses because if they don't, the execs will leave for a different company. One of the few things worse than a failing company is a failing, leaderless company. Also, like, genocide.

Cutiekat66614 karma

hohohhohohohohho he also paid to get the vax before everyone else

company secret actually lmaoooooo

hypothetical for legal reasons ;)

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Do the animatronics actually walk around at night and try to kill the security guard?

Cutiekat666461 karma

we dont have guards and no they dont but if a tween fnaf fan asks yes they do lmmaoo

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Did you ever have someone try and walk out with a child that wasn't theirs?

My sister's stamp washed off her hand when she took my nephew when he was around 3. The worker at the door asked my nephew if my sister was his mom and he said no! She ended up having to show the worker the million pictures she had of him on her phone going back to when he was a baby, she said she was still scared she was going to get outside to a waiting police car. Lol

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only if the kid went home with a diffrent person then who they came with at the permission of the person they came with

but usually they would inform us before hand and i would scan their hands nd give everyone the same to avoid confusion later but i worked kid check the most and god the stories i could tell

Whatsthepointofthis989 karma

It was just her and her son. She took him during the week on his birthday since his party wasn't until the weekend. She has bladder issues and used the restroom multiple times while there so she washed her hands a lot. It was a UV stamp so she didn't realize it was gone until they checked for it. She still has no idea why her son kept answering no and he hasn't ever done it since!

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he prob wanted to stay longer

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Did working there heavily influence your desire to want (or not want) children of your own?

Cutiekat666265 karma

eh kinda not really i want kids but not bc of the job

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I always thought a 6 months "tour of duty" at Chuck E Cheese at age 16 would cut teen pregnancy by 90%.

Cutiekat666535 karma

no bc the parents were the nightmare not the kids trust me

annyone whos worked with kids can tell u that

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any children you’ve kicked in the face?

Cutiekat666765 karma


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Upvoting as a vicarious child kicker.

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Michael__James4200210 karma

What was the most horrific form of parenting you witnessed?

Cutiekat666636 karma

the parents who get high/drunk

at that job i learned the diff between a

unwanted pregnancy child

and a unplanned pregnancy child

and it broke my heart each time

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Do they actually "recycle" their pizza?

Cutiekat666251 karma

nope i did kitchen a few times and we made them ourselves

wecangetbetter183 karma

TMNT pachinko still best game there?

Cutiekat666144 karma

we didnt have that game at my location

wecangetbetter263 karma


Cutiekat666422 karma

pure unfiltered spite

R1kjames155 karma

Without the sky tubes and ball pits, where do the children vomit all that pizza?

Cutiekat666185 karma

the bathrooms or floor

omgitskells78 karma

Wait, I'm sorry - they don't have that section anymore? Why not?

Cutiekat666117 karma

difficult to clean, kids hide or got lost etc etc

epicrecipe144 karma

I used to wear the rat costume, which is what we called Chuck E. Cheese in the 80s. Chuck E. had a tail back then, kids would pull it out and beat us. I got fired for cursing in costume.

Do you still have to clean the ball pit?

Cutiekat666128 karma

we called it and they still do call it waking up chucky

we have no ball pit

brendalee1229140 karma

Do you miss working there? I do ! I worked there from 08-10’

Cutiekat666190 karma

not really but yea in terms of the family u get when u work there but no bc after 4 years i deserve my weekends back

brainsapper131 karma

Did you ever withness fights breaking out among the parents? What was the worst scuffle?

Cutiekat666210 karma

custody battles are usually the worst but fist fights i never saw personally

Ezzy17118 karma

Is it really as gross as it seems there?

Cutiekat666262 karma

depends on place

corprate owned : pretty clean to very clean (i was at a corp owned)

franchise : depends bc corp isnt breeathing down the necks

Cutiekat666174 karma

we had no sky tubes or ballpits at my location bc they had been phased out by the time i started

thirtyseven133727 karma

Is there a way to tell whether one is corporate owned or a franchise (besides cleanliness)?

Cutiekat66664 karma

corp is higher quality and more stepford wife type 1984 enviroment

franchise is shit

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Will you please stop showing up in my nightmares??

Cutiekat666172 karma


Dantendo6495 karma

what is your favorite game to play at CEC? there was this old monster truck game that i used to love as a kid

Cutiekat666116 karma

it was a giraffe ride lmao

Ptoney193 karma

Are you a robot?

Cutiekat666173 karma

tragically no

1-2-sweet90 karma

Is Chuck still an orphan or did that get erased from the CECU?

Cutiekat666110 karma

he is still an orphan the comic is out there tho on the web

VishkVishnuai86 karma

What would you say is a must(or not) for fun for someone who never went?

I thought it looked cool seeing it on PBS but my family never too me lol

Cutiekat666138 karma

just go in get an hour on the card and go to town on the games get pizza and have fun meet chuck and go get ur prizes at merch

def go in the morning or during weekday at school hrs to avoid the crowd and just have fun

lalab0y48 karma

Can you just walk in? Grab some food play some games?

Cutiekat66682 karma

yea but go during school hours to avoid kids

hiricinee82 karma

Whats the best bang for your buck prize, and where are the kids getting ripped off?

Also how easy do you think the "put your sibling at the end of the ski ball and dunk it in to get a high score" trick is to pull off at most?

Cutiekat66680 karma


um the big winner game iwth the handle that had the red ball on top

get an hour or two and stay on that game and u can really rack up points

and depends on the kid but kinda ig

CandyRedNinja76 karma

Remember when it was showbiz?

Cutiekat66673 karma

no i wasnt alive then i was there 2018 - 2022

TKB2174 karma

As far as the food goes, what was frozen and what was made in-house?

Cutiekat666156 karma

pizza , cheesy bread, breadsticks and salad bar: made in house

fries,wings, cookie pizza brownie pizza, cakes, churros, gf crust, meatballs and meat toppings: frozen

imnotsteven769 karma

How many times did the animatronics break down or do something creepy and how did the kids react?

Cutiekat666131 karma

not really anytime but funny enough when we shut it off for the night it sometimes stopped in a postion that it was lookin at someone so itd be funny to see them get weirded out esp if they were a fnaf fan

mart137369 karma

What was your favorite game at Chuck E Cheese and why was it Skeeball?

Cutiekat66683 karma

i loved the giraffe ride it was so high up lmao

daazeq1265 karma

What's the salary of that big ass rat?

Cutiekat666146 karma

when i started

2018: $11.50/12.50 and hour

2019 : $13.75/hour

2020: unpaid leave dw the ceo and other heads got millions right before the lockdown so at least they were safe

2021: $15/hour

2022: $15.50/ hour and more if u get others to work there

HauschkasFoot63 karma

Is it true you have to have a kid with you to enter The Cheese’s?

Cutiekat66677 karma

no lol tho that always pissed me off

pants678962 karma

Any fear for your life moments?

Cutiekat666140 karma

this one lady came in and threatened me and other underaged coworkers and flirted with another female coworker

this lady if u even looked at her she'd get in ur face and threaten u

she was a butch stud who had serious issues like hair trigger rage issues

(this isnt hate im queer too btw)

noelioli59 karma

Did anyone ever recognize you in the suit? Or did you ever see people you knew, and they were none the wiser?

Cutiekat666101 karma

my former castmembers since everyones chuck was a little diff and sometimes lmao that was funny

penguinsrcool11157 karma

Has a kid ever puked on you?

Cutiekat66690 karma

nope but i have been sneezed on and coughed on

NlightenedSelfIntrst57 karma

Why is it so difficult to get a table for 1 at Chuck E Cheese?

Cutiekat66661 karma

were often jam packed but it depends on what time of day u go in

but idk bc u go in order they give u a table numberr stand sit wherever and we found u so its not hard lol

Zkenny1349 karma

How many kids did you make cry daily?

Cutiekat66672 karma

only if they didnt wanna leaave or were scared of chuck but i avoided the ones wwho were scared whle i woke up

thirtyseven133741 karma

At what age can a kid start really enjoying Chuck E. Cheese?

I ask because I have a 1-year-old I'd like to take there someday, but I know it won't be for another couple of years, lol.

Cutiekat66658 karma

3+ from what ik

Cutiekat66665 karma

but use these years to rack up points on aa playpass sso when they go at like 4 or 5 they can get a fckton of toys

Graitom39 karma

What was your pay when you started and when you left?

Cutiekat66680 karma


2018: $11.56? an hour

2022: $15.50/hour

Porthos198436 karma

Why does it smell like lost hopes and dreams there?

Cutiekat66668 karma

only those of ppl who got stuck working there

GioDaddy6929 karma

How many times per shift are you kicked in the balls?

Cutiekat66682 karma

i have no balls bc i am infact a lady :) but from what ik other ball having castmembers have been a few times

CantBanTheVPNMan26 karma

You guys recycle pizza?

Cutiekat66647 karma

nope i was put in kitchen a couple of times and i can tell u that we do we make them ourselves

edit bc im an idiot

xidle225 karma

What is the worst thing you've ever done while wearing the suit?

Cutiekat666128 karma

jfk assasination

tinfang23 karma

Are we all the carrot?

Cutiekat66621 karma


Intrepid-Dog-912720 karma

How much cheese could Chuck E. Cheese chuck if Check E. Cheese could chuck cheese?

Cutiekat66640 karma


Heykidsitsme19 karma

Why did you stay there for 4 years ?

Cutiekat66662 karma

corporate stolkholm syndrome ig

sceex319 karma

Cast member ? Like in the fake suits and stuff ? It's been years so idk if that's still a thing..

Cutiekat66625 karma

yeah it is

Metalstar0017 karma

How many children do you have to feed to the Rock-afire Explosion band every day so they will stay satiated and play the songs?

Cutiekat66620 karma


Garkech17 karma

Were you allowed to talk to the kids ?

Cutiekat66625 karma

yea but we were so busy we usually didnt only places where u'd have to talk to kids are

kid check

merch counter

party host

game attendent

WerewolfCircus15 karma

What was Helen Henny like?

Cutiekat66630 karma

a bitch no lol never met her she was always busy at other locations lolshe seems fun tho

WerewolfCircus11 karma

Don't forget to "Dream Big" here on out. That song is hilarious lol

Cutiekat66616 karma

omg pls dont remind me

Clown_Nightmare113 karma

Do you prefer the new design for Charles or do you prefer the old sk8ter boi? What happened to the old design merch that hadn’t been sold yet?

Cutiekat66621 karma

idk honestly most likely the castmembers took it home but idc tbh either way the checks were pink and had the mouse on them

Greyshirk11 karma

It's been a long time since I've been there but I stand stalwart in my opinion that Chuck E Cheese pizza is better than most pizza.

What are your thoughts and opinions on it?

Cutiekat66635 karma

im a new yorker soooooooooo,,,,,

Ok_Quiet_937510 karma

Is it true Donald trump would sneak in there for his bday?

Cutiekat6668 karma


Loarider10 karma

so, this happened to me at a showbiz pizza in 87, but did you guys also spank kids bent over chairs for their birthday? that was...not great having billy bob bend me over in front of my friends

Cutiekat66613 karma

what no wtf why do so many ppl say that?????

arnoldoswald9 karma

Which pins did you get for your lanyard?

Cutiekat66613 karma

cast member of the month



character and kid check certified

GotMoFans7 karma

Do you know who Billy Bob is?

Cutiekat66619 karma

the old bear? i looked it up to remeber bc we did learn a bit ab cec history in training

vert10177 karma

why are the pizza slices all different shapes?

Cutiekat66622 karma

the pizzas were handstretched so sorry ab ugly mishapped pizzas were rushing and the dough is v soft

nd it was cut into awkward sliice numbers

M: 10 slices

L: 12 slices

XL: 16 slices

and we use a pizza cutter rocker ahuge one so yea

nickcan6 karma

Chuck E Cheese still exists? How is it doing?

Cutiekat66624 karma

were fine i swear

were not emtionally damaged

were fine

this is fine

Dazd_cnfsd6 karma

What was your most cringe worthy experience at work?

Cutiekat6666 karma

none i remember atm sorry

Playisomemusik6 karma

Can you confirm that chuck e cheeses is still in business...anywhere?

Cutiekat66620 karma

yes but 34 locations were closed after the ch.11

SerYoshi6 karma

They still have the shitty little cone cups for cast snack breaks?

I worked at one from 2002-2004 (high school) and it was some of the most fun I had as a teenager. 30 teenagers running amuck. It was definitely a shit show, but in a good way (for us). Money was shit, parents were shit, but the team was fun.

Things I personally witnessed, and SURELY had no part in:

  • Sexual acts in and around the suit
  • Drugs in and around the entire place, including a GMs nose
  • Like 42 love triangles of drama and teenagers dating each other
  • Ticket and coin scams for money by Techs
  • Arrests in and around the restaurant
  • Insane amounts of cash tipped to underage female birthday hosts, accompanied by some creepy ass requests and advances

Cutiekat6667 karma

damn you def went to a franchise owned bc corp could nevahhh

Nagnoosh5 karma

Did you ever go back to a Chuck E. Cheese for fun after you stopped working there?

Cutiekat6669 karma

sometimes with friends or family but generally no i also catch up bc that place is like a family

travis_b135 karma

Where? Were you corporate or at a store?

Cutiekat6666 karma

i was at a corp owned location

CaptainJeff4 karma


Cutiekat66628 karma

How do YOU feel ab being named jeff

RUGoin2TheMallLater4 karma

Be honest, how was chef’s food?

Cutiekat6665 karma

pretty good

Chr15py06963 karma

Wash Shane Dawson (as shitty as he is) right about the pizza recycling that was supposedly going on?

Cutiekat6667 karma

no not at all

Sicktrees3 karma

Oh man, get ready for every job you ever have after this to be better. I worked at a Chuck E. Cheese type place a year and have had a lot of jobs since then in retail and food service to what I do now. Hands down worst of all of them.

I also had my fair share of threats/ grown ass adults trying to scam me out of tickets. I had a dude with anger issues that was legitimately about to take a swing at me because I wouldn’t let him leave his 4 year old kid alone in the tubes since that was the rule. My question: which bodily fluids have you cleaned up?

Cutiekat6664 karma








TomAto3142 karma

I once started an arcade game and Chuck E Cheese got in my face to make me lose so the kids behind me could play (I was a teen at the time) was this normal or was the guy just an ass?

Cutiekat6663 karma

just an ass also they can only see out of the colored parts of the eyes soooo

c00olsoc000l1 karma

Is the theory that they reserve leftover pizza true?

Cutiekat6668 karma

nope not at all i was in kitchen sometimes my pizza was just ugly im sorry ;-;

rx7braap1 karma

Do the animatronics wander around at night?

Cutiekat6663 karma

yes and they have a dance party

jk jk jk they dont

Boschala1 karma

Any strange/notable/gross items retrieved from the ball pit?

Cutiekat6663 karma

we didnt have a ball pit at all sorry

fiddlenutz1 karma

My niece was a manager at a CEC for a while. She said the ball pit was never truly clean of vomit. Is that true?

Cutiekat6662 karma

we didnt have one when i was there so ccant say sorry

Hollygrl0 karma

OMG!!, I can’t frickin’ believe you can finally talk! So exciting. Do you eat springs and bolts for breakfast? How often do you need to be oiled? How do your big, fuzzy fingers work that tiny banjo? (sounds great, btw) Are you gonna have kids? How do you guys even reproduce? (so, never mind on that one, I’m not ready) Omg, you’re gonna get blasted with questions - this is a seriously amazing day!

Cutiekat6662 karma

fnaf isnt a personality hon

we shame voluntary furries here

elmonoenano0 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how animatronic are you?

Does hanging out in Disney's Hall of Presidents make you feel like you're at a family reunion?

Have you ever been to a Captured by Robots show? And if so was it b/c you were playing in the band?

Cutiekat6661 karma

nope lol 0 im full human

keeganlink29-4 karma


Cutiekat66611 karma

nope never gross

jordanstall09-19 karma

I love how OP started a Q&A and has yet to answer a question so mine is:

Why are you the way you are?

Cutiekat66633 karma

worked at CEC for 4 years

rdxhai-28 karma

We’re you as bad at your job as you are at running an AMA?

Cutiekat66632 karma

no <3