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How accurate is the Domino's Pizza Tracker? It updates with stuff like "Sheila is adding toppings" and "Devon just put your pizza in the oven" and I always wonder if it's real or completely faked.

jm68027093 karma

It’s real! We clock the pizza in and out of each stage (making, cooking and delivering)

Clashurale2239 karma

What is the busiest holiday to work?

jm68023038 karma

Believe it or not, christmas

Mathema_thicks2020 karma

How has working at a pizza place changed your perception of pizza? Do you still enjoy them as much as you used to before you worked there or are you repulsed by them now?

Is talking about other pizza places taboo there?

Do you even like Dominos pizza?

jm68023710 karma

I LOVE pizza. But never, I repeat NEVER will I pay £19.99 for a large pizza. It’s a huge rip off

CountMippi1811 karma

The Domino's app let's me send positive messages to a store when they're making my food, stuff like "thanks for making my lunch!". Do you guys actually get those messages? Are they annoying or do you actually like receiving stuff like that?

jm6802820 karma

I don’t think that’s an option in the uk hahah

Snoo680131284 karma

What temperature do u use for baking ? Wanna try that home. Pizza bottom for home made pizza is not as crunchy for me

jm68021779 karma

235°C for 6 mins

jm68021 karma


whitt_wan1256 karma

From Australia. We have a pizza cam where you can check on your pizza being made. Do you have that where you are? And what are your thoughts on it?

jm68021640 karma

No, we don’t. That sounds very stressful though!

fantasyfool1097 karma

What’s the strangest “special request” you’ve received from a customer order?

jm68022614 karma

Olives, no pizza sauce, no cheese. Just the dough and olives.

Nothos9271016 karma

Do you ever get those requests for drawings/jokes on the box and if so do you follow them?

jm68021186 karma

I haven’t. But if I did, I would.

datlock430 karma

Let's say I just ordered a pepperoni pizza from you and asked you for a joke on the box, what would the joke be?

Edit: Just noticed your favorite topping is pepperoni. You're good people.

jm68022071 karma

A picture of your mum

soulbandaid1003 karma

How thoroughly do you check the quality during the 'quality check' step on the pizza tracker?

Can you describe what goes into a quality check?

jm68021943 karma

We don’t. It means we are cutting and boxing the pizza. Obviously we look to see that it’s an acceptable pizza

mask567769 karma

What's the tomato sauce recipe?

jm68021255 karma

To be honest. I don’t know. We get it shipped in from a factory hahah

Arsenachos513 karma

What's your best "dropped pizza during handover to customer" story?

jm6802758 karma

An order of 16 items. I dropped 6 of their pizzas. Pisstake

wikipuff478 karma

What shouldn't you order from Dominos?

jm6802838 karma

A personal pizza. Why is that shit so small??

Chewbacca221130 karma

Any size Pizza is a personal size if you believe in your self.

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jm6802623 karma

Also any full price pizza. There are so many deals

chickenmanE1007457 karma

Is there a way to make my pizza extra well done?

jm6802543 karma

Order it over the phone and get the cashier to put it in the instructions

BelliniQuarantini316 karma

Do people really try to use the pizza insurance policy? If so what’s the most ridiculous “I reunited my pizza and need another” story you’ve heard?

jm6802711 karma

We don’t have that in the uk… but someone asked for a full refund because England lost a football match with Italy last night 🙄

SpuddMeister288 karma

How much does one large cheese pizza cost in ingredients? How much is one serving of each topping?

jm6802493 karma

Probably about £1.50. Then you pay £16.99 for it ☹️

whitefire89232 karma

Is there anything there that you would not eat?

jm6802378 karma

Not really. I would be cautious of getting any chicken side from any other store however my store is very clean

maccathesaint172 karma

Oh yay, you're in the UK so I can ask...am I supposed to tip the delivery drivers?? I normally do but I've not exactly had a lot of actual cash on me during covid and feel so guilty.

I'm really not sure of the tipping protocol. I've always done it but have recieved a couple of really dirty looks from drivers when I haven't had any shrapnel to give them.

jm6802215 karma

You don’t have to, but it’s greatly appreciated by them

What_is_rich124 karma

So....a while back, Dominos apologized to America for cardboard pizza and poor quality ingredients. Are you really making dough fresh and in-store, now? Have they really addressed the quality and taste of the crust or have they gone back to shipping in frozen dough? I'm skeptical since South Park's episode when Cartman said the casual dining industry strategy is to start off by getting a good rep with quality food. Once popular and successful, lower quality gradually until people notice. Then, apologize and start the cycle all over again.

jm6802160 karma

So I’m a UK employee. Our dough is made in the factory but is hand stretched and slapped (tossed) in store.

AthrunNailo118 karma

Why does the Cheeseburger pizza not have an option for pickles?

jm6802231 karma

In the Uk, the cheeseburger pizza does already come with pickles

fonster_mox113 karma

I'm going to guess you're in the UK from your date format:

When is half-and-half coming back and what on Earth makes half-and-half more risky in lockdown?

And will we ever see those awesome special Italian style pizzas again, they were amazing.

jm6802200 karma

It’s not more risky, it just takes time. And with the store having less staff to allow social distancing, we don’t have the time for three people to make 5 orders and spend the extra minutes to do half and half.

MrSaji97 karma

Other than Pizza itself, what items on the menu are actually worth it to try?

jm6802177 karma

The cookies. They are soooo good

chavagol1086 karma

Why is there never enough sauce on my hot wings!????

jm680268 karma

😩 I don’t know, it’s hard to judge what is too little and what is too much

samehsameh83 karma

Where the fuck is half and half? :@

jm680280 karma

Gone, but not forgotten. Also probably making a comeback soon

Negation_39 karma

Shout out to a fellow pizza employee - my first job was Papa John's (he's a prick) and it was actually pretty awesome. I could still slap out pizza dough and fold boxes in my sleep haha. Domino's is my go to now, love their thin crust!

My fave past time was making my own version of a calzone - 10 inch pizza, toss your toppings and cheese on one half, coat the crust in garlic sauce, fold over in half and press down. Run it through the oven 1.5 times and you're in business. Any custom creations you've made at Domino's?

jm680260 karma

That sounds good. Sometimes when it’s quiet we send a driver across the road to Tesco to buy Nutella and we make Nutella pizzas for us

Upst8r34 karma

What are your thoughts on the noid?

jm680236 karma

We don’t talk about that 😳

RadioMessageFromHQ26 karma

I always gave silly names when ordering. Do the staff see them? Is it appreciated?

jm680229 karma

On collection we see the name. For delivery, we don’t see the names

lieutenantcigarette25 karma

Is the Pizza tracker real or is it just time based? If it's real, how do you "progress" an order to the next stage?

jm680241 karma

It’s real time. We clock pizza in and out of the Madeline, oven and delivery stage!

stratospaly19 karma

When I order a Gluten Free pizza, how much work goes into trying to minimize cross contamination? Fresh gloves? Clean\dedicated pizza cutter? clean\dedicated pizza tray?

jm680242 karma

A lot. We have to wash our hands, put on gloves, use different trays, put that tray on top of another tray so it doesn’t touch the oven, we have to use a different cutter… there was so much

International-Pie-0116 karma

Literally just finished a Domino’s when I saw this thread. It’s definitely the best of the big 3 in the UK.

Do you get to make yourself a pizza on meal breaks?

Is there any dark/dodgy gossip about Domino’s that we would want to know?

Can working in Domino’s be quite stressful or is it generally pretty chill?

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever eaten in the UK? (Bonus if it’s in London so I can try)

What small things can customers do to make your job easier?

jm680215 karma

Yes we can make ourselves pizza. Not much gossip no. On busy nights like last night (euro football final) It Elias very stressful but most nights it’s chill the best pizza I ever had was in wales when I was in holiday, don’t know the name of the place tho

ashelover13 karma

How much cross contamination is there between the meat and the vegetables?

jm680216 karma

Too much. All meat is cooked, so you are not going to get sick

PythagoreanBiangle8 karma

Do you avoid the noid?

jm680214 karma

I always sleep with a light on 😶

Rellgidkrid5 karma

Toppings distribution is often very uneven. Like all my green peppers are heavy on 1/4 of the slices and then you get an errant one or two on the other slices. Come on, now, Dominos maker! You eat pizza, too, I assume. Wouldn’t you like evenly distributed toppings??

jm680212 karma

When we are busy we have to make sure all pizzas are clocked in to the oven no later that 3 mins after the order is placed. We don’t have time to make it perfect, although we will always try

MasZeuS5 karma

How much food doesn't get picked up and what happens to the poor unpicked up pizza? Also are prank deliveries a thing?

jm680214 karma

When people don’t collect the pizza, it goes to the staff! But we don’t take cash anymore so we always require payment before we even make the pizza, so no. Prank deliveries don’t exist

SnakeCharmer284 karma

I have a Friday night tradition of ordering a stack of pies from you guys. I like to tip, does that money go to you guys like I hope?

jm680212 karma

The tips (at least in the UK) always go to whoever you give it too!

weatherbeknown2 karma

Is it just me or is Reddit becoming one big ad? This feels like an ad. I can’t prove it but my gut is telling me this is an ad.

jm68022 karma

Looool if it was an ad would I tell you to not buy any pizza at full price. It’s a huge rip off. We make so much profit.

PersonMann002 karma

Do you order takeout from Pizza Hut or any of your other competitors?!?

jm68022 karma

No. There is no need when I can get free food from work

slapstick2232 karma

What's up with the excessive use of corn meal on the crust?

jm68021 karma

So it doesn’t stick to the tray

windysan2 karma

Is the ‘Noid’ really a meth addict?

jm68022 karma


AaronDonaldsFather1 karma

I used to work at pizza hut a long time ago and basically all the dough except handtossed is frozen when it comes in. We'd have to put the frozen discs of pan crust in a rising chamber overnight, though. Same story for Dominos?

jm68022 karma

Ours isn’t frozen, we get it deliverd chilled every day. The dough however is proved in a chiller for like 5 days

Essexal1 karma

How the fuck, can you only give me 1/2 a slice of sausage per pizza slice on a large double dec?

If dominos can charge extra for toppings, that must require there to be a 'normal' level of topping.

I can order the same Pizza from the same place 3 times in a week and not once will I get anything that resembles the same pizza.

I've called and complained about the abysmal lack of toppings before, one of the larges I had not a month ago was literally only topped like a small pizza, and didn't even have cheese to the edges.

I fucking love Dominos but god damn do you do some whack shit every other order.

Also, why can't I take the tomato sauce off a garlic bread online, sort that shit out. Thanks.

jm68022 karma

Don’t blame me for the online shit. Do I look like I work in the IT dept? And for the sausage I suppose it Varys from store

Buttfuzz1 karma

Why do I get explosive diahrea everytime I eat your pizza?

jm68022 karma

Perhaps because you are gluten intolerant. Or lactose intolerant

Ringsofthekings1 karma

Why does Domino's not salt their damn dough?

jm68023 karma

It is salted 👄👁👄

trabbaro1 karma

Is this a carefully orchestrated ad for Dominoes and you're actually a social media shill whose never been within 10 feet of a real pizza oven, but have a team of subject matter experts vetting and editing all your answers ahead of time?

jm68021 karma

No. It’s not. Unless… 👁👄👁

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jm680216 karma

Um I literally wrote the date, my username and the subreddit next to my shirt… what more do you need?

scraz0 karma

Yesterday I redeemed my free medium pizza. I set the tip online at 3 bucks and the total was 9 bucks on checkout. When i read the receipt after the dude left i noticed it said 6 and even though i know it said 9 when i completed the order. How much spit was on my pizza on average?

jm68022 karma

Hopefully none 🤢