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HI! I actually grew up on a lot of musicals. Oliver, Bugsy Malone and of course Grease!! I loved acting and singing those parts! I think later, movies like Back to the Future, Star Wars were amazing. I also loved old Bruce Lee and ninja movies. I really had such a wide range of films that I loved growing up, it would be hard to list! I could talk all day!

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I would LOVE to do one! As long as it had the same "heart" as the first one. I've actually been writing some ideas and thoughts down, so who knows? And Mark H Baker had some cool ideas from his original story that could be incorporated as well! Maybe get some plans in motion for the 40 year anniversary

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Hey Everyone ! Just FYI.... If I don't have time to answer ALL the questions by 2pm, I'll keep revisiting until I get them all done! thanks so much for the great questions, cool memories, love and support.

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Thank you all for being patient with my slow typing! lol. also great questions so want to take the time to answer them with care.

I appreciate you all

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I didn't actually work with Paul (pee wee) his voice was added later. I had the pleasure of working with Tony Urbano (the puppeteer) who would read lines with my as a "scratch track" check out the Documentary for all the BTS magic!

haha! I used to listen to Twisted Sister in high school, not a huge fan but liked to draw their logo on my binder! lol!

and the Beach Boys are brilliant! I grew up on the Beatles but whenever I want to think of California ill listen to the Beach Boys.