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If you can’t even put proper time aside to answer these questions without “doing things around the house”, how can we expect you to perform the responsibilities of Congress?

Also, what makes your qualified for a position in Congress without a relevant degree or experience in the political world?

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So I visited your site. It would seem more than just you has put effort into your campaign. How on earth are you okay with misspelled answers with poor grammar, excuses on why you’re taking so long to answer, and for some reason, struggling with the words “lose” and “loose”. I’m okay with this going horribly for you (which it is) but I feel really bad for everyone who believed in you enough to put really hard work into your website, campaign, and donations for someone who can’t even find the time to proof read your responses.

You’ve single handedly wasted all those people’s time and money...

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Our current rep not responding to my question has NOTHING to do with you as answering the question “how will you be able to do a job in Congress when you can’t properly set aside time to do an AMA”.

Answering questions without pointing fingers is a quality I would vote for...

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Is it just me or is Reddit becoming one big ad? This feels like an ad. I can’t prove it but my gut is telling me this is an ad.

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Congrats on your release! How has it been releasing a game so close to Cyber Punk 2077? That’s like releasing a movie alongside The Dark Knight...

For what it’s worth... it’s in my game pass queue and it looks great!