Hey Navigators! It's Joey here!! Ask Me Anything!! Also, in case I don't get to all the questions today, I'll try to revisit and answer asap!! Thanks so much! this is RAD! joeycramer.com

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NeverDoubt2523 karma

Hi Joey, I've been a Flight of the Navigator fan for as long as I can remember. What were the movies that inspired you as a kid?

thejoeycramer365 karma

HI! I actually grew up on a lot of musicals. Oliver, Bugsy Malone and of course Grease!! I loved acting and singing those parts! I think later, movies like Back to the Future, Star Wars were amazing. I also loved old Bruce Lee and ninja movies. I really had such a wide range of films that I loved growing up, it would be hard to list! I could talk all day!

thejoeycramer315 karma

Hey Everyone ! Just FYI.... If I don't have time to answer ALL the questions by 2pm, I'll keep revisiting until I get them all done! thanks so much for the great questions, cool memories, love and support.

E3K287 karma

Hey Joey, thanks for the AMA! Did you know that the spaceship prop you were in for filming is now the roof of a drink stand at Disney World? It's weird but true.

thejoeycramer200 karma

my pleasure ! this is fun!

I did see some pics and heard. I'd planned a trip there before covid but hoping to go check it out once things open up again!

thejoeycramer265 karma

Thank you all for being patient with my slow typing! lol. also great questions so want to take the time to answer them with care.

I appreciate you all

SmallDangerousHippo118 karma

I don't have a question that hasn't been asked already. Just wanted to say this movie was my favorite as a kid. I've probably seen it about 100 times and still have the VHS. Thanks for doing an AMA, I'm going to check out the documentary.

thejoeycramer55 karma

Thank you

no_names_left_ffs87 karma

I used to be obsessed, like every other boy in post-Soviet Russia, with Flight of the Navigator. I think I went to see it 3 or 4 times in one day!

Recently I rewatched it. I was a bit nervous about ruining one of the most treasured memories of my childhood, watching it as a 40 year old man, but it was still great!! So good.

I've read some stuff about some events in your life recently on reddit and it was really sad, I'm sorry it happened to you. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better.

Definitely will check out the documentary!

"See you later, Navigator!" 🚀

thejoeycramer49 karma

Thank you. Thats amazing! Ive heard from quite a few folks from Russia and so glad it reached all parts of the world to bring joy!

hudsonmayberight228 karma

At the age of 43, having remembered watching FOTN at the cinema as a kid, it's still a favourite of mine, and one that I insisted my son watched. I am still known to this day to answer many requests with 'compliance'.....

Anyway, what was it like for you as a young boy growing up, having been thrust into the spotlight when the movie came out?

thejoeycramer204 karma

lol! yes! Ive gotten COMPLIANCE many times over the years, its a good one!

Honestly, I enjoyed every minute! I felt so grateful to be doing something I loved at such a young age! As some may have seen (LOTN) or heard, it was hard later in my teens when I tried to be a "normal" kid and was treated differently. I ended up not "fitting in" which I now we can all feel at times.

I still say I wouldn't change a thing, because through all the challenges I've faced and overcome FOTN was such an AMAZING and positive part of my young life experience that I'll cherish forever!

bravehamster186 karma

Were you actually being fed and responding to Pee-Wee Herman's voice during filming of Flight of the Navigator, or did they use a stand-in?

Also, how do you feel about the music of Twisted Sister and/or the Beach Boys?

thejoeycramer236 karma

I didn't actually work with Paul (pee wee) his voice was added later. I had the pleasure of working with Tony Urbano (the puppeteer) who would read lines with my as a "scratch track" check out the Documentary for all the BTS magic!

haha! I used to listen to Twisted Sister in high school, not a huge fan but liked to draw their logo on my binder! lol!

and the Beach Boys are brilliant! I grew up on the Beatles but whenever I want to think of California ill listen to the Beach Boys.

LeonardSmallsJr143 karma

Now that you're the age of your parents from the movie (give or take), what are your thoughts on a sequel?

thejoeycramer350 karma

I would LOVE to do one! As long as it had the same "heart" as the first one. I've actually been writing some ideas and thoughts down, so who knows? And Mark H Baker had some cool ideas from his original story that could be incorporated as well! Maybe get some plans in motion for the 40 year anniversary

DJKarlin112 karma

Hi Joey, do you remember me?

thejoeycramer144 karma

Hey man! I think so! you have a collection of 80s sound gear you use for DJ ing etc! thanks for coming out

danellender78 karma

Hi Joey! Do you feel like you did all right by Disney? I see so many accounts of kids who are supposedly pushed into a cookie cutter mold and supposedly fell apart because of the pressure of it all.

thejoeycramer130 karma

HI! I have no complaints. it was my first "starring" role , so not much to compare it too, but I felt I was treated well especially thanks to Randal Kleiser and Jonathan Sanger. I ended up "getting out" before any of that 'pressure ' started

ohmygoddude8272 karma

Flight of the Navigator was one of my top favorite movies as a kid. I was just geeking out about it to my kid the other day. What movies from your childhood do you still geek out about today as an adult?

thejoeycramer89 karma

Awwww. Thanks. I love that its spanned generations !

I'd have to say Star Wars, Raiders, Bugsy Malone, Princess Bride, Neverending Story, The Secret of NIMH, Grease. I love movies so hard to pick, but those popped into me head first!

dhe654866 karma

Hi Joey loved Flight of the Navigator like everyone else, but I also loved Runaway (1984) with Tom Selleck. Was that fun to do? Looking forward to meeting you in November at the comic con.

thejoeycramer84 karma

Runaway was special because it was my first feature and all the robots! Also working with "Magnum PI" Gene Simmons "KISS fan" and Michael Crichton were incredible for a first film!

ran-Us51 karma

How big of a Sci Fi fan were you before you were cast in the role? And how does it feel to be part of an beloved 80s Sci Fi classic children's film?

thejoeycramer84 karma

Hi! well I loved Star Wars of course! And Battlestar Gallactica! as well as other alien SciFI movies! so to be a part of one that people still love and has stood the test of time spanning generations is the greatest gift of my childhood! And Super Cool as an adult!

CrossFIRE121-Reddit50 karma

Hi Joey, I saw Flight of the Navigator not too long ago and I have to ask, what did you think of the special effects back then? The CGI in the movie was pretty interesting.

thejoeycramer77 karma

I didn't actually see the CGI at the time of filming but looking back I think its safe to say the they were/are pretty fantastic. I even viewed the movie with a class of young actors recently and they all felt the graphics held up! so that's a good sign! kids do speak their minds! lol

adamWakamatsu48 karma

What’s the biggest challenge for you in terms of being an actor as an adult compared to your childhood experiences?

thejoeycramer117 karma

Good Question. I think as a child actor I was chosen for that intuitive natural "spark" I had. As an adult, im finding there is an Incredible amount of specific work, study and practice involved in learning how to "be natural" again. As an adult I'll tend to Overthink some choices for a scene, instead of using my instinct, if that makes sense? I Have been working with some great coaches and feel im finding my "inner child" again. Trusting that my instincts are on point and I've been having some great success in class that give me inspiration for my career as an adult actor.

indieangler48 karma

What was the bank robbery all about? I hope you're in a better place now, friend.

thejoeycramer56 karma

Hey thanks! I am!

Have a watch of our documentary LIFE AFTER THE NAVIGATOR on Amazon in US and UK or Vimeo on Demand. That'll explain it all!

agrunther44 karma

What was your favorite scene to shoot for Flight of the Navigator?

thejoeycramer98 karma

I am most proud of the "hospital" scenes. they had such heart and the emotional connection was so good. The scariness at first and then the "tender" scene with older Jeff really brought heart and relatability to the movie.

But I really loved the whole shoot, such great cast and crew that made it all fabulous

Siosal0141 karma

Flight of the Navigator is required viewing for my kids. What are some classic movies that you think kids should watch?

thejoeycramer63 karma

love that! say Hi for me!

Princess Bride, Neverending Story, Bugsy Malone (if you can find it) Mary Poppins. So many! I know there's more but hard to think on the spot. oooo! Fraggle Rock! and its not a movie, but any Mister Rogers <3

I lean towards music and a good message!

WhirlyTwirlyMustache37 karma

I must have seen Flight of the Navigator about a hundred times when I was really young. Dad recorded it from HBO or something and we always had to fast forward through Roadhouse to get to it. Did you get to keep any souvenirs from filming the movie?

thejoeycramer43 karma

Nice memories ! I liked RoadHouse lol!

I have a couple souvenirs from the premier! A FOTN frisbee and a crew patch that im still waiting to put on something special!

defcas36 karma

Do you still leak? Seriously I had only had like 4 VHS tapes when I was a kid and FOTN was one of them, I bet I've watched it 50 times. Hope the last 40 years have been great to you.

thejoeycramer58 karma

I do not leak, you leak remember ? lol!

thank you. life gets better everyday!

BarryD770933 karma

Hi Joey How long are you gonna make us fans wait before your back on the big screen where you belong ? P.s Thanks for signing your autograph for my daughter Elissa 😊

thejoeycramer34 karma

lol! thanks! im working on it! slow n steady, but I truly feel its where ill thrive.... making movies.

I'm studying hard and have a couple possibilities coming up! just have to wait n see!

ReddAdd28 karma

What was sjp like before she was famous?

thejoeycramer38 karma

incredible actor, wonderful person! I think she still is!

odrincrystell25 karma

What was it like working with the great Paul Reubens?

thejoeycramer39 karma

Aw... he is great isn't he!

all his dialogue was added later, so only met him briefly once!

aaaaaasdfghjkl21 karma

Hey Joey. Funnily enough, put this movie on for the kids and wife the other day. It still holds up well and you did a great job!

So, what happened after navigator? Why didn't you Caulkin the industry and do a few more movies? And what do you do these days?

thejoeycramer30 karma

Hey! you'll have to check out our documentary LIFE AFTER THE NAVIGATOR on Amazon or Vimeo on Demand. That'll explain some of my journey!

t_ran_asuarus_rex20 karma

I loved this movie so much as a kid! what was used as the alien? was it added in post production? thanks and hope all is well!

thejoeycramer46 karma

I think you mean MAX? he was a "real" puppet! as well as all the other creatures! so cool about the 80's was everything had to be "in camera" effect.

thanks , life is good! you too!

wet18119 karma

Will there be a sequel, and if so will you be in it?

thejoeycramer33 karma

Love to make one happen, just have to keep working hard and see what happens !

let's hope!

innocent_blue17 karma

Hey Joey! What was your favorite part of filming? How did you interact on set with the ship? Were the effects practical and real time or were you told where to look?

thejoeycramer33 karma

Hi! honestly I loved all the filming! hard to pick a favorite, so many good times! most effects were "in camera" and practical so very easy to interact with! Flying in the Ship on the crane was so cool cause it felt kinda real! and the interior spaceship was incredible as well with all the creatures, the chair and engines that came out of the floor! was almost like the real thing !

Lisa_N_Downs17 karma

Hi Joey! Kicking things off, lovely to see you on here :) How does it feel to be doing your first AMA?

thejoeycramer28 karma

Hello!! My typing isn't the greatest lol. but im excited to see what people wanna know! and so happy to have these platforms to connect with people!

benderrodz16 karma

How cool was the ship and the effects in real life?

thejoeycramer39 karma

pretty fantastic !

if you watch the documentary LIFE AFTER THE NAVIGATOR there's really cool BTS footage

Spazzrico16 karma

So cool to see you do this. I loved the movie as a kid and I think we are similar ages. I can say this: FotN and particularly Sarah Jessica Parker helped to awake something in me at the time, and I’m wondering if working with her did the same for you?

thejoeycramer25 karma

Thanks! I'm having fun for sure!

Thinking back, I'm realizing that most of the film was me and MAX. There were some key relationship scenes tho and the ones with "Carolyn" SJP were so cool because they were funny, but thoughtful and connected at the same time. AND Carolyn becomes David 's connection to his family.

That all being said, the scenes w SJP were definitely memorable ones and she was such a good natural actor it made it soooooo easy to work and have fun!

DetectiveGinoFelino13 karma

Hi Joey,

I loved you in Runaway from 1984. If you had to pick between Tom Selleck or Gene Simmons to be your dad in real life, who would you pick and why?

thejoeycramer23 karma

Hi! thanks Runaway was really cool because it was my first feature film! and all the robots of course !

I think Tom would be a great dad.... so kind and funny. we really connected!

Gene would be more like the "crazy uncle" you go visit to get into trouble with! lol!

packetlag11 karma

Hey! I read an article about you recently and I appreciated learning about your story. I was one of those impressionable youths that enjoyed you on the screen. Did you ever make progress on the treatment you were working on for a followup to Flight of the Navigator?

thejoeycramer10 karma

Still just kind of jotting ideas as they come, while working on the craft of acting. I do have a couple great writer/filmakers who would love to help make it happen so we'll see!

KanisBlack10 karma

How much did you understand the plot and themes of the movie then, and have your views on them changed as an adult?

thejoeycramer22 karma

well the script did change, but I felt I knew what was going on. and I love the end result, that hasn't changed!

its all about importance of family, friends and the journey home.

TIDRPodshow10 karma

Hi Joey, Loved having you on our show a while back, one question i wanted to ask was what was it like working with Tom Selleck n Runaway?

thejoeycramer13 karma

Hi! thanks!

Tom was awesome ! we really connected and it was an absolute dream film for my first!

aaronroot5 karma

Second that. Also, how terrible did you find Gene Simmons' acting on a scale of 1-10?

thejoeycramer10 karma

I don't Judge ! I think he did a great job as the creepy villain! he was freaky and that says something !

Bauer2x49 karma

Did you get to work with and/or hang out with Paul Reubens or was all his dialog added in later?

thejoeycramer19 karma

only met him once briefly. his part was all added later!

tho I did get to see an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse being filmed! so cool !

PabstyLoudmouth9 karma

What is for favorite meal to cook for yourself? And of course I loved Flight of The Navigator as kid. I loved the part where they used fireworks so you could find your way back.

thejoeycramer9 karma

Boneless skinless Non-med free run chicken on a huge salad! pretty much my "go to" lol!

"OOOO! pretty!" says MAX

Bongoroach7 karma

Hey Joey, think you’re awesome. I rewatched flight of the navigator nearly everyday as a kid. Really liked the documentary, and I have a lot of respect for you for coming out the other end with such a positive outlook.

In the documentary, you mention about getting back into acting. Just wondered if that was something you were still interested in perusing, and if so, how’s it going?

Thanks man :)

thejoeycramer13 karma

Thank you so much! I'm very proud of where Im at and how far I've come.

Yes! definitely want o pursue acting, I've been taking classes and study for few years now, worked on a couple indie shorts and features. Will be looking for an Agent soon and just keep reaching for my dreams and they will come!

allywilson6 karma

Do you still keep in touch with your younger (also, younger-older) brother?

Also, Veronica Cartwright *always* somehow appears to be a bitch. Is this verifiable?

thejoeycramer11 karma

we all connected recently for the documentary. had a Freeman Family reunion! was super fun!

and Veronica is the most wonderful, kind person you'd ever meet! Love her!

RJDToo6 karma

Hey Joey! I was obsessed with the inside of the ship as a little boy with it being all chrome and shiny. Was the spaceship interior as cool as it looked?

thejoeycramer21 karma

Hi! it absolutely WAS!! it was all real effects, so it looked exactly like you see in the film! I wanted to take it home with me!

gofredo506 karma

Joey, love FOTN so much! Was there any movement in the ship when you were shooting interior shots, or was all your movement due to G forces acting? Thanks for being open about your story. See ya later, alligator!

thejoeycramer10 karma

Haha! thank you! All G force acting! had to contort my face!!

see ya later navigator!

logannewbanks5 karma

If you still are a fan of scifi movies and or shows what have been your recent favorites? Also was there ever talk of a sequel?

thejoeycramer8 karma

I love the Marvel and DC universes. Also loved Interstellar, Tenet, and I'm looking forward to Synchronic. looks suuuuuper trippy.

So hard cause I love so many movies

midflinx5 karma

It's really great to see you here! I watched FotN so many times as a kid. Do you imagine David eventually dated Jennifer?

thejoeycramer12 karma

Thank you!

Lol! that's a hard one..... maybe?

but in the original script David runs into "Carolyn" when he gets home from his adventure! so might've been her he ends up with!

The_Raf4 karma

Hi Joey, thanks a lot for this AMA, Flight Of The Navigator is one of my favourite film of the 80s and great inspiration for my young self. You killed it in that role! Nice that you’re back on socials. Question: how was back in the day filming without use of green screen, previz or other tecnological methods?

thejoeycramer4 karma

Hi! thank you so much.

I think in ways working with "in camera" effects was better than green screen etc.... I was able to really immerse myself in the world instead of having to imagine it!

That being said, I worked on a short indie film that was ALL green screen, so I'm excited to see how that turned out! And I'd love to work on a Marvel or Star Wars movie someday, I think green screen can also be a cool challenge as an actor to really "create" the environment in my head and then see it come to life on the screen!

wanszai4 karma

Ive seen this movie so many times, its truly a great movie with an awesome soundtrack. I constantly hear about a potential remake (not sure how i feel about that but...), is that something you have heard or is it something you would potentially cameo in?

Thanks again!

thejoeycramer8 karma

I'd love to do a Sequel and have actually been writing ideas so we'll see!

JayMunOne4 karma

Howard Hesseman... douchebag or good guy?

thejoeycramer13 karma

AMAZING GUY!!! So cool to reconnect with him couple years ago filming for the Navigator documentary ! Class act !

spacemoses4 karma

Hey Joey, my gf is a big fan. She wants to know the current favorite song in your playlist? Thanks!

thejoeycramer8 karma

Hi! Im a huge Pearl Jam fan, so listening to their recent album a lot lately. also just picked up the new Kings of Leon album that im looking forward to! I also really like Bon Iver, but my music taste is never ending..... can she recommend something from her playlist ?

budderocks3 karma

Hey Joey, thanks for your time!

You took a long break from acting. How has your return been? Are you enjoying it more or less than before?

thejoeycramer5 karma

HI! thank you!

I am loving it sooooo much! I've learned the craft of acting is a never-ending journey and I am enjoying the ride! Also learn more n more about myself in the process! All about self awareness and self love!

dhe65483 karma

Did you ever think when filming FoTN that it would be still so popular now in 2021?

thejoeycramer5 karma

I don't think you can predict how a movie will ever do, but I have to thank the fans for loving it after all these years and making it a cult classic! So grateful

EggplantLoveHouse3 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost?

thejoeycramer4 karma

I feel like I have, but one can never be sure? have you?

moviefreaks3 karma

Hello, would you be willing to be in a remake of the FOTN? If they were to make one.

thejoeycramer4 karma

Of course! I'd love to, as long as it had the same heart and care put into it!

GaryBusey0073 karma

Joey, what is your favorite movie and why? Hope you're doing well.

thejoeycramer3 karma

So hard to answer. I love so many movies for so many different reasons. Pulp Fiction is up there for story, originality and cinematography for sure.

My list would be long, I enjoy certain movies to capture a certain "feeling" and I love watching good acting.

AsksAStupidQuestion2 karma

Is it true that you leak?

thejoeycramer3 karma

haha! only when I drink lots of water! my Brain is airtight these days!

MoonlitStar2 karma

Greetings ! What three things do you think about the most each day ?

thejoeycramer14 karma

Hello! I like this one!

My daughter

The craft of Acting