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What's really the best time to shop to beat the crowds?

(Feel free to PM me and only me the answer.)

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Do you really "have" seven cats? Or are these mostly feral cats who deign to stop in for regular meals?

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Do you blame yourself for any of it?

Please understand I am not saying you should blame yourself. I just know from my own experience that when bad things happen, it's easy to allow that critical voice in your head to focus on the things you did to lead up to that moment.

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Will you ever know the person who receives your liver? Or is this truly a random act of kindness and you'll never know the outcome?

Do you already know there's a match waiting?

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Love Wikipedia - - thank you for all you do. Now on to the pointed question:

Bad social media succeeds because it indulges the worst parts of human nature: preening, jealousy, bias reinforcement, etc. The problem is, deep down humans like these parts of themselves and they love indulging these socially-harmful emotions, at least in the short term. Many even find the feelings addictive.

How do you change an emotional addict's behavior? Is your expectation that eventually people will see current social media platforms are bad for them and willingly reform? Is your platform the equivalent of a 12-Step program? And can social media have the same stickiness without addictive behaviors and "bad" emotions?