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I know that being diagnosed as ADHD and taking ADHD-related medication is disqualifying for receiving a pilot's license. Does the same thing apply to ATC?

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Given that only a very small fraction of plastics submitted to recycling centers are actually being recycled, do you think there is a need to adjust the approach? Is the overhead and inefficiency of plastic recycling worth the minimal return?

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Were you actually being fed and responding to Pee-Wee Herman's voice during filming of Flight of the Navigator, or did they use a stand-in?

Also, how do you feel about the music of Twisted Sister and/or the Beach Boys?

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Thanks. I figured, it makes sense. Just didn't want anyone reading this to start down that path and get disappointed like I did aiming for my pilot's license.

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I, being a man of culture, immediately recognized the reference toSly Stallone as Rocky shouting out "ADRIAN". Kids these days need to brush up on their classic cinema.