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HAHAHA. He's strangely quiet about your question....

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I used to work on a live aboard dive boat and we had this group of guys who couldn't figure out they were supposed/allowed to pee in their suits...IN the water. We would be helping them take their gear off and dudes were pissing on the deck in their suits. nasty.

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I used to work for paladin press, the publisher. What a very very strange group of people to work with...

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Do you know Caroline Lalive? Haha....heres a funny story for you. Well as you know, shes a very beautiful woman.. When I used to live in Steamboat I was out dancing somewhere. I had a hat on that said Canadien snowboarders team. Well, I did not know Caroline at this point, but she walks up to me at the bar and says...oh so your on the Canadien anowboard team huh? No....why, are you. Yep. And she just sashayed away with a little piece of my heart.

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That is patetently untrue. Just about EVERYONE incarcerated owns up to their crime while doing time. Souce:done time.