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I had several conversations with a friend about beliefs. She is JW and I am Methodist. She showed me the scriptures the blood transfusion stance is founded upon. In context, those scriptures did not seem to mean do not have blood transfusions. The scriptures were prohibiting the consumption of the blood of an animal sacrificed to another god. There were a couple of other beliefs that were based upon other scriptures that did not seem to be a direct connection. She was not willing to question what she was taught and my church tells me to question everything. I never could understand how she was willing to go along with all that so steadfastly. I have met many people of other Christian demoninations with the same fear of questioning the logic of what they were taught. This scares me. I guess what I want to ask is if you had nagging doubts about some of the teachings from JW that you were afraid to speak about?

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So....a while back, Dominos apologized to America for cardboard pizza and poor quality ingredients. Are you really making dough fresh and in-store, now? Have they really addressed the quality and taste of the crust or have they gone back to shipping in frozen dough? I'm skeptical since South Park's episode when Cartman said the casual dining industry strategy is to start off by getting a good rep with quality food. Once popular and successful, lower quality gradually until people notice. Then, apologize and start the cycle all over again.

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I think this is interesting, but I don't think I fully understand what the quadrants represent. Is there a place I can read more about the chart?