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Garlic dough balls (when they have them sadge), and yeah, the cookies are good shit.

Pro tip. Don't order the cookies online in your order, when you go through to pay they will always be down the bottom under 'Room for more?' for £2.99 instead of £4.99 that you would have paid from the front menu.


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Bless your fight dude, I honestly believe it's going to be legalised this year, summer, after brexit has 'died down'.

40 years of the drug war, my 9 year old has as much if not more chance of being exposed to drugs than i did as a kid 20 years ago.

Shit needs to change. Sadly, when it does, it won't be because it's the right thing to do, it will be our greedy politicians looking at the US tax receipts.

Edit. P.s. Amber's cute.

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I bet that house smells good.

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He lied, it's Barry The Postman.

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What's your 2 cents on Bitcoin?