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Can you still get arrested for a robbery you didn't mention?

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Let's say I just ordered a pepperoni pizza from you and asked you for a joke on the box, what would the joke be?

Edit: Just noticed your favorite topping is pepperoni. You're good people.

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Of the planet Omicron Persei-8?

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After reading your comment I realize I won't even have a small chance of realizing that dream because of one reason, and one reason only.

I can't grow a beard for shit.

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Pretty much dead on, but there were a few tiny mistakes:

/u/iceman_hof : Hey that's awesome Piet (= common Dutch name). Strange way to meet each other. Maybe we'll do a trip in the future. Cheerio man!

/u/PietNiedrwiet : Yes indeed! It's just a nickname for reddit. In real life my name is Jesse. And perhaps that will happen sometime (refers to the trip). Good luck in the future!

/u/imherefortheborsht : Please talk in English only, I can't understand anything you guys are saying! Just kidding, I'm from Grunn (refers to 'Groningen', a Dutch city), funny to see such a random encounter!

/u/PietNiederwiet : Yes a random encounter like that is funny! It's quite a big family so that's probably why I have unfortunately never met Wim.

/u/BorandorMercas: What am I reading? Am I having a stroke?

/u/imherefortheborscht: Nah man, it's all good bruh, you're not having a stroke, this just be the new way of talking, getting all international you know.

Source: am Dutch