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Thanks and kisses ibanez5150

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In this podcast he did at the Philadelphia Free Library he went into it a little more and it was mostly due to the monopoly of violence the state has. http://libwww.freelibrary.org/authorevents/podcast.cfm?podcastID=697

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Oh my god! Is Rufus dead!?!

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In History on Trial, Deborah Lipstadt talked about how her barrister used his wig as a piece of advocacy. He would slide his wig down and pretend to nap while David Irving testified. How much of this will the Judge let you get away with and any other wig tricks?

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One of the things none of the arguments against the talking filibuster seem to account for is the opportunity for an opponent to cover your district's social media in adds of filibusterers talking like an idiot or using their speech against them. I know it's a little out of your wheelhouse, but why don't you think that argument gets made? And is there any merit to it?