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Do you still leak? Seriously I had only had like 4 VHS tapes when I was a kid and FOTN was one of them, I bet I've watched it 50 times. Hope the last 40 years have been great to you.

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Because there is a lot more that goes into the cost of a flight than just the distance.

Airlines have to buy the routes. Only so many planes can occupy the flight path from NY to LAX, and only so many can land at LAX every hour. So they buy the route which gives them access to the flight path, space at the gate, etc. So they might have to pay $1 million for a route from NY to LA where there is a lot of demand, and much less for a longer but lower-demand route.

Once they land they also need to have cleaning crews, food service, fuel contracts, etc. which vary from airport to airport. Plus taxes and airport fees also factor in, so there are a ton of things that determine how much they need to charge to make money on a flight, distance traveled is just one of them.

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Why call out just NASCAR? All professional sports waste huge amounts of fuel. You think players and spectators walk to 256 NFL games in a season?

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You have a source for that?