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How accurate is the Domino's Pizza Tracker? It updates with stuff like "Sheila is adding toppings" and "Devon just put your pizza in the oven" and I always wonder if it's real or completely faked.

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Look for the term “slow burn” for more books/stories/fanfic that have a long buildup to sex. “Enemies to lovers” is another category that often pairs well with slow burns. Happy to give some recommendations, just holler.

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I cover my pillow with a soft, thin towel and swap it out every few days. I hate changing pillow cases and find this way easier.

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I joined CCL last year and read the newsletters, but have yet to actively participate. If I wanted to start contributing 1 hour a week to helping out CCL, what are some small things I could do?

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Which episode of 99PI do you think is the funniest?