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How thoroughly do you check the quality during the 'quality check' step on the pizza tracker?

Can you describe what goes into a quality check?

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Do you have recommendations for specific foods that promote the 'good guys'

Your post suggests that processed foods might contribute to the 'bad guys'

I see a lot made about the 'microbiome' but what should my takeaway be as someone who eats food and wants to choose healthier options?

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This whole thing would go away if the red cross would disclose how the money was spent. Even if it got wasted because of the chaotic nature of trying to rebuild a country, people like me would be more understanding if we could see that in dollar figures. The PR response from your organization just makes you guys look worse because we only want a specific answer to a specific question.

Your organization raised millions of dollars to help haiti. In approximate dollars, how was that money spent?

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There is also no good science on their site. This is a big red flag for me. Their reason seems plausible, but I'll probably wait until they have something to show to donate.

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I heard the report on NPR and anytime they had a red cross representative he or she would constantly bring up ambiguous numbers and general facts about helping people like the ones above.

The reporters would ask them where how much money was spent where and the red cross would answer with percentages.